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August 30 2014 11.14am


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Birthday:May 19 1990


April 27
frazzle thanks everyone for today, good to see you all x 10.27pm
December 30
frazzle lets hope 2014 is a good one. 7.23pm
November 16
frazzle ah he's so mature ;) 4.36pm
frazzle cupid stunt i love you :) xxxxxxxx 7.49am
November 11
frazzle ...jesus christ, why are so many people still interested in the X Factor? It's the biggest pile of crap around. 8.46pm
November 06
frazzle is fed up :-(maybe a Palace win will help! 2.55pm
September 10
frazzle investigating a trip to Asia :) 8.39pm
September 09
frazzle pancakes for breakfast :) 10.13am
September 03
frazzle ...well done Dean Miller, did us proud :) UOB!! 11.12pm
August 15
frazzle so so bored of everything :-( 8.21pm
August 08
frazzle I do indeed Matt...treasured! Might pop it up! 8.43pm
frazzle so... I met Jessica Ennis yesterday. Pretty happy right now :) 7.57pm
August 01
frazzle good evening world! 8.28pm
July 18
frazzle 45 minute gym followed by an hour of circuits...feeling good :) 10.09pm

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Fav. Player:Jonny Williams

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Member Since:December 4 2004

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