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September 22 2014 7.12am

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says PALACE never fail to suprise me
Updated 1 hour ago

General Info

Marital Status:Engaged
Birthday:June 13 1956
Interests:uefa/fa referee/assessor. my kids. cpfc, my coach
Occupation:owner/driver, coach


eagleman13 says PALACE never fail to suprise me 6.05am
September 13
eagleman13 is staying off PT........numpty's are out again in force be afraid people 5.42pm
September 10
eagleman13 did i hear that 'Racey's' back......woohoo! 12.03pm
September 09
eagleman13 says, CRE, its Cuckings li 8.48pm
September 04
eagleman13 thinks AQG2 must be going to Viagra, which is in Colorado! :-) 7.43pm
September 03
eagleman13 ...& welcome back HAMBO 7.09pm
September 01
eagleman13 it safe yet to come back & join the 'normal' people? 7.07pm
August 31
eagleman13 doesnt want to go up & down OR in & out....i want to go round & round 7.13am
August 27
eagleman13 says, Well, who'dve thought it......Colins back in da houz 8.29pm
August 25
eagleman13 says, yup we got RAIN in Mitcham HOOF & AE1 10.01am
August 24
eagleman13 says 'sod' SloveniaDaves pork, im doing slow roasted LAMB, with ALL the 'proper', ner 4.30pm
August 23
eagleman13 says PT has now been taken over by childish numpy's....God help us! 7.30pm
August 20
eagleman13 thinks Alaneagle1 shoud deffo be our next manager, does such a great job on the HOL. 7.51pm
August 16
eagleman13 says C.O.Y.P. 10.51am

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Palace Information

Season Ticket:Main Stand - Block G Row 5 Seat 179
Fav. Player:Joel Ward

Site Information

Member Since:June 25 2007
Holmesdale Online Elite Member Elite Member:Yes (What's the Elite?)

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