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September 4 2015 5.28pm

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has TWO tickets for 'clowns' game for sale!
Updated 1 day ago

General Info

Marital Status:Engaged
Birthday:June 13 1956
Interests:uefa/fa referee/assessor. my kids. cpfc, my coach
Occupation:owner/driver, coach


September 02 2015
eagleman13 has TWO tickets for 'clowns' game for sale! 7.19pm
August 29 2015
eagleman13 says...are we this good? 6.37pm
August 21 2015
eagleman13 says...hmm, Home Shirt, Away Shirt, Black Sash Polo or White Sash Polo...what to wear? 8.48pm
eagleman13 . 8.11pm
August 16 2015
eagleman13 is on route to SP via Two Brewers.....COYP 9.56am
August 08 2015
eagleman13 has updated his season ticket 6.41pm
eagleman13 says...PHEW, are we safe yet? 6.18pm
August 05 2015
eagleman13 is minted...hie ST has arrived. 1st one in a hell of a long time. 7.48pm
July 31 2015
eagleman13 feels for 'Lord' AQG2....What you must go through!!! 8.10pm
July 27 2015
eagleman13 has our Fulham Tkts arrived.....9.30 start on the 'Boat' WOOOP 7.36pm
July 26 2015
eagleman13 still has a crap streaming from Palace Digital 3.04pm
July 25 2015
eagleman13 still cant get to watch the SA game via CPFC Digital . . . thats twice now god help us for sunday 3.05pm
July 23 2015
eagleman13 is happy that both the shirts have arrived 2.06pm
July 15 2015
eagleman13 says Hippo Birdy to KVB 5.21pm

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Palace Information

Season Ticket:Holmesdale Stand Lower - Block H Row 4 Seat 143
Fav. Player:Joel Ward

Site Information

Member Since:June 25 2007
Holmesdale Online Elite Member Elite Member:Yes (What's the Elite?)

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