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September 18 2020 8.53pm

Winter transfers 2020- my choices

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With the worst goal tally from all the 20 teams in the PL, it's obvious that this department needs work. The defense is all right and has kept the team up until now, but without enough goals, threats of low ranking in the table will surely be felt.

We should bring in player who can score and set up teammates to score on a regular basis.
1. Especially in Top 5 leagues

2. In lower leagues as well, but with good European (or world) ranking or at least massive investments in players in recent years (I rank Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Turkey leagues- especially as these last 3 have very solid defenses where players rarely score- somewhere between Top 5 and rest of European leagues. Championship this season has reached a similar level with all the investment. Netherlands, Belgium and MLS would be too, but that's another discussion because their leagues have a high number of goals scored, so any possible transfers must be approached with caution)

3. From lower European leagues who still have representation in European Cups (Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Ukraine, Denmark, Czech Republic, Scotland, Croatia, Serbia etc) or around the globe (China, Japan, Uruguay, Colombia, Egypt), but they have to be exceptional players.

MAXIMUM PRICE: 15 million

MAXIMUM AGE: 30 years old (with minor breaking of this rule for 1-2 players)- so that they actually get to play for the club for 3-4 years, not just disrupt the squad for 1 year of they're 34. Preferable age is below 27.

What does the squad need? Well, let's see who should Roy Hodgson keep:

Guaita- keep
Hennessey- keep
Ward kepp
Kelly- move to center back
CB: Tomkins- keep
Cahill- keep
Sako- keep
Dann- let go to gain playing time in the Championship (love the guy, but it's time, his contract is up in the summer anyway)
PVA- keep until the summer, then see if good offers come (Juventus tracking him)
Riedewald- keep (sale is not possible anyway and to recoup some of the 10 million paid, we'd have to loan him out to some Dutch club from 4-6 positions: Feyenoord, Alkmaar, Vitesse), but he has proven an important backup lately
Schlupp- keep as he's injured and couldn't even have a medical if club wanted to sell, further evaluation in the summer. He's no great attacking player though, as he can't play inverted winger (which is a bit of a necessity today), but he could be a good left back
Kouyate- keep
Milivojevic- keep
McCarthy- if everyone is valid, I don't see his point, some say that he covers with so many injuries, but there are plenty of people able to play in central midfield, including some defenders, he's not needed, cost 3 million and would better be loaned out to a Championship side
McArthur- keep
Camarasa- keep, depending on how much a playmaker is needed this winter
Townsend- keep until the summer, he's injured now
Zaha- keep (hopefully)
AM: Meyer- sell, salary of 125.000 doesn't justify his performances. We could just do so much better with 10 million on another player
J. Ayew- keep
Benteke- sell for a 10 -12 million offer
Wickham- send on loan to the Championship to get playing time (I know he moved ok in the last games, but he really needs regular playing time to become an important PL player again- and not Palace playing time in the PL, but on a lower level first)

So that would leave about 1 necessary signing at right back, about 5 in attack: 1 right winger, 1 left winger, 1 attacking midfielder/second striker, 2 center forwards.

Up to 15 million (max., maybe slightly more if they're very young):

I will not give a link to a video of those players at each and every one of them, as they can easily be checked out online if you do a search wit "goals &skills" etc. Please do for each and every one of them, as you should see them yourselves. From top to bottom, but in no particular nominal order:


CENK TOSUN (28 yo, 1,83 height)- around 10-15 million purchase option, already rumored. He has been constantly good at international level against big teams too (France, Iceland etc), but has played little at Everton. Still good when he played

Disadvantages: none

Update: since I've been writing this, he's apparently been signed on loan, with a 10 million option to buy. Would still leave room for another center forward signing.

FERNANDO KARANGA (28 yo, 1,89 height)- around 5 million price. Brazilian by birth, also has Bulgarian, therefore European, citizenship, having played in Bulgaria and being top scorer there. One of the best center forwards in the Chinese league, even if there also play Hulk, Odion Ighalo, Eran Zahavi, Sandro Wagner, Graziano Pelle, Bakambu, Talisca. Yeah, ok, Bakambu is better, but he costs way more and teams like Atletico Madrid want him. Karanga has been ahead of them when considering the actual minutes played.

Disadvantages: Had a big injury which kept him out for almost a year, but now he's back and really overcome it, he's back to being one of the best scorers in the league and in the Asian Champions League. Disadvantage of not playing in a big league, but is very fit and mobile and would surely do a lot better than Benteke.

TIQUINHO SOARES (28 yo, 1,87 height), 15 million- very thin and fit scorer from FC Porto. They got him from a low Portuguese team for scraps and he has proved to be very good at scoring for the Portuguese giants. They seem to sell him every window for like 15 million, but somehow he stays. Has just scored in the derby with Sporting a few days ago.

Disadvantages: only played for a powerhouse which dominates opponents, so could do worse for a mid-table team, but would still do ok. Price is pretty high. Doesn't have Portuguese citizenship yet (only Brazilian) but he has 5 years playing there so I expect him to take it this January.

BAGHDAD BOUNEDJAH (28 yo, 1,84 in height), 15 million- there are 2 center forwards in the Arab leagues who score like Messi and Ronaldo there (10 times more than anyone else)- Bounedjah and Hamdallah. But of the 2, Bounedjah is the better one, the more agile one and one with international experience. He has become first center forward for Algeria (one of the Top 5 African nations which went to the World Cup last time) ahead of Slimani and even scored quite a lot for Algeria, among which the winning goal in the Cup of Nations final. There's been talk of a transfer to France to Ligue 1 sides (Marseille really wants him) for quite some time now, but he's not really cheap. Arab clubs are rich and he would cost somewhere in the region of 15 million, He has like 150 goals and assist in 100 minutes there!!! Even if it's not the same level as the Premier League, it's definitely League One level (I know what I say- the players there are really good and many are brought from big teams or even Eastern European players who just want a big salary).

Disadvantages: price, one would say that he has not played at high level, but international level proves otherwise

ANDRASZ SPORAR (25 yo, 1,86 height), 5-7 million- kind of young at 25, really, really well built and strong in 1 on 1, also with speed for a center forward, has played extremely well in both his league (Slovakia- nation with 5 million people) and in the Europa League, where he scored against Besiktas Istanbul, Wolverhampton or Sporting Braga. Has a tremendous scoring record. Well, yeah, the level is low, but even so. Was at Basel in his youth, but moved on for playing time. Good at international level too (starting for Slovenia, not Slovakia ). Celtic really want him and will pay between 5-7 million.

Disadvantages: none really that wouldn't be overcome, but plays for a dominating team in his league, maybe lack of experience in a big league, though he plays well at international and Europa League level

JEAN PIERRE NSAME (26 yo, 1,88 )- around 10 million- current goalscorer of Switzerland with A LOT of goals and one of the best scorers in Europe. Also has French citizenship. Champions League experience with YB Berne

Disadvantages: plays for a dominating team which scores a lot

ODSONNE EDOUARD (recently 22 yo, 1,87)- more than 20 million. I said I wouldn't put expensive payers on the list, but he has experience in British football and has been talked a lot. It depends on how much Celtic wants too. If they want 30 million, then it should be a no-go. If they want 20, then he would be expensive, but the price will be recouped given his age.

Disadvantages: price, plays for a dominating team which scores a lot

JOSH MAJA (21 yo, 1,80)- 7-10 million- should grow 1-2 cm more, so I'll put him at center forwards. There is intense talk, but I don't know if he's ready for the PL for a team which desperately needs a constant scoring starting striker. If we were to get 2 strikers though, one with more experience and a younger one, then surely Maja should be an option. He should have been brought when he was let go by Sunderland 1 year ago for just 1.5 million though, that's how one makes good businesses.

Disadvantages: youth

CARLOS STRANDBERG (23 yo, 1,87 height)- around 2 million, one to the club where he's on loan to let him go, one to the club which loaned him- prodigy player in Sweden with African ancestry. Started scoring A LOT from 17-18 years old. Was in Russia with CSKA at 19, with Club Brugge at 20 and with Swedish champions Malmo from 22 to 23. Now he left for the Arab leagues for a lot of money, He still scores a lot, but needs a challenge. Stunning shots with left foot.

