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December 10 2023 12.50am


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goodbye staffie
Updated 3155 days ago

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April 20 2015
morganistic goodbye staffie 12.58pm
April 16 2015
morganistic f*ck those baggie c*nts 3.26pm
January 03 2015
morganistic has a pard-on. I SAID PARD-ON 11.30am
December 24 2014
morganistic has a heart which has grown fonder 3.44pm
January 26 2012
morganistic has detumesced up big time 12.51pm
January 24 2012
morganistic has a Carling in one hand, and a semi in the other 9.19am
January 08 2012
morganistic is sick and tired of children's TV presenters stinking the f*cking room out with their personal issues 3.26pm
January 01 2012
morganistic c*nt-flappy new year folks 9.20pm
December 21 2011
morganistic congrats bertypops 9.55pm
December 16 2011
morganistic f*cking hell, i never knew you could get a yellow for blinking, no matter how long you do it for 5.51pm
November 30 2011
morganistic is spunking up Carling! 11.12pm
November 04 2011
morganistic enjoy a 'rarebit' of time off nick! 9.55pm
October 21 2011
morganistic ´s little boy has just s*** all over the in-laws´floor, and then their dog licked it up 1.46pm
October 03 2011
morganistic hopes kerms has a cracking sh*t - and the house relocation proves a success too 11.32am

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