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June 20 2018 12.10pm

Sky TV

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Originally posted by dorking

No problem. Go to [Link] click on BT Sport along the top list of choices, and then log in using your BT ID, which is the same one as you use to access online billing and your emails.

You can then watch stuff. To be honest I only occasionally watch Premier League games and FA Cup games, as watching through a computer isn't the greatest, and I am often out at games on the same days that their televised Premier League game is shown, but its good enough considering its free.

I don't know if they still give this for new customers or if it's because I've been with them for donkeys years, since before they even came up with the idea? They do write to me to encourage me to pay I think 7 a month to watch through my tv, but as I don't have a Sky box or dish, I'm not bothered about that.

I don't qualify to watch when it is European live games like Champions League, but I'm not really bothered about those.

Thanks I just tried this. On my TV I cancelled BT sport as it wasn't worth the money. However I just watched some tennis on BT Sport 1 on the eb I didn't realise I could do this.


One more point

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