Disadvantages: never in a big league

MICHAEL OLUNGA (25 yo, 1,93 height)- 3 million- Kenyan center forward, a rare sight in professional football. Really big. Came to Europe in Sweden and did great, was in Spain in the first league with newly promoted Girona and scored about 6 goals, then was bought by a Japanese team and has set records with his scoring there.

Disadvantages: few games in a top league, no European citizenship, country is waay below Top 50 to get a work permit, plays for a dominating team

DAVID OKEREKE (22 yo, 1,82 height)- 12-15 million- was bought by FC Brugge from the Ialian Serie B last summer after he was on Palace's radar as well. Maybe it was too soon straight from the Serie B to the PL, but he has proved that he can score at a high level (Belgium league and they also played well in the Champions League this seasons, dominating Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in a 2-2). Cost Brugge 8 million. Not sure if he wants to stay as the competition there is very strong (Brugge is a team which I say is a little better than Palace). They would sell for 12-15.

Disadvantages: does not have other citizenship than Nigerian and not enough national team matches in the last year to get a work permit

ANTONIO COLAK (26 yo, 1,88 height)- 3 million- Croatian who went to Hoffenheim in youth but did not remain. Came back to the Croatian league and won the title with Rijeka, massive surprise against Dinamo Zagreb. Really cheap as Rijeka is a small team and they jump at such figures and can offer A LOT for this money.

Disadvantages: untested at high level

ANTONIO MANCE (24 yo, 1,89 height)- 3 million- as long as we're talking Croatians, there's another pretty young one who does extremely well. Most goals scored in the Slovak league, but has also scored a lot this year for Osijek in Croatia after being bought for 1 million.

Disadvantages: untested at high level

CYRIEL DESSERS (25 yo, 1,85 height)- around 5 million - scores a lot in a mid-table team in the Netherlands. Sure, it's the Netherlands where everybody scores and many striker from the Dutch league haven't made it in the PL, but he really scores A LOT. Even taking into consideration that it's the Dutch league. Yesterday scored 2 goals against Borussia Moenchengladbach. Wanted in the Serie A and by West Ham. Has Belgian nationality.

Disadvantages: coming from the Netherlands

CEDRIC ITTEN (23 yo, 1,89 height)- around 5 million. Very young, very strong, very fast, very good. Rocks it in the Swiss league for a mediocre team (which would suggest adapting really well to a club like how Palace is in the PL). Has made his international debut for Switzerland, for which scored 3 goals in 2 matches.

Disadvantages, untested in a big league (but come on he's 23!), has a cruciate ligament rupture, but recovered extremely well and now he's back to his best

HARIS SEFEROVIC (27 yo, 1,86 height)- around 15 million. Played really well for Benfica in the last years, but recently has lot his place to a Brazilian they paid 35 million for. Benfica is a rich club and they usually sell expensive, but if he doesn't play, I imagine they would accept a 15 million offer for him. There was talk of him coming to England for about 40 million 1 year ago.

Disadvantages: price, plays for a big team. When he played for a smaller team in Germany (Eintracht) he wasn't this prolific, though he was at times deployed in an unwanted winger position. He has though been very prolific in the last 6 years at international level. A lot of goals cored for Switzerland in very strong competitions.

ROBIN QUAISON (26 yo, 1,83)- 10 million. Dynamite for Mainz in the Premier League (a low-mid table team), became starter for the Sweden national team. Very mobile, can run a lot and be deployed as winger too.

Disadvantages: for this price and at his goals...none

HABIB DIALLO (24 yo, 1,86 height)- around 5 million. Recently promoted with Metz from the French second division and is one of the goalscorers in the French top league this season.

Disadvantages: has no other nationality than Senegalese and not enough national team matches, scored most goals when Metz was a dominating tem in the second league.

JACUB SWIERCZOK (27 yo, 1,79 height)- 5 million. Not really my pick (as I'd prefer the above), but I'll put him here just to watch him in the future. Plays for Bulgarian powerhouse Ludogorets in a pretty poor league, but also in the Europa League and is a good goalscorer (really good for their level). One to watch.

Disadvantages: could be kind of slow, untested etc.

ILIA SHKURIN (20 yo, 1,88 height) is a young player to keep an eye on. Would have been good to pay his club in Belarus 0.4 million for him and have him develop in the Championship, but CSKA Moscow eventually paid that money and took him. One who may or may not develop into a great player, but who looks very promising.


RYAN CHRISTIE (24 yo, 1,78 height)- around 10-15 million. Has been involved in over 30 goals for Celtic this season in just 4 months. The guy is class: dribble, speed, everything you want. Celtic fans probably rate him at more than 30 million, but they only gave him a contract until 2021, so they will surely take 10-15 million rather than nothing in 1 year time!

Disadvantages: without taking set pieces and playing in a mid-table team he'd have a slightly lower record, but not by much, price is high

MARCO RICHTER (22 yo, 1,78 height)- 12-15 million. No, not the earthquake ), though close! Just finished the U21 Euro Championship where he was maybe the best player, certainly the best of Germany alongside center forward Luka Waldschmidt, who already made the jump to the national team and who is by now too expensive. Richter hasn't gotten in the national team yet, but has been very good for modest side Augsburg. Really has it all: speed, dribbling, experience at a very young age, decent price. He is able to play on the wings too, but behind the striker is his best position. Just give them Meyer for 10 million (he might still have good rating in Germany) and pay 2-5 more for Richter, it will be a totally different thing. He comes with a totally different morale, is much faster and hard working and was not played as central midfielder for 1 year and a half to forget how to attack.

Disadvantages: none, even possible huge gains from re-sale

EL SHAARAWY (27 yo, 1,78 height)- around 15-18 million. When he was just 13 million 2 years ago and I said "get him" nobody agreed. When Roma had him lead their Champions League campaign to the first 8 I was proven right. Eventually left for China where he is playing now. With new Chinese regulations they might sell, but not for cheap.

Disadvantage: price, maybe not a very technically gifted player, but presses a lot and runs a lot and has a great shot

ADAM LJAJIC (28 yo, 1,82)- around 10 million. A small price for a player like Ljajic if you ask me. He is a very technical player, has one of the most easy done dribbles I've ever seen (for him). but also lean and thin and still able to move fast at 28. Now with Besiktas after having been the best player in the mid-table AC Torino team in the Serie A.

JONATHAN DAVID (19 yo, 1,77 height)- around 15 million. Some would say too young", but he is probably in the Top 5 U20 players in the world right now and the others are playing for Real Madrid, Barcelona and others like them. Would definitely do well in the PL.

Disadvantages: price

LOUIS SCHAUB (24 yo, 1,77 height)- around 7 million. He is a very good player in 2 positions: both as right winger (he is left footed) and as attacking midfielder, but I'll put him on the list here. He is an appreciated player in lowly FC Koln and really did good both in home Austria and getting Koln promoted.

Disadvantages: would have fewer achievements if not taking set pieces

Speaking of Austria, I'd have also put TAKUMI MINAMINO on the list, but he has just left to Liverpool from B Salzburg. Just around 10 million paid for him. Also in their ranks is the other Asian attacker HWANG, but apparently for him they want at least 20, so I'll skip him.

JEAN PAUL BOETIUS (25 yo, 1,78 height)- around 10 million. Also of Mainz, does a good job as attacking midfielder. Capable of playing on the wings too.

Disadvantages: none

DAICHI KAMADA (23 yo, 1,80 height)- around 8 million. Eintracht got this very talented attacking midfielder from Japan and loaned him out to Belgium last season, where he played extremely well. They were close to selling him to Genoa in the summer for 5 million, but eventually he made the first team squad. Has since established himself as an Eintracht starter, although his performances in the Bundesliga re not the same as in Belgium. But he's 23 and will still grow.

Disadvantages: has only Japanese citizenship and not enough national team matches

MOUSSA KONE (22 yo, 1,75 height)- still in the 2.Bundesliga of Germany with Dynamo Dresden, but probably the best striker there. And still very young. He is not very tall, so more like a second striker, but will be able to move much and help both the midfield and the center forward at this age.

