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November 22 2014 1.33am

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Updated 5 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Engaged
Birthday:February 12 1969
Location:Pebblywood England (England)
Occupation: teacher


November 19 2014
nickgusset has updated his profile photo 9.50pm
November 16 2014
nickgusset . 7.15am
November 13 2014
nickgusset bluuuuuuuurrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh 1.50pm
November 11 2014
nickgusset A sad day Southampton Eagle. Bet yer gutted. End of an era... 11.11pm
November 10 2014
nickgusset wonders if AQG is 'Wired' after spending so much time in Maryland. 5.19pm
November 09 2014
nickgusset Holradio tonight I shall be in chat. 10.42am
November 07 2014
nickgusset The revolution will be televised, but only whilst we are still in the prem. 12.27pm
November 05 2014
nickgusset Tony Popovic 12.56pm
November 04 2014
nickgusset Toilet 10.36am
November 02 2014
nickgusset Not in chat now 9.58pm
nickgusset i'll be in the chatroom 7.48pm
nickgusset HOL radio tonight from 8 4.47pm
October 31 2014
nickgusset New goth on bbc4. Undead Undead Undead 10.09pm
nickgusset has updated his profile photo 12.11am

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Palace Information

Season Ticket:Main Stand - Block J Row 13 Seat 26
Fav. Player:Mile Jedinak

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Member Since:May 21 2002

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