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February 1 2015 12.26am


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is loving the 4-5-1 defensive crappy Warnock hoofball...
Updated 131 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Attached
Birthday:July 17 1986
Location:Praying for love in a lapdance... Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
Interests:Football, Gaming, Music.


September 22 2014
Leecpfc is loving the 4-5-1 defensive crappy Warnock hoofball... 9.56am
August 21 2014
Leecpfc wonders if Pulis and Moody ever attended the same orgy. 8.32pm
August 15 2014
Leecpfc never trust an old man in a baseball cap - usually a nonce. 8.02am
May 13 2013
Leecpfc OH MY GOD! 9.52pm
Leecpfc feeling very nervous. 6.10pm
May 11 2013
Leecpfc very pleased for Ben Watson! 7.08pm
May 06 2013
Leecpfc managed to get a home ticket for Friday 1.40pm
April 30 2013
Leecpfc has returned. 6.50pm
April 07 2013
Leecpfc I'm taking a break from this place. Too many kids talking utter sh*te. Even though DRT talked drivel at times, at least it was entertaining. 8.06pm
April 01 2013
Leecpfc what is going on? Holloway out? Is Palace Talk just a massive April Fools? 7.04pm
Leecpfc f*** IT 4.48pm
March 25 2013
Leecpfc why have a lot of the PT morons invaded GT. Seesh. 3.06pm
Leecpfc who made Jel flounce? 2.51pm
March 19 2013
Leecpfc is starting an anti Serial Thriller CAMPaign. 6.51pm

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Fav. Player:Glenn Murray

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Member Since:May 13 2004

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