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April 25 2014 5.06am


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Marital Status:Single
Birthday:March 2 1989
Location:West Croydon England (England)
Occupation:Looking after kids


January 26
thegovener99 bring on Saturday! Season starts here! EAGLES!!! 11.10pm
January 01
thegovener99 why does the team always let us down in the derby games, so frustrating losing to them f*****s AGAIN! GRRRR!! 10.34pm
December 05
thegovener99 BOSTOCK, YOUR A C***! 4.17am
November 29
thegovener99 really wants to go Leeds, anyone got spare seats in a car or minibus? PLEASE! 6.34pm
August 05
thegovener99 isnt very well at the min :( but come Saturday I will still be there no matter what 4.46pm
June 04
thegovener99 so happy my love an passion is still alive, EAGLES 4 LIFE PALACE TILL I DIE! 12.31am
May 16
thegovener99 R.I.P Besian Idrizaj, sleep well brother 10.32pm
January 07
thegovener99 is now Single 10.53pm
thegovener99 has updated his MSN contact 10.52pm
thegovener99 has changed his favourite player to Darren Ambrose 10.52pm
thegovener99 has updated his occupation 10.52pm
thegovener99 its bloody freezin! just hope the game ain't called off saturday, more revenge against city in mind! this time hopefully the ref will see a GOAL! 10.40pm
October 10
thegovener99 C'MON IRELAND!! off down the windmill to cheer on the paddies, C'MON!!! 6.52pm
August 11
thegovener99 EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10.06pm

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Season Ticket:Croydon Advertiser Family Stand - Row 19 Seat 21

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Member Since:September 1 2007

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so called fan kid jensen 04 Jun 2010 12.58am
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