Disadvantages: only Senegalese nationality and not enough national team matches, played only at low level

ALFREDO MORELOS (23 yo, 1,77 height)- over 20 million. Very good scorer both in the Scottish league and in the Europa League, but will be expensive, as Rangers execs have said they will surely not accept little money and anyway, won't let him go in January. He plays as center forward for Rangers, but being shorter than normal PL forwards, he would probably play as second striker here. This causes a new set of problems, as he is not used to defend and draw back as a second striker and doesn't really run that much (he runs enough for a main striker, but not for a second one)

Disadvantages: price, maybe unable to play as second striker (though can't play as main striker due to height)

EMMANUEL BOATENG (23 yo, 1,75 height)- about 7 million. He is the guys who scored a lot in Portugal and went to Spain to Levante and scored a hattrick against FC Barcelona at just 21 years old. Has since moved to big money spender China and has continued to play well. They paid 4 million for him, but with new regulations might sell for about 7. He is very fast and could be hard working.

Disadvantages: played mostly as main center forward, but I've seen him, he's not lazy

OLERANWAJU KAYODE (26 yo, 1,76)- about 3 million. Was the top goalscorer for the Austrian league about 2 years in a row, after which Manchester City paid a sum of money for him, but kept loaning him out, waiting for him to be Man City quality soon. He went to Shakhtar Donetsk and now he's in a mid-table team in Turkey, but he really scores a lot.

Disadvantages: has only Nigerian nationality and not enough national team matches, played at low level

BOBBY REID (26 yo, 1,70 height)- around 15 million. English-based player. Has done some very good things in the Championship. Is with Fulham now and he does a good job in attack, but they're miles away from the top 2 positions. I don't expect them to win promotion. This will probably make them be open to bids. But he will not be cheap. However...he will be much cheaper and is much more promising than Bradley Dack for example.

Disadvantages: price

EVER BANEGA (31 yo, 1,74 height- around 3 million). The hard working Argentine is still with powerhouse Sevilla in Spain. He plays behind the main striker or even as central midfielder and is also good in pressing and in passing. His contract ends in the summer, so club could even negociate now and get him for free. He won't provide any re- sale value, but is cheap (well, sort of, minus salary) and good. Has Spanish citizenship too.

Disadvantages: age

BRIAN FERNANDEZ (25 yo, 1,72 height)- free. This guy really rocked the Mexican and MLS leagues, but somehow ended up a free agent because of drugs. He has been following treatment and, if clean, would represent a good option for ANY club. But only has Argentine nationality.

Disadvantages: drug problems, citizenship

PERCY TAU (25 yo, 1,75 height)- around 10 million. He's actually the player of Brighton, who got him from South Africa. They tried to secure a work permit for him, but he didn't have enough national team matches or South Africa was too low in rankings. If he plays more matches for the nt or if he gets more points by winning a title with Club Brugge, he will probably get a work permit. I don;t know if manager Potter will still want, but if they don;t , he would be a good signing for anyone, Very tricky and fast, did some great matches for Brugge in the Champions league and Champions League qualification.

Disadvantages: citizenship

IZZY BROWN (22 yo, 1,82 height)- around 3 million. A player we haven't heard about lately, but he's still very young. Was class in the Championship a few years ago, but got a nasty injury. He's been back a while and with very good results- 1 goal and 6 assists in the Championship this season. He mostly sets up others rather than score. Very cheap and I don't even know if Lutton will pay Chelsea the money for a signing after the loan.

Disadvantages: had an injury

Some other really young players who can play second striker or attacking midfielder are:

INIGO VICENTE (22 yo, 1,78 height), on loan from Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish second division, where he plays extremely well. Like Jonathan David, he is one of the best youngsters of his generation. He can play as winger too, but his best position is behind the striker. These Bilbao players also work very hard, it's in their upbringing. Man United wanted him a few years ago. He'd cost some money (like 10 million probably, cause Bilbao really doesn't sell often), but they'd surely be recouped in time.

ADAM HLOZEK (just 17 yo, 1,86 height). The youngest player who plays so good at a big level. Now with Sparta Prague. Maybe not yet ready for Palace, but hey...if you want a 60 million sale in the next 2 years, it's this player who you have to promote.

JESSE NGANKAM from Hertha Berlin's second team (19 yo, 1,82 height)- very good forward who runs a lot and is the best in Hertha's second team (which is probably the best Academy in Germany right now if you ask me). The young Youth Champions League winning striker who was at Chelsea, Daishawn Redan, is also with them, but I'd say Ngankam is better. And cheaper.

MIKE NDAYISHIMIYE (20 yo, 1,73)- one of the best, if not the best U21 players in the Eredivisie. And there's a lot of talent there.

ANDERSON NIANGBO (20 yo, 1,70 height)- young striker who played really well for Wolfsberger from Austria, a team which also played in the Europa League and won away at Moenchengladbach with 4-1 and drew against AS Rome. He belongs to Red Bull Salzburg and they had recalled him this winter, but apparently they're prepared to sell him, I imagine for a much less fee than Minamino to Liverpool, as he's still a relatively unknown player, probably around 3 million.

Young JESUS FERREIRA (19 yo, 1,73 height) second striker looks very good for his age. Colombian-American player who already plays for the USA national team.


ERIK LAMELA (27 yo, 1,84 height)- around 15 million. I think he will leave Tottenham for more playing time. Every time I've watched him, I liked what I saw. He is tall, good with the ball, feisty. He did a good job in the few minutes he played. He should have been available more often, but when he was, he had a lot accomplishments. Injuries are not as severe as people might think: 1 hip injury which kept him out 1 year and one hamstring injury this season.

Disadvantages: a few injuries (which I would say he will pass after this season), price (but he is quality)

JARROD BOWEN (23 yo, 1,75 height)- free in the summer or 8-10 million now. Bowen is a special case as he only has a few months left on his contract and is allowed to negociate with any club!! He is surely wanted in the PL, so it's about who offers a bigger salary. Surely for a 23 year old player who is considered the best in the Championship, the asking price would have been about 20 million, but paying just 10 million now or 0 in the summer allows you to offer him a lot more than just 5 million contract per year. for 4 years. Think about it: normally, if you paid 20 million+ another 20 million per contract, you'd have expenses of 40 million in 4 years with such a player. This way, you can pay double the salary and no fee. There will surely be a big re-sale value too, I imagine over 40 million.

Disadvantages: none

Update: I've learnt that in England you can't engage another player from another English team unless he's in the last month of contract, not in the last 6 months (apparently, Bosman rule doesn't apply in England). Still, clubs talk to managers and settle potential transfers ahead of the regulated time. If he was sure Palace would sign him with a good salary in the summer, he's wait until there was one month left to sign. Or.... a fee to Hull for these 6 months should be taken into consideration.

SKOV OLSEN (20 yo, 1,87)- one of the best of his generation and the leading goalscorer of U21 qualification, even though he's not a center forward, but a winger. Bologna got him for just 7 million in the summer and has used him in the Serie A, but not really as a starter. They have as starter in that position Riccardo Orsolini, who is a great talent in Italy and cost them like 20 million to get from Juventus. So, Skov Olsen could actually be sold if a 12-15 offer comes. It would be instant profit for Bologna after 6 months. His re-sale value will be extraordinary, I imagine he will become one of the most expensive players in the world in a few years.

Disadvantages: price, but investment will surely be recovered

CALVIN STENGS (21 yo, 1,82 height), around 15 million. Another really, really young player, a real talent from the Eredivisie. Has already played in the national team and is one of their attacking options next to much more accomplished players: Depay, Babel, Quincy Promes, Bergwijn (who PSV want 40 million for). Calvin Stengs comes from Alkmaar and, fortunately, they don't ask for this much money. A 15 million bid would do. And the re-sale value will be gigantic.

