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October 7 2022 2.45pm


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Birthday:May 21 1969
Location:South Darenth England (England)
Interests:Palace, golf, beer and me kids
Occupation:Print bloke


April 20 2009
dartfordmart is over the moon now that the clowns are finally down! 3.50pm
January 30 2009
dartfordmart is STILL laughing, but only at Charltons plight! 3.02pm
January 02 2009
dartfordmart is STILL laughing! 7.19pm
December 17 2008
dartfordmart is STILL laughing his nuts off at Charlton! 7.54pm
November 23 2008
dartfordmart is laughing his nuts off at Charlton! 9.34pm
November 20 2008
dartfordmart is well pleased because the missus has got a job! 9.13pm
November 11 2008
dartfordmart is working from home today because the missus ain't well! 12.53pm
October 11 2008
dartfordmart is wondering what BFCB is doing in Aberdeen? 8.11pm
September 23 2008
dartfordmart looking forward to a round of golf in Spain! But don't tell the missus! 3.24pm
August 25 2008
dartfordmart is wondering who is hotter from the sun BFCB or Reborn? 9.54pm
August 12 2008
dartfordmart is wondering what a you know what is?! 8.51pm
August 07 2008
dartfordmart is feeling good, no more pain in my knee! 7.35pm
August 03 2008
dartfordmart says sorry boys, wounded animals an all that! 7.45pm
August 02 2008
dartfordmart thinks BFCB & Reborn should fu## off, I'm in PAIN!!! 9.16pm

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Member Since:June 19 2003

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