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October 18 2017 8.09am

Selling a house

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Originally posted by South Devon Eagle

It makes me laugh how anyone can say we do hardly any work for our fee.
It's not about the listing of the property, it's not even about the selling, it's about moving it to a smooth completion with no fall through, no complications and at a steady time scale. That's the real hard work. Left to the solicitors it would take months.

Employing an internet firm at a cheap fee is fine, but where's the incentive for them to sell it? They've already been paid at the instruction so they don't give a toss whether the sell it or not. Plus you will do everything!! Viewings is fine, but do you want the stress of sales chasing inbetween doing your own job? I wouldn't. It's bloody time consuming!

You the seller always have an idea of what is the right price, so you should be able to tell which agent is just after the instruction from the price they indicate.

I have always worked for independent agents as it's always been about providing a good honest professional service.

I treat people how I would want to be treated and after nearly 18 years in this job, I haven't once been your stereo typical agent.

Stear clear of large corporate firms as they will be just after your instruction at any cost and will have hidden things in their contract.

We are not all bad and I pride myself of being the best I can.

Oh and commissions down here are around 1.25% - 1.5%.

Mine's on the market now (West Ewell if anyone is interested?) but using a traditional EA we're paying 0.8% + VAT, and we're only 'locked' in for 8 weeks. Did some research and comparison and basically dictated our own terms. Also like the idea that they run the viewings/open days - as people are much more honest when not faced with the current owner.


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