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July 28 2014 1.21pm

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Eid Mubarak.
Updated 1 hour ago

General Info

Marital Status:Engaged
Birthday:February 12 1969
Location:Pebblywood England (England)
Occupation: teacher


nickgusset Eid Mubarak. 11.33am
July 25
nickgusset Betty Swollocks 10.50am
July 24
nickgusset . 2.32am
July 23
nickgusset flagging-should've had a nap-will I stay awake fer tonights game? 10.59pm
nickgusset that opening ceremony was s***e. Kermit no wonder you left... 10.27pm
nickgusset The sanest days are mad... 12.21am
July 22
nickgusset Is at home blaring out Vauxhall and I by Morrissey. F**k the neighbours. 11.09am
July 20
nickgusset how much does an Essex girl pay for shampoo? Pantene. 11.14pm
nickgusset Up twirly 7.57am
July 19
nickgusset condolences R-B-Y 11.18pm
nickgusset Feeling human at last.. 7.38pm
nickgusset Hangover now I remember why I don't usually drink. 11.32am
July 18
nickgusset Day off. 12.52pm
July 17
nickgusset Supplying in a church school. Behaviour is always worse. Why? 12.31pm

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Season Ticket:Main Stand - Block J Row 13 Seat 26
Fav. Player:Mile Jedinak

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Member Since:May 21 2002
Holmesdale Online Elite Member Elite Member:Yes (What's the Elite?)

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