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November 14 2019 3.15am

new Hyper-car is electric

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(BBC link)

"It's the most powerful street-legal car ever to come out of Italy. And when your competitors include Ferrari and Lamborghini, that's some badge of honour.

It may even be the most powerful road car ever, although when you're dealing with hypercars (the noun supercar is no longer sufficient) it's a fine margin between first, second and third.

But being number one is not the most important thing. Nor that it costs 2m. What's really special about the Pininfarina Battista, recently unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, is this: it's all-electric.

So, here are some stats. Maker Automobili Pininfarina claims its Battista does 0-62mph in less than two seconds, 186mph in less than 12 seconds, has a top speed of more than 250mph, and does 280 miles on one charge.

Its brake horse power (bhp) is equivalent to 1,900, about twice that of a Formula 1 car (a decent-sized Ford Fiesta, Britain's best-selling car, has a bhp of between about 84 and 13." (BBC website)

Unsurprising we've got to this stage. Back in the 1970's, my Scalextric cars were soooo fast, they inevitably flew off at the first corner.

I was wondering when electric cars were going to have less safety features than fuelled cars. I mean fuelled engines and gearboxes and drive-train weigh an awful lot, and crash-tests were largely designed around high-mass projectiles hitting stationary objects at speed.
That, and protecting a fuel tank, also of significant mass.

An electric cars main mass would be from its batteries. If all the bodywork and wheels were made from composite materials. it is going to be insane having electric cars with F1 levels of performance on the roads.

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