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March 27 2015 3.37pm

Another season

July 27 2011

Crystal Palace ale

Crystal Palace ale

Jamesey is delighted to receive his 2011-12 season card in good time for the new campaign.

I've been buying season tickets/cards for Selhurst Park since the 1970s and it is always a relief to see that welcome letter on the doormat.

In the past, the club had a bad reputation for keeping us on tenterhooks with regard to prompt postings and sometimes the season would only arrive a day or two before it was needed - and not even then for some unfortunate souls.

However in recent years, things have improved and even in the Jordan decade, when one half expected inefficiency and bungling, I personally never had too many worries and this year the card accompanied by the customary marketing "bumf" arrived on Tuesday, July 26.

In recent years, my card always had a "C" printed on it. I am sure some of you are only too ready to suggest what that stood for but you are wrong - it means "concession".

This year in quite prominent type, is the legend "Non-transferable CONC". This doesn't refer to the size of my nose but is to deter me from letting any young friends or relatives use it when I choose to go abroad or play hookey.

A covering letter from co-chairmen, Steve Parish and Martin Long, thanks me for my invaluable support for the club and I should think so too.

Among the clutch of merchandising vouchers offering free away coach travel, reduced price football holiday courses, etc, is a scheme called "Bring a Pal to Palace".

Steve and Martin highlight the scheme offering a free ticket for a mate to a "B" grade match and rightly point out how the idea could rebuild the support and improve the atmosphere at Selhurst.

Continuing the democratic and laudable manner in which Steve and Martin have been running the club, they also thank everyone for all their suggestions to improve things and will consider anything and everything that will be to the benefit of Crystal Palace Football Club.

My favourite piece of merchandising in the package, I have to say, is a beermat for the new beer launched at our May festival - Crystal Palace Ale. I missed sampling the blond ale (4.2%) at the time and when I can find out which outlets outside the ground sell it, I will take my beermat along and remedy the omission in style.

Cheers and here's to a successful new season.

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