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October 2 2023 3.19pm


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Location:Kent England (England)


October 25 2013
Stuart_Eagle All the best Ollie, Martin O'Neil best bet for me 12.08pm
Stuart_Eagle Ollie 12.08pm
September 09 2013
Stuart_Eagle Looking forward to the new palace minute 1.11pm
May 31 2013
Stuart_Eagle thinks he should hang out with dboi 7.55am
May 20 2013
Stuart_Eagle Just when I thought Bubbs videos couldnt get any better, he does it again, fantastic! 12.38pm
May 10 2013
Stuart_Eagle No voice tomorrow - bring the noise 1.11pm
March 20 2013
Stuart_Eagle Positive mind is key 1.08pm
March 18 2013
Stuart_Eagle Another Palace doomsday, where do we get these people from 12.58pm
March 06 2013
Stuart_Eagle Where are all the abusive palace fans now? phillips signing a waste of time? hmmm 12.43pm
February 22 2013
Stuart_Eagle We're the arthur 1.34pm
February 14 2013
Stuart_Eagle might go for a wonder around covent garden to see if I can get a free meal from AQG2 6.04pm
January 31 2013
Stuart_Eagle zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 12.26pm
December 18 2012
Stuart_Eagle Time to lift the players for a promotion push 12.28pm
December 05 2012
Stuart_Eagle back from Thailand 1.08pm

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