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May 21 2019 9.37pm

Curtis Davies (LOCKED)

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Topic Locked

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Anyone else watch that awful The Debate show last night, a complete waste of an hours airtime with trivial questions asked to former footballers who rarely give a coherent answer. Anyway Curtis Davies actually thinks Cardiff will finish on about 38 points!!! and that Burnley and Southampton are more likely to go down!!! (Phew!! Luckily we were not mentioned!!) - but i'm sorry Curtis here are Cardiff's remaining fixtures (i've put my prediction next to each game) as follows;

Chelsea (H) DRAW
Man City LOSS
Burnley DRAW
Fulham DRAW
Palace (H)DRAW
Brighton DRAW
Man Utd LOSS

Thats gives them only 33 points!!! where he gets 38 points from i have no idea. I guess if they were to beat Burnley and Brighton, then maybe, but their away record is hopeless, so i don't see them winning those games anyway. Obviously if they did then Burnley become the most vulnerable team with their own awful run in. But it just shows these pundits and ex footballers never really do their homework

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