Disadvantages: price, but investment will surely be recovered

ZELIMKHAN BAKAEV ( 23, yo, 1,80 height)- around 7,5 million, not enormously expensive for a 23 year old, he's still young. Good player from Russia, a league where scoring is pretty rare. I would actually prefer the 21 yo SULEYMANOV from Russian Krasnodar, who is also a left footed right winger, but Krasnodar will never sell for under 20 million (they're rich!) so I'm proposing Bakaev instead. He played well for the Russia U21 team and is now in the Russia main squad. Not many matches though, so don;t know about a work permit until he starts playing regularly for Russia.

Disdvantages: only Russian citizenship

EL FARDOU BEN NABOUHANE (30 yo, 1, 73 height)- 3 million. The man who made last year's Red Star Belgrade Champions League dream possible. A terrific goalscorer, he scored enough for them to win the league and to pass all opponents in the qualifiers and make it to the group stage. He has had a falling out with the manager, but is still the tem's main scorer. Mostly from right wing position. A little on the old side, but cheap and really offers his money's worth.

Disadvantages: age, played for a dominating team

BRANDLEY KUWAS (27 yo, 1,81 height)- around 5 million. Was great in the Dutch league last seasons, with a very powerful left footed shot from outside the opposition's area (he did a lot even considering Eredivisie goalscoring). Went to the Arab world in the summer for a big paycheck, but they only paid like 3 million for him, so he'd be easy to bring.

Disadvantages: none

ADRIAN EMBARBA (27 yo, 1,73 height)- 3-5 million. PLayed in both the Spanish top division and in their second league nad has been good in both of them. A Rayo Vallecano man, has a good season as we speak. Spanish teams really sell pretty cheap these days.

Disadvantages: none

MATHEUS PEREIRA (23 yo, 1,75 height)- at least 15 million. Has been the best player in the Championship this season. If you look up my other threads like "Copa America players for Palace" he's right there, at the top of my list. WBA has a 9-10 million option and they'd surely take it. So a sale will only be done for a 15 or above offer.

Disadvantages: price

REMI OUDIN (23 yo, 1,85)- around 10 million. One of the great players from the French Ligue 1 who doesn't come from PSG, Lyon or Monaco and doesn't costa fortune. Remi Oudin does a great job for a mid-table team and they want 10 million for him, at just 23 years.

Disadvantages: none, though it would be great if he had more playing time

THOMAS MURG (25 yo, 1,75 height)- 3 million. Murg is the best left footed player in the Austrian league.

Disadvantages: didn't play at high level so far

NIKLAS ELIASSON (24 yo, 1,78 height)- 2 million. A cheap player from the Championship this time, who I was sure would make it if given playing time. He was great in Sweden in his youth (Brazilian-Swedish, what a combination!) and Bristol bought him about 2 years ago, but this year he has really established himself with 2 goals and 11 assists so far. His contract up in the summer, he would be cheap.

Disadvantages: none

EMILIANO RIGONI (26 yo, 1,80 height)- 8-10 million. He is now in the Serie A with Sampdoria on loan from Zenit who want 10 million for him, though I imagine they'd settle for 8 too. He was also on loan at Atalanta. He is a really good player, an Argentine with Italian citizenship, similar to Joaquin Correa, pretty tall and fast.

Disadvantages: not much game time this season as Sampdoria is searching for the right formation, but nothing much as disadvantages go if we look at his last years and not just as these last 4 months.

ANGEL MENA (the oldest player on the list at 31, 1,68 height, but don;t be fooled, he is really, really strong)- 2 -3 million. I've seen him play for the national team of Ecuador and was really impressed, he is their best player and one of the best in South America. He plays really, really well in the Mexican league and is the best there. And the Mexican league is very strong, with lots of good players. Because of his age, I don't think he would cost much.

Disadvantages: age, integrating South Americans (I think he would get yellow cards a lot in the PL!!, but this could be a good thing too. I remember Alexis Sanchez having a good similar effect when he came at Arsenal)

DAMIAN KADZIOR (27 yo, 1,75 height)-3-4 million- playing for Dinamo Zagreb. In the Polish national team, but only a backup for Grosicki (though Grosicki is 32 years old)

Disadvantages: would find it harder if he didn;t take set pieces or play in a dominating team

I'd have written IAGO FALQUE as well, but he's been having some injuries lately and I'm waiting to see how he'll bounce back and recover form.

Some really young left footed right winger who I'd keep an eye on for the future or bring in right now if I could and raise:

JOHN YEBOAH (19 yo, 1,70 height)- a very good attacking player who is on loan in the Eredivisie from Bundesliga club Wolfsburg and is a future great talent in a top league.

UMARO EMBALO (18 yo, 1,70 height) from Benfica. Not sure how easy it is to get players from Benfica, but depending on whether he would like to play in the PL...he is the best talent coming up in the Portuguese national teams ranks. Really strong and fast and skillful.

HERIBERTO TAVARES (22 yo, 1,81 height)- another talent similar to Embalo, but a couple of year older. He plays in the Portuguese league at a mid-table team, on loan from Benfica, will definitely do better with time.

OLEKSANDR ZUBKOV (23 yo, 1,82)- on loan in the Hungarian league for Ferencvaros from Shakhtar Donetsk (where there wasn't room for him). A really good player who took the Hungarians to the Europa League. He wouldn't cost more than 1-2 million.

DAVID ATANGA (23 yo, 1,80 height)- used to be of Red Bull Salzburg, but they let him go to Holstein Kiel in the German second division. He is developing quite well and I think he's almost ready for a Top league.

ANDERS DREYER (21 yo, 1,73 height) and VACLAV CERNY (22 yo, 1,79 height) would cost very little (up to 1 million) and may in fact develop in the next years a lot, even though they're already 22. It may be too late, but they could also be a good investment.


RYAN FRASER (25 yo, 1,63 height)- free of contract. Last 6 months, so any club can negociate directly with him. Short guy, but really fast and a fighter. Premier League experience. Best assister in the league last season after Eden Hazard. That says it all. Coming from a mid-table team like Bournemouth... His salary at Bournemouth is just 27.000 per week, so any increase from that would tempt him. It's a bidding war at this point, but apparently no Top 6 club is in for him. Arsenal wanted him, but they've turned to Nicolas Pepe and Martinelli. Fraser has an open road to Palace if bosses really want him. 100.000 a week or even more and no transfer fee is good business every day fro a player like Fraser.

Disadvantages: he would assist less if he didn't take set pieces, but still pretty much. He has scored or assisted less this season than last year, but not by much (still at least once under 300 minutes on average- for a side midfielder it's decent and he can get to once in under 200 minutes with regular gametime)

JOSE CALLEJON (32 yo, 1,78 height)- free of contract. Last 6 months in Napoli, where he was part of the Big 3 up front: Insigne, Mertens and Callejon. The first 2 are too expensive for a club like Palace, but Callejon is really a player who would be suited in England. Has the most assists in the last 3 years in Italy overall. Runs a lot, fights a lot, is very well built, he's like a James Milner, fans would love him. He hasn't really played left winger but mostly right winger, but when deployed on the left he also did good. You'd be buying an all-rounder though, as he plays on both wings, behind the striker, even as central midfielder and right back. All in all..James Milner!

Disadvantages: age

DIEGO ROSSI (21 yo, 1,70 )- around 15 million. Alphonso Davies left the MLS for Bayern Munich for similar money and the LA bosses (team where Diego Rossi plays) were quoted saying that Rossi, who is believed to be MLS' best player, is worth "about that price as well". High re-sale value at his age.

Diasadvantages: height, price, played in a dominating team and linked up with Carlos Vela, that's like playing in Spain with Barcelona and saying you got 20 goals or assists when Messi was with you in the team. It's a bit easier

CODY GAKPO (20 yo, 1,87 height)- around 15 million. Same as with Diego Rossi, very young, huge re-sale possible value. PSV mostly sells expensive, but they have Bergwijn for that (over 30 million). Gakpo is not yet Netherlands national team player (he plays at U21 though) and he is really good for his age, even considering that they score a lot of goals in the Netherlands.

