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July 31 2015 4.22pm

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has our Fulham Tkts arrived.....9.30 start on the 'Boat' WOOOP
Updated 3 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Engaged
Birthday:June 13 1956
Interests:uefa/fa referee/assessor. my kids. cpfc, my coach
Occupation:owner/driver, coach


July 27 2015
eagleman13 has our Fulham Tkts arrived.....9.30 start on the 'Boat' WOOOP 7.36pm
July 26 2015
eagleman13 still has a crap streaming from Palace Digital 3.04pm
July 25 2015
eagleman13 still cant get to watch the SA game via CPFC Digital . . . thats twice now god help us for sunday 3.05pm
July 23 2015
eagleman13 is happy that both the shirts have arrived 2.06pm
July 15 2015
eagleman13 says Hippo Birdy to KVB 5.21pm
July 04 2015
eagleman13 is off for a 'dirty' weekend.....hehehe 10.27am
June 23 2015
eagleman13 has got his e-tickets for Barnet on the 11th, next up BERLIN....WOOP 8.36pm
June 13 2015
eagleman13 is enjoying his b/day @ Butlins with the 'trout' 11.58am
June 09 2015
eagleman13 says BLIMEY becky..did you have a 'boogie' OR 'woogie' 8.01pm
May 30 2015
eagleman13 is getting ready for the 'Beer Fest' @ SP 9.52am
May 27 2015
eagleman13 says what a fantastic night at SP glad we were there. Respct for the Dundee fans......great bunch. 7.45pm
May 24 2015
eagleman13 says had a great day well done to the players staff AP & fans 6.47pm
May 16 2015
eagleman13 is Stunned....what a result can we play them every week 7.38pm
April 20 2015
eagleman13 says . . . RIP staffie. 6.28pm

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Palace Information

Season Ticket:Main Stand - Block G Row 5 Seat 179
Fav. Player:Joel Ward

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Member Since:June 25 2007
Holmesdale Online Elite Member Elite Member:Yes (What's the Elite?)

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