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February 6 2023 6.56am

Evelina London Children's Hospital

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Hi all. In May next year myself and a group of friends/family (including a few Palace fans) are doing a 21.4 mile walk to raise money for the Evelina children's hospital. The walk will be between all professional South London football grounds, starting at Wimbledon, then heading to Palace, then Millwall and ending at Charlton (I would have liked to finish at Selhurst but geography makes this difficult and would add a lot of unnecessary hours!)

My baby boy Alfie was born in May (the day after we smashed Hull 4-0) and was very sick, he was taken straight to the Evelina children's hospital at St Thomas' and needed life saving treatment and we were unsure whether he would survive and if so what the long term future would be.

Whilst a long of things are still unclear, he is now 5 months old and is doing amazing, constantly surprising us. I have attached a recent picture of him proudly displaying his Palace kit for good measure.

The short version is that the hospital are amazing. They do so much for the family as well as the patient and we are grateful for everything they have done for us and Alfie.

If anybody is able to contribute anything I would be truly grateful. The link to the justgiving page is below, please feel free to read and contribute if you can. Thank you!


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