Disadvantages: price, played for a dominating team in its league

MATIAS VARGAS (22 yo, 1,78 height)- 10-15 million. He cost Espanyol a lot, 10 million, given his age. I believe he has played well for them. 5 goals and 7 assists in all competitions in 4 months for a 22 year old newcomer. But they're last in the Spanish league and with a high possibility of going down. If so, they might have to sell. They'd probably accept a small offer too.

Disadvantages: has only Argentine citizenship, though at 22 he can be transfered with only the U23 matches taken into consideration, height, maybe price

MOHAMED ELYOUNOUSSI (25 yo, 1,78 height)- 9-12 million. He is on loan at Celtic and they have a 9 million buy clause from Southampton. If they don't activate it, the Southampton will look to sell him somewhere else. If they do, then they will surely want more for a re-sale. He didn't look good at Southampton, but was in a squad with a lot of problems last year and didn't get the playing time to be a regular, he only played like 700 minutes. He was spectacular for FC Basel both in their lague and in the Champions League and now he's spectacular at Celtic. Very fit, definitely a player who can do right if given time.

Disadvantages: has most accomplishments in teams which attack (Basel, Celtic), not in teams which defend (Soouthampton), price

VIKTOR FISCHER (25 yo, 1,81 height)-5 million- former child prodigy of Ajax, now in home country at FC Copenhagen, playing really, really well.

Disadvantages: would be involved in fewer goals if didn't take set pieces, plays for a dominant team

ANDRE SCHURRLE (29 yo, 1,84 height)- 7-8 million- formerly amazing for Germany's national team, he even came to the Premier League for Fulham last year. While the team went down with a lousy defence, Schurrle was still ok in the attack: 6 goals in the Premier League as a winger in 1800 minutes. He's not the most technique gifted player, but he compensates with work rate and speed. Now with Spartak Moscow of Russia but the Russian are pretty cash strapped and I doubt they'll activate the buy clause from Borussia Dortmund

Disadvantages: it's been some time since he had great feats for a little team (Wolfsburg)...

MISLAV ORSIC (27 yo, 1,79 height)- about 10 million- really rocked the Champions League this year. Seen him against Manchester City or Shakhtar or Atalanta and he dominated all of his opponents. He is tall, fit, good with the ball at his foot. Dinamo Zagreb doesn't sell cheap, so a minimum of 10 million is required. Croatian international.

Disadvantages: plays in an attacking team

KEVIN BUA (26 yo, 1,80 height)- around 5 million. Plays very well for Basel.

Disadvantages: had a few injury problems in the past, plays in an attacking team

OUSAMA IDRISSI (23 yo, 1,83 height)- around 10 million. Plays for Alkmaar in the Netherlands, an attacking team, but not one to score 100 goals per season like Ajax or PSV. Even if we take into consideration that it's a high scoring league, he's still very good for his age (23, 24 in February)

Disadvantages: none

CRISTIAN TELLO (28yo, 1,78 height)- around 8 million. Formerly of FC Barcelona, FC Porto and Fiorentina, now with Betis in Spain. Actually played 86 matches and scored 20 goals for Barcelona from 19 to 23 years old. Is probably the player I'd mostly resemble to Zaha- strong, fit, fast.

Disadvantages: little game time this season, but maybe it's an opportunity for an 8 million price

IVAN CAVALEIRO (26 yo, 1,75 height)- at least 16 million. Really should have been brought on the moment Wolverhampton made him available. On loan at Fulham and doing extremely well in the Championship. They announced they're taking the 12 million option they have.

Disadvantages: price

DARWIN MACHIS (26 yo, 1,71 height)- around 5 million. Short, but very fit and strong. PLays well in the Spanish first division after having dominated the second division and having a stint at Udinese. Best Venezuelan player.

Disadvantages: none

ALEKSA VUKANOVIC (27 yo, 189 height)- around 5 million. Red Star Belgrade player. They won't ask for that much money for him as he is not a gigantic part of their future, but he really does the job. Very tall and fit, was recently bought from Napredak for just 0,350 million. Playedd in the Champions League this season.

Disadvantages: untested at high level

LEONARDO (27 yo, 1,74 height)- around 5 million. Would be a huge player if signed. Problem is that he only has Brazilian citizenship so a work permit would be hard to get. Rocked the Serbian league wih over 20 goals each season from wing position, has been playing in the Arab league lately

Disadvantages: only Brazilian citizenship, untested at big level (but good enough in my opinion)

DENNIS BOUANGA (25 yo, 1,80 height)- around 10 million. Hard to find a player in France who plays really well but is not expensive. You have to look in smaller teams. That's where Bouanga plays. A colleague of Aubameyang at Gabon national team, he is though born and raised in France.

Disadvantages: none

NAIM SLITI (27 yo, 1,73 height)- around 8 million. Has rocked the French league last season and is arguably the best Tunisian player in the national team. Has gone to an Arab league in the summer for about 4 million.Very good with the ball and in dribbling

Disadvantages: height

JEAN EVRARD KOUASSI (25 yo, 1,80 height)- around 5 million. The best left winger in the Chinese league. Very strong.

Disadvantages: untested at high level, only Ivorian citizenship

FABIO MARTINS (26 yo, 1,78 height)- about 2-3 million. Wouldn't be my fist choice, but he's just so cheap that I have to put him on the list. Has been a regulat for Braga in Portugal in the last years and has moved this season to Farmalicao, who took the league by storm in this start of the season. Does his job.

Disadvantages: cheap option, good for this money, if the club ever just wants to sign a Zaha replacement winger with very little money

SEON MIN MUN (27 yo, 1,72 height)- unknown price, but a few million. Playing very well in his home country and one of the few South Korean attacking players of the national team who don't play in Europe. Very similar to Son from Tottenham, has some experience at European level in Sweden in his youth.

Disadvantages: only has Korean passport and not enough matches in the national team

BENJAMIN VERBIC (26 yo, 1,82 height)- around 6-8 million. Plays for Dynamo Kiev and the Slovenia national team.

Disadvantages: plays for a dominating team at club level

LUIS DIAZ (23 yo, 1,80 height)- around 15 million. Plays for FC Porto after coming from Colombia for 7 million. He was already in the national team by 21 and was terrific in Colombia, but I needed confirmation in a top European league. And he is amazing! Tall, good with the ball, fast, young, everything you want. If you got him for 15, he's worth it and has a big re-sale value.

Disadvantages: price

CRISTIAN PAVON (23 yo, 1,73 height)- around 15 million, but this one is possible if LA Galaxy doesn't take up the loan option they have. He has been in the Argentina squad at the World Cup at just 21. Very good for his age, has recently improved on playing inverted winger too.

Disadvantages: plays in an attacking team, if LA Galaxy pay Boca Juniors the 16 million clause, then surely they won't sell to us for that money.

FLORIAN KAINZ (27 yo, 1,75 height)-around 5 million- Underrated German winger playing for FC Koln in the Bundesliga.

Disadvantages: would have fewer accomplishments if he didn't take set pieces.

JOAO VICTOR (25 YO, 1,78 height)- around 15 million, but totally worth it. Wolfsburg bought him in the summer for just 3 million from Lask Linz, where he was rocking the Austrian Bundesliga. He has proven just as good in Germany.

Disadvantages: only Brazilian citizenship, price

PETER OLAYINKA (24 yo, 1,88 height)- around 7-8 million. Played with Slavia Prague in the Champions Legaue this season and they put up some fantastic matches against Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan. Olayinka is tall and very strong (can also cover as center forward), but also runs a lot.

Disadvantages: plays in a dominating team

HENRY ONYEKURU (22 yo, 1,75 height)- around 12 million. Very gifted player. Was great in Belgium and Everton paid a lot for him. They further loaned him out to gain playing time after an injury and he was the best in the Turkish league at Galatasaray. Monaco bought him for 12 million from Everton, but he didn't realy play for Monaco. I think they just want their money back. Galatasaray arranged for a new loan, but I know they won't have the money to pay Monaco.

