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September 27 2020 5.01am

Degeneracy and Social conservatism

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Originally posted by ASCPFC

Very interesting comment, I had never really thought of it that way. Any reasonable and helpful modernisation won't be done, but the modernisation will always be more progressive thought on behalf of everyone, imposed by decree. So don't change anything structurally for the better, rather, let's change society (thought) for the (supposed better) acceptance of all, so we can continue to be controlled. Really, I should write a paper on this but I have no faith that any current academics would understand it. They are usually the chosen candidates of convenience, rather than candidates of conscience: merit is worthless in academia currently, in fact, it's a negative.


I've observed what's been happening over decades but since Blair its accelerated. Cummings has spoken about the need to alter the institutions and personally I think that without this conservatism or even eventually centralism is under existential threat.

You have hit the nail on the's all about control. They want to control what you can say and they wish to control what you can think.

That's why their leaders were so eager to dominate education as that's the root of the branch which then grows into all other professions.

This focus on the future and wiliness to sacrifice present day battles for the minds of the next generation was in stark contrast to the normie right of the that conservative woman stated. The right were asleep at the wheel.....the problem with many of them is that they are more concerned with their house price than with what comes after they die.

There is an old greek saying, 'Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in'. I hate to say it, as I am of that same right wing demographic....but this 'future care' was not done by the right and they surrendered the ideological battlegrounds....many of them for their immediate fiscal security.

That insular self absorption will impact greatly upon their descendants.

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