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July 29 2015 6.53pm

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speak for yourself , RBY.
Updated 2 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Married
Location:Rawlinsons end.(the Cronx) England (England)
Interests:Palace,sasha grey,curry,paint brushes, scuttles & fitches
Occupation:jumped up pantry boy /cad./decorator to the people


July 27 2015
kingdowieonthewall speak for yourself , RBY. 6.16pm
July 25 2015
kingdowieonthewall footy soon be back again. 8.43am
July 23 2015
kingdowieonthewall the HOL has become, noit much fun anymore. Damn. 6.51pm
July 22 2015
kingdowieonthewall stirling, as the saying goes'dont let the f***ers grind you down'. 6.44pm
July 20 2015
kingdowieonthewall needs a holiday 6.30am
July 19 2015
kingdowieonthewall McTedious, possibly McSmug 5.09pm
kingdowieonthewall McTedious, possibly Mcsmug 5.08pm
kingdowieonthewall McTedious 5.07pm
July 14 2015
kingdowieonthewall Remy me up 5.28pm
July 13 2015
kingdowieonthewall rained off 6.41am
July 10 2015
kingdowieonthewall olive ciabatta bread, butter & tuna pate 7.01pm
July 05 2015
kingdowieonthewall is going to be a grandad! 4.03pm
July 04 2015
kingdowieonthewall fragrant lamb in gravy with a paneer & chilli side. ooh haa 8.38pm
July 03 2015
kingdowieonthewall piri piri chicken with a chilli side salad, plus saucy baby spuds 6.18pm

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Fav. Player:Julian Speroni

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Member Since:February 23 2005

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