Disadvantages: Everton couldn't secure a PL work permit, he doesn't have enough national team matches

YEHVEN KONOPLYANKA (30 yo, 1,78 in height)- around 5 million. Just signed with home club Shakhtar in the summer after playing in Europe for Sevilla and Schalke 04. I watched him in the Champions League matches and really liked what I saw. He runs, he fights, he has the body of a 25 year old. Shakhtar may sell for 5 million, as they also have Brazilians in the position of Konoplyanka. Hasn't played much at club level for Schalke, but has been terrific at national team level these last 2 years, especially against Portugal and Serbia, leading Ukraine to winning the qualifying group.

Disadvantages: age

KRISTIJAN LOVRIC (24 yo, 1,86 height)- 2 million. He plays in a mid-table Croatian team, but manages to dominate the Croatian league.

Disadvantages: untested at high level

I'd also say DONIS AVDIJAJ (25 yo), who was the best U19 and U21 player in the German Bundesliga youth system. He is not going though a terrific time now (he is with Trabzonspor of Turkey in 3rd position), but he's not doing bad either. I just feel that he can do so much more with his career. He can play a number of positions as well.

And some young players who the club could invest in (they're pretty cheap) or at least keep an eye on:

LAZAR RANDJELOVIC (22 yo)- scored the double in the Champions League playoff which got Olympiakos through. Needs a bit more regular playing time though.

ROBIN HACK (21 yo)- German U21 international who is doing very good for the national team and is very hard working.

LAZAROS LAMPROU (22 yo)- Greek player who played extremly well last season in the Netherlands. He was on loan from Greek champions PAOK so went back to them. He believed he would get a lot of chances, but he didn't. He really deserves more gametime somewhere else.

KEITO NAKAMURA (19 yo)- Japanese player taken on loan by Twente of the Eredivisie from Gamba Osaka in Japan. Great at his age.

VALENTIN MIHAILA (19 yo, 1,78 height)- very good player from Romania. Has scored from left wing position both at club level and in international U21 matches. Very fast, hard working. I'd recommend him, but I'm afraid the club want at least 5 million for hi, which is very difficult for someone to pay unless the buying club intends to integrate him in the squad right away. Should be followed though, there might be a time when they'll let him go cheaper.


JAMES MILNER- out of contract in the summer. Depending on whether you can convince him to sign for your club. Covers many positions and is still fit like a gladiator. Probably the strongest player in the league 1-on-1. I suspect he'll go to a smaller PL club after this season is over with Liverpool. Sure, it would take some $ to convince him.

BLAISE MATUIDI- same as James Milner, out of contract in the summer. Would be a massive signing for a club like Palace. Not young either, but still can run fast.

CHARLES ARANGUIZ- same as the 2 above, out of contract with Leverkusen in the summer. Massive experience in thr Bundesliga, 2 times Copa America winner with Chile, very hard working, just like Milner or Matuidi.

If the club would get one of the above 3 to agree to join in the summer, him and Jimmy Macca could cover 1 central midfielder position (the one who helps the offensive) and leave the other one to Luka and Kouyate, concerned more with defending.

If club can't get the 3 above to agree to come in the summer, the following central midfielder are similar (up to 5 million price):

STEFAN SCHWAB (29 yo, 1,83 height)- strong playmaker for Rapid Vienna.

Disadvantages: age, his legs aren't perhaps as fresh as they used to be

EDUARD ATUESTA (22yo, 1,80 height)- Colombian central midfielder playing in the MLS. Now you may find it hard to se any videos of him online, as he is pretty young and people haven't covered him yet, but here is some help so you can see how his passing goes: [Link] season-inside-audi-player-index

Disadvantages: only Colombian nationality and not enough national team matches

PETER MICHORL (24 yo, 1,76 height)- a lot of talent in Austria concerning central midfielders. He does amazing for LASK Linz, who subdued teams like PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon or Basel this season (scoring at least 4 goals to any of those!!).

Disadvantages: none

There's also huge talent in Scotland, with the most promising having been DAVID TURNBULL (20 yo, 1,85 height), but he had a big injury and now he is recovering. Also from Scotland is LEWIS FERGUSON (20 yo) from Aberdeen, highly rated in his country. Both these players are very young, but in my opinion capable of playing very well for a PL team. Some more good central midfielders from Scotland would be Stevie Mallan and Liam Polworth, but I'm not sure if they'd be good enough if they didn't take set pieces. Turnbull and Ferguson are just soo young that they're good even without set pieces. There's also JOE ARIBO playing in Scotland as a central midfielder or even a winger for Rangers. He was signed on in the summer as a free agent at just 22 (another missed opportunity) and now really costs up to 10 million.

RIECHEDLY BAZOER (23 yo, 1,84 height)- former wonder kid who left Ajax for Wolfsburg for 12 million in 2017, but has not established him there and was allowed to go to Vitesse for just 1,5 million last summer. He is back at his best in the Netherlands. Still young to actually come back to a big league. Has the Dutch passing ability from the youth system, but also stamina and speed.

YOUNOUSSE SANKHARE (30 yo, 1,84 height)- I'm not sure if I'd have him at 30 years old, but the man is a free agent from last month, having terminated his contract with Bordeaux, for which he was a stable goalscoring midfielder every year. Considering that, he's a great cheap option.

FABIAN FREI (30 yo, 1,83 height)- Bundesliga experience many years, now back in Switzerland and playing very well for Basel. Still fit as he has a tough body, can even cover as center back, something similar to Kouyate, but also appears at the other end scoring goals.

Disadvantage: plays for an attacking side

LUCA ZUFFI (29 yo, 1,83 height)- also of Basel, their other central midfielder, very intelligent.

Disadvantages: plays for an attacking side and takes set pieces

JOSEF HUSBAUER (29 yo, 1,82 height)- I'd not normally put him on the list, but he is out of contract in the summer and could join for free. He may be rather slow (that's why he's not a starter but only a backup in the Czech national team), but he is a great playmaker (Cabaye style).

LEWIS HOLTBY (29 yo, 1,76 height)- I've talked about him before and it was a real mistake not to sign him in the summer when he was free. He went to Balckburn and is doing a great job, He was a real fin player in Germany for Hamburg and was good even for Tottenham in his youth in England.

JONATHAN SWIFT (24 yo, 1,82 height)- English based so home-grown, playing for Reading in the Championship. Covers many positions, but at his age he can play central midfieldler and run a lot. Could probably be bought for 5-6 million.

Disadvantages: fewer contribution without set pieces, but still good

SAM CLUCAS (29 yo, 1,78 height)- used to be really promising in the PL, especially because of his work rate and how fast he ran. Cost Stoke a lot of money, but now, deep down in the Championship, they'd probably let him go for up to 5 million. Can cover at left back too.

FELIPE GUTIEREZ (29 yo, 1,70 height)- Chile national team international, good, talented playmaker. Plays in the MLS and offers a lot of good passes.

Disadvantages: has only Chilean nationality.

NABIL BENTALEB (25 yo, 1,87 height)- has been linked in recent days. Used to be a really good player for Schalke 1 year ago. Had a falling out with the board and has not featured for some months. If his fitness is good,. he'd be a great player. They wanted 30 million 1 year ago, 10 million in the summer, maybe even lower now. He doesn;t score that much, but he does it and is also very strong and fit and hard to pass. A decent age too and with lots of experience.

JOHANNES GEIS (26 YO, 1,81 height)- German player with good work rate who comes from behind to help the attack as well. Box-to-box.

MARIO VRANCIC (30 YO, 1,87 height)- Bosnia national team and Norwich player. Really good for them in the Championship and also good in Germany before that. Manager doesn't play him much this season and he could look for more playing time at some other club. They should let him go for a fee of around 5 million.

ALEIX GARCIA (22 yo, 1,73 height)- loaned by Manchester City to the Belgian league to get playing time after having played last year for Girona in Spain (with great success). His contract with City expires in the summer, so a club which promises him playing time in the PL would surely get him. He is both young and cheap.

EIRIK HESTAD (24 yo, 1,83 height)- from the Norwegian league, he is a very good left footed playmaker, also able to play in various up front or wing positions.

Disadvantages: would offer less if didn't take set-pieces

MARVIN WANITZEK (26 yo, 1,79)- great central midfielder from Germany, now with Karlshrue, wouldn't cost much as they're in the second division. But he would do a great job in a frst division as well.

