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Birthday:January 22 1982
Location:winchester England (England)
Interests:Carp Fishing, golf, watching Palace


January 31 2012
Squaddie-Eagle Let's smash the weed tonight 3.21pm
December 19 2011
Squaddie-Eagle great 2nd half performance and an awesome result! Eaglesssssssssssss! 10.09pm
May 09 2011
Squaddie-Eagle Had too many stellas on saturday..........BOOM! 8.26am
May 03 2011
Squaddie-Eagle Cant wait for time selhurst style! 12.37pm
April 26 2011
Squaddie-Eagle Feels a massive weight has been lifted.....thankyou palace! 2.51pm
February 01 2011
Squaddie-Eagle 3 points tonight a good feeling :) 10.58am
January 21 2011
Squaddie-Eagle We all hate Bristol City and they are our bogey team........time to destroy them on saturday 8.06am
January 04 2011
Squaddie-Eagle Why is Paddy so s*** this season????????? 11.18am
January 01 2011
Squaddie-Eagle What a fooking discrace we are at the moment.........Burley is a useless c*** 3.23pm
December 13 2010
Squaddie-Eagle Thinks jules is a foooookin legend! 11.34am
November 10 2010
Squaddie-Eagle Thank god for 3 points :) 8.30am
October 20 2010
Squaddie-Eagle Well done the boys :) 8.41am
October 17 2010
Squaddie-Eagle wtf is going on! 11.25am
October 14 2010
Squaddie-Eagle Who the f**k are Millwall! 10.29am

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Member Since:June 22 2009

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