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September 5 2015 8.45am


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It begins...
Updated 2 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Engaged
Birthday:February 12 1969
Location:Shizzlehurst England (England)
Occupation: teacher


September 03 2015
nickgusset It begins... 7.15am
September 01 2015
nickgusset I hate this day... 7.51am
August 30 2015
nickgusset Home 2.22pm
August 29 2015
nickgusset Calais... 10.47pm
August 28 2015
nickgusset Long train journey from Barcelona to Calais starts at 7am... 9.49pm
August 26 2015
nickgusset Not fed up with Catalunya. Don't wanna come home 9.52am
August 24 2015
nickgusset Busy doing nuttin 12.53pm
August 16 2015
nickgusset Here we go again 11.10am
August 15 2015
nickgusset unredirected. hallelujah 8.39pm
August 14 2015
nickgusset An eraser of love. 1.57pm
August 13 2015
nickgusset I feel so dirty - here comes Christ on crutches. 4.17pm
August 11 2015
nickgusset and the light burns my eyes... 4.53pm
August 09 2015
nickgusset Here comes Christ on crutches. 12.23pm
August 04 2015
nickgusset I see the ad hominem argument is reappearing on here. 6.19pm

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Season Ticket:Main Stand - Block J Row 13 Seat 26

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Member Since:May 21 2002
Holmesdale Online Elite Member Elite Member:Yes (What's the Elite?)

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