MATHIAS JENSEN (24 yo, 1,80 height)- was the best central midfielder in Denmark, went to Celta for about 2 million. Didn't really settle there, but now is back to great performances for Brentofrd in the Championship. They will probably pay the buy clause they have. Still rather young for a central midfielder with such set-up abilities.

As a really young central midfielder and investment for the future, there is also BASTIEN TOMA (20 yo, 1,74 height)- Switzerland U21 international.

Also, uruguayans SANTIAGO RODRIGUEZ (20 yo, 1,67 height) and AGUSTIN GONZALEZ (22 yo, 1,75 height) are 2 central midfielders who wouldn't cost much, but who will surely be important in the future of football.

RIGHT BACKS (up to 5 million, I'm writing this with the well being of the club in mind, I could easily name 15 million right backs, but it just won't be a good investment in the future):

ANDRE ALMEIDA- very good for Benfica, but this year he is challenged by one from the Academy. They could let the strong Almeida leave for 5 million.

Disadvantage: played for a dominating team

ELI DASA- Israeli player of African ancestry. Signed with Vitesse Arnhem in the summer. Will do well in a big league.

Disadvantages: Problem is that he doesn't have other citizenship and Israel is not in the Top 50 of countries so he could get a permit here, only played for an attacking team in Israel (champions Maccabi Tel Aviv)

AURELIO BUTA (22 YO, 1,72 height)- really young defender, AWB type, wanted by many big clubs. Plays for Belgium's sensation Antwerp.

SILVAN WIDMER (26yo, 1,82 height)- now with Basel, has also played for Udinese and has Serie A experience. He was amazing in a back 3 system, but has learned to play well in a back 4 too. Had competition in the national team from Liechsteiner, but now may find more matches.

JAMES TAVERNIER (28 yo, 1,75 height)- accustomed to the British system, the Rangers fullback contributes a lot to his team's goals.

Disadvantages: would contribute a bit less if not taking set pieces, plays for an attacking team

ALMAMY TOURE (23yo, 1,83 height)- Eintracht Frankfurt got him from Monaco vor a very modest fee. They forced him to play as right sided center back in a back 3 system, but his best position is on the rigt side, able to go up and contribute. He as amazing at a avery young age for Monaco.

LOIC NEGO (28 yo, 1,80 height)- French right back playing in Hungary for MOL Vidi, involved in European Cups. Equally comfortable as central midfielder. One of the few players in the Hungarian league who could really play in a better league.

Disadvantages: plays for an attacking team

MARKO GOBELJIC (27 yo, 1,85 height)- right back of Serbian powerhouse Red Star Belgrade, Champions League experience.

Disadvantages: only Serbian nationality and not enough national tema matches, plays for an attacking team

MICHAEL LANG (28 yo, 1,85 height)- was really good for FC Basel in the Champions League and even scored a couple of times against Manchester United. Went to the Bundesliga, but Borussia Moenchengladbach got a better right back (Lainer) and are loaning him out to smaller teams.

Disadvantages: Maybe a bit slow, but stronger defensively at his height.

ERIC LARSSON (28 yo, 1,75 height)- very offensive right back for Swedish champions Malmo, they also play very physical football in Sweden.

YAGO PIKACHU (27 YO, 1,68 height)- no, not the Pokemon Pikachu ))) (though Brazilians chose names like Hulk and so on). He is probably the best right back in the Brazilian league who wouldn't cost a fortune.

Disadvantages: no European citizenship, height

ANDRES LOPEZ (26 yo, 1,68 height)- same as the Brazilian above, he is great in South America in Ecuador and has become a national team player.

Disadvantages: no European citizenship, height

DARYL JANMAAT (30 yo, 1,85 height)- normally I wouldn't put him on the list at 30 years old. He used to be very good, but time doesn't forgive anyone. But...he is free of contract in the summer, so would be at 0 cost. A real option now.

OMAR ELABDELLAOUI (28 yo, 1,79 height)- free of contract- Like Janmaat, wouldn't be my first choice (though really not a bad one), but he is free and he is strong and he is pretty good both offensively and defensively. Younger than Janmaat. Rumored at Palace.

Disadvantages: could be tad more ofensive, but beyone that nothing really

JAYDEN BOGLE (19 yo, 1,78 )- normally, I wouldn't put a 10 million player on the list as it's a lot of money, but Bogle is just extremely young and at 19 I've never seen anyone who has scored 11 and provided 19 assists at club level. Derby only wants 10 million for him and at this age, he's totally worth it.

My favourite would be DANNY da COSTA from Eintracht Frankfurt, but I doubt he can be brought in for 5 million, but a 10 million bid might do it.

LEFT BACK (FOR THE SUMMER, up to 5 million):

LAYVIN KURZAWA (27 yo, 1,82 height)- contract with PSG ends in the summer. Would probably want tome big salary, but he could settle for PL standard. He is a great player when fit.

Disadvantages: only played in top team (though he was excellent in Monaco before they bought him), played little these last 2 seasons

CRISTIAN CALDERON (22 yo, 1,76 height) and MATIAS VINA (22 yo, 1,80 height) should be a club's picks if it has money to invest. They'd cost about 10 million, but both are set to become national team starters for their teams- Mexico and Uruguay in the years to come. Calderon was just bought for 6 million and is developing in Mexico. Matias Vina is set to come to Europe pretty fast, as Inter Milan and others are inquiring. His price is supposedly somewhere at 10 million. He also has Italian citizenship

Disadvantage: price, but will be surely recouped


BORNA BARISIC (27 yo, 1,86 height)-5-6 million- Croatian international from Glasgow Rangers has enjoyed a very successful season. Fans wouldn't sell him even for 25 million, but the club knows that his age means they can't get more than 5-6 million for him. Roma wants him very much at this sum. Rangers might not sell in the winter as they are fighting for the title, but they will in the summer. Him and Tavernier are really good fullbacks who could play in the Premier League.

Disadvantage: none

HOUARI FERHANI (26 yo, 1,68 height)- free of contract. In case that you want both quality and not to pay anything, this is your man. A great left back, you can find videos with his skills, very fast, hard working, gets up immediately after challenged, contributes with a lot of great crosses. Finishes his contract with an Algerian club this season. Had some problems with an analysis which showed heart problems so didn't play much this season, but is back in training now after doing more investigations which show he's fit and has no problem to play.

Disadvantage: untested in a high league, but I can tell you he's very good. Only Algerian citizenship and not enough national team matches

KATSUYA NAGATO (26 yo, 1,73 height)- a few million. A good Japanese left back, something like Nagatomo who played in their national team and in Italy at the biggest clubs.

Disadvantage: untested in a big league, only Japanese nationality

JOSE HOLEBAS (35yo, 1,84 height)- seems very old, but he has a physique of a much younger player, he has not 1 dram of fat on his body. Played really well for Watford last year in the PL. If he could for them, he surely can for another team. Out of contract in the summer. Much better defensively than what we have. Put in some great crosses too.

Disadvantages: age, wouldn't be a long term investment

ULISSES GARCIA (23 yo, 1,83 height)- champion of Switzerland with Young Boys and Champions League experience. Will be a regular for the national team. Young and with a decent price

JONATHAN SILVA (25 yo, 1,81 height)- playing with Leganes in Spain and being a very good left back, Argentine, but with Italian citizenship. Strong.

EZGJAN ALIOSKI (27 yo, 1,71 height)- normally a "Gareth Bale" type of player on the wings, but this season learned how to play as left back as well and he does it great for Leeds. Very strong and fast. North Macedonia international, but also has Swiss citizenship, having played there many years.

KIERAN GIBBS (30 yo, 1,80 height)- used to be a solid and fast let back in the PL for Arsenal, Left for WBA when they were still in the PL, but they went down and he stayed with them. He s a good left even at 30.

JANDER RIBEIRO SANTANA (31 yo, 1,83 height)- the other Red Star Belgrade fullback, as I've already written about Gobeljic. He has Champions League experience.

Disadvantages: only Brazilian citizenship, plays in a dominating team, age

CHRISTIAN GUNTER (26 yo, 1,85 height)- from Freiburg in the Bundesliga. Solid, German quality.

