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July 24 2014 3.37pm

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this damn heat,the drums..
Updated 9 hours ago

General Info

Marital Status:Married
Location:Rawlinsons end.(the Cronx) England (England)
Interests:Palace,sasha grey,curry,paint brushes, scuttles & fitches
Occupation:jumped up pantry boy /cad./decorator to the people


kingdowieonthewall this damn heat,the drums.. 5.59am
July 22
kingdowieonthewall by his neck? redyelowblue ? 7.42pm
July 20
kingdowieonthewall gyros lamb leg 12.59pm
July 17
kingdowieonthewall as knackered as knack 4.36pm
July 13
kingdowieonthewall c'mon the boche. 11.33am
June 26
kingdowieonthewall in f***in somnia 3.21am
June 15
kingdowieonthewall roll on thurs & uruagay 7.37am
June 14
kingdowieonthewall go to the naughty corner,dannyb1 ! 11.51am
May 20
kingdowieonthewall KD likes DannyH train of thought here. Mad. Crazy.But i like it. C'mon Anglaterre! 6.49pm
April 26
kingdowieonthewall has updated his profile photo 1.40pm
April 23
kingdowieonthewall you can stick YNWA up your 5.52pm
April 22
kingdowieonthewall didnt fancy the job.painting again tomo. 7.32pm
kingdowieonthewall off to manchester for contract negotiations. 6.47pm
April 19
kingdowieonthewall how good is it to be Palace at the moment! 5.04pm

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Palace Information

Fav. Player:Julian Speroni

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Member Since:February 23 2005

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