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February 29 2020 6.53am

FA Cup 1961

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Peterborough we're our constant nemisis in those days, coming from non league football and beating us to the fourth division title in their first season.
Johnny Byrne would tell of his own personal rivalry with Norman Rigby, their captain and CB.

I remember that Aston Villa cup tie very well and can recall the coach journey home as the most silent trip home for a Palace match that I ever experienced.
The fact that Dennis Uphill scored was memorable in itself but no one would have predicted that result.

I was standing just to the left of the players tunnel and close up could see the the tears in Vic Rouse's eyes as he left the pitch. I was standing next to a Villa supporter throughout the match, as we could then and both wearing the claret blue team colours of the day. I recall him saying that if Villa gave us Peter McParland and 20 thousand, a lot of money then, for Johnny Byrne they would of had a bargain.

Five minutes from time my mates and I were looking at a return match at Selhurst with great anticipation, at home to a first division side at SP would have been a very attractive FA cup tie fixture way back then.
We couldn't wish the clock on the opposite stand around quick enough as we were over five minutes into injury time when Burrows crossed the ball over from their left flank.
The ball seemed to hang in the air as Rouse came to collect only for it to sail over his head into the net....still to this day I'll never know where all that injury time came from!

We left the ground in disgust and miserable as hell,with my mate kicking over an advertising board, that was vandalism then.

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........................Then along came Johnny Byrne! and the rest, as they say, is history.....................

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I was at Villa Park that day, the train went direct from East Croydon I seem to remember, my dad took me, it was only on the way up there that he admitted to me that he had a bit of a soft spot for Villa, but to be fair every time Palace scored he was up on his feet like the rest of us. It was a superb effort from the lads, and I do remember that last Villa goal, heartbreaking. Vic Rouse was a legend, the first div4 player to be capped by his country, Wales vN Ireland in the home international championship. I was also at the Real Madrid game and Vic Rouse played the first half and then we introduced a young keeper Bill Glazier at half time, he was superb and the rest is history. New floodlights and a great new keeper.


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Attached is the Real Madrid team lining up at Selhurst.
The "Galloping Major" Ferenc Puskas is nearest the camera.

I was 6 and had never been to a game, my brother was going to take me to see the great Real Madrid but it was raining so my mum wouldn't let me go. I wasn't very happy, so 3 days later she relented and I went to Palace v Port Vale, 0-0, but I was hooked.

My next-door neighbours went to the Villa Park game and even now when I speak to one of them they moan about Vic Rouse missing that cross.

Real Madrid at CP April 62.jpg Attachment: Real Madrid at CP April 62.jpg (138.91Kb)


Zaha, Williams, Murray, Ambrose, Scannell.

A 5-man forward line who scored 3 goals in 10 minutes on 27th September 2011 at .......................

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I remember that game all to well. I remember Dennis Uphill scoring and yes that last minute goal. It was a depressing trip home. It only got worse because got home to find mother had moved out. Had no contact with her for 20 years. Derek


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Originally posted by JRW2

I've located the September 1960 Peterborough programme, delday, and have to say that there's nobody called Nelson in their side. Their captain was centre-half Norman Rigby. Yes - I was at the Slovan (not Slovak) Bratislava game (31st January 1962), and have the programme, but no memory at all of the score, or even the result. I was also at the Real Madrid match, staged to celebrate the installation of new floodlights. The programme - amazingly - doesn't show the date of the match, but a clue is provided by the inclusion of a photo of the team that played in the infamous Villa cup-tie. The Real Madrid team included Gento, Puskas and Di Stefano. Final score 2-2, I think.

Great thread, and not just bcos it makes me feel young, I can tell you that beating Slovan Bratislava 6-0 or 6-2 was no mean feat, in '62 they won the cup winners cup the year b4 spurs won it, they're the only club from either Czecho or Slovakia (as it was) to have won a euro cup - and 40k+ v posh, it's why we need that new stand, it wud give us the potential to get those big crowds again


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great posts gents.
I now feel younger.
(I was 1 yr old in '61)


Kids,tired of being bothered by your pesky parents?
Then leave home, get a job & pay your own bills, while you still know everything.

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Originally posted by JRW2

Division 4's last season was 91/92, and I don't remember Peterborough being bitter rivals at that time. They were rivals in 60/61, their first season in the league. After 5 games we were top of Division 4 and they were second, both having won 4 and drawn 1. Palace had scored 20 goals! They came to Selhurst on Wednesday 7th September 1960, and beat us - I think - 2-0. I still have the programme. I think that was the first time I saw Park Road packed with coaches. Peterborough won the Fourth Division title that season and we were promoted.

I had planned to go to the Villa cup-tie with a school pal on the railway special but applied too late. I stayed home but my friend went full fare on a proper train. He said he was pleased to have gone - I'm not sure I would have been. I think that was the match when we played so well that one of the papers called it the Byrne and Allen show, after the fifties American TV comedy series. And Ronnie Allen's first words on leaving the pitch were reputed to have been "I've always hated this place" (he was ex-West Brom). Delday, I think you'll find it was 3-4.

By the way, Brazil Nut, I got to Selhurst just before you: 53/54, against Colchester - lost, I'm pretty sure.

I went to the home game v Peterborough - AND to the away game just five days later! According to The Complete Record, the home match was on Wednesday September 7 and the away match on Monday September 12. I had a pal who supported Palace as his second team while Peterborough was his first. So we made a pact to watch both matches. We would have driven up to Peterborough for the away match (I was 18 and borrowed my mum's car). It was a humiliating occasion as Peterborough (known to my pal as Posh, of course) won 4-1, with Ron Heckman scoring the Palace goal. It was their first season in the league and they won the fourth division from us by just two points - but with an astonishing 134 goals against our 110. I remember going to the away match at Peterborough another year, possibly in March 1961 when we lost 1-4, and being jeered at by a group of Palace fans as we walked to the ground - presumably because they assumed we were Peterborough supporters.


The right place at the right time

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