Disadvantages: would contribute less if he dind't take set pieces.

RAFA SOARES (24 yo, 1,78 height)- raised by Porto, I'm surprised he didn't stay with them, but they have Alex Telles who's been a starting left back there for years. Now with Victoria Guimaraes, which is like the 5th team in Portugal (after FC Porto, Benfica Lisbon, Sporting Lisbon, Spoorting Braga). They played some very good matches in the Europa League against Arsenal and Eintracht Frankfurt this year and absolutely dominated Standard Liege.

NUNO SEQUEIRA (29 yo, 1,74 height)- the other Portuguese left back who I'd recommend. Has been playing for Sporting Braga for many years and with very good feats. Very constant. Just a tad on the old side.

PHILIP HEISE (28 yo, 1,74 height)- brought by Norwich from the German second league, where he was amazing. Didn't get much playing time in Norwich cause of youngster Jamal Lewis (who they won't sell for cheap), so they loaned Heise out for playing time this winter to FC Nurenberg of Germany, They will sell in the summer.

ALEX LEWIS (20 yo, 1,75 height)- from Liverpool's second team. He was the best one there last year. I'm surprised Klopp didn't nominate him for the first team squad. These are the youngsters he nominated: [Link] breakthrough So, Adam Lewis could be sold by them. Would be a very young fellow with great re-sale potential.

Considering the above, I can say that for the left backs the options are as following:
1. Kurzawa, who is in a league of his own coming from PSG free of contract
2. Young left backs if you have 10 million to invest in them: Mexican Calderon and Matias Vina. Adam Lewis is also young and much cheaper, but I can't bet he'll develop as much as those 2. Would be worth to get on board though.
3. Players who cost around 5 million: Borna Barisic, Ulisses Garcia (cheap for his age), Kieran Gibbs, Jonathan Silva, Alioski, Gunter, Rafa Soares.
4. 0 or almost 0 cost players, but still very good: Ferhani and Heise.
5. Older players who I put on the list, but would be my last choices: Holebas (proven in the PL though), Nuno Sequeira


JHON LUCUMI (21 YO, 1,86 height)- playing for Genk, but only has Colombian nationality.

SEBASTIEN DEWAEST (28 yo, 1,88 height)- also of Genk, very strong and more experienced.

AHMED HEGAZY (28 yo, 1,93 height)- Premier League experience, now in the Championship, deserves more than this, I always thought he was fast for his height.

BASTOS (28 yo, 1,80 height)- plays less for Lazio this season so they could sell.

Disadvantages: height, no citizenship besides ANgloan (even though he has over 50 matches for the national team, te country is not in the Top 50)

DERRICK LUCKASSEN (24 yo, 1,86 height)-a highly appreciated youngster at PSv Eindhoven, he is now on loan at Anderlecht under the command of Vincent Kompany. I doubt they will pay the buying price though. Fast player

OGNJEN VRANJES (30 yo, 1,83 height)- on loan at AEK Athens his year from Anderlecht. They want to recoup the 3 million they paid for him.

Disadvantages: only Bosnian citizenship Used to be a starter for the national team, but not in the past year, so not more than 50% required to sign foreigners

BRUNO MARTINS INDI (27 yo, 1,85 height)- used to be regarded as great at FC Porto, but since Stoke went down he has been looked down upon, I still think he could help a top league club.

JORDAN TORUNHARIGA (22 yo, 1,91 height)- youngster from Hertha Berlin who was a starter last year, but has found playing time difficult this year.

HECTOR MORENO (31 yo, 1,84 height)- Mexico national team starter. Over 100 matches in the national team. Played for Espanyol, Roma and Real Sociedad. Not that old for a center back. Accepted to go to an Arab league on a free transfer in the summer.

CHIDOZIE AWAZIEM (23 YO, 1,89 height)- plays for Spain's top division club Leganes. Raised by Porto. Starter for Nigeria national team in the last year. Can cover at right back too, but he's mainly a center back.

EDGAR IE (25 yo, 1,82 height)- plays for Feyenoord. Normally, center backs from the Netherlands don't defend very well, but this guy is raised in Portugal and is very fit and fast.

JEAN CHARLES CASTELLETTO (24 yo, 1,85 height)- plays in Ligue 1 for Brest and his contract runs out in the summer. Has French citizenship but has started playing for the Cameroon national team.

NATHAN FERGUSON (19 yo, 1,80 height, still growing?)- the youngster talked about in his own thread here. Out of contract in the summer so that makes him a good option. Can cover at right back, but it's not his position. Age gives a very high re-sale possible value.

So there you have them. These are my picks of who we should look to. If you can add players to this list which I don't know about, I'd be very happy, but I think I've taken everyone into consideration. Sure, there are more expensive players, but a bigger financial effort by the club also implies bigger risks. Paying over 20 million for someone can get you into trouble very fast if you don't win money through league position of European participation or sales.

Normally, a good transfer window would have the club bring in one more center forward, 1-2 left wingers, a right winger, an attacking midfielder and a right back. A central midfielder could come in next summer. First step would be to try to convince the 3 great ones out of contract (Milner, Matuidi or Aranguiz). If you have no luck with them, as they will surely have many offers (though PL money is pretty tempting), then you should try to the other central midfielders in the list- and there are 2 possibilities: the more experienced ones or the very young ones, all in a range from 0 to 5 million.

Depending on Zaha's position, whether manager wants to play him central or on the left wing, or his possible departure in the next transfer windows, 1-2 left wingers are to be brought in. That's the position with most players that I've written about (30 who are ready to come here and a few more youngsters). The first step should be to try and get Ryan Fraser and Callejon, whose contracts are up in the next summer. They are experienced players and fight a lot on the pitch, they could replace a player like Zaha.

If you can't convince them, prices are normally as following: somewhere up to 15 million for really young ones with high resale value (20-22 yo: Diego Rossi, Cody Gakpo, Vargas, Pavon, Luis Diaz, Onyekuru), even Idrissi and Elyounoussi could still be considered young. As for more experienced players with less resale value, the price drops: 10 million for Orsic at 27, 8 millon for Schurrle at 29, 5 million for Darwin Machis, 5 million for Kevin Bua, 6 million for Verbic, 8 million for Tello etc. There are also very low prices for those from smaller teams, but untested at a high level: just 2 million for Lovric from Croatia or 4 million from Vukanovic from Serbia.

A good strategy would see Palace buy one younger player for 10-15 million and a more experienced one for as little as 5 million, whichever of the above you prefer.

For right wingers (left footed), it's the same thing: younger ones with higher resale value are more expensive: normally Bowen, but he's in the last 6 months (so should be the first to try to sign), Calvin Stengs or Skov Olsen or Matheus Pereira (20-22 yo) are worth about 15 million. Lamela, though not very young, is also about 15 million, coming from a Top 6 team and with big experience. Bakaev from Russia who is 23 I'd say can be brought for 7-8 million. Older players are cheaper.

This winter, an effort of around 5 million for one of those cheaper players can be made, while in the summer, with a potential 15 million got from Townsend if he doesn't get back to great form (Newcastle always wanted him since he played great there and are willing to pay 15) would finance the move for a younger 15 million player with high re- sale value.

For center forward and second striker/attacking midfielder, I think some 20-25 million combined would suffice (10 for center forward and 10 for attacking midfielder or 5 with 15 or 15 with 10, depending on which players club goes for). More expensive center forwards would be 15 (Tiquinho from Porto, Bounnedjah) but there are also many just 5 million ones. More expensive attacking midfielders would be Ryan Christie, Bobby Reid or Jonathan David, but there are also some 8 million ones and even lower.

5 million for a right back (not more, maybe just for Jason Bogle, cause he's THAT good at 19 and has a huge re-sale possibility)

In total: sell Benteke and Meyer for 20, buy this winter for 50.

Next summer money come from Zaha anyway (70-80) and maybe even PVA (10) replaced with a left back of 5 million.

Profit guaranteed. Re-sale values of players brought in are guaranteed unless they're on the old side (in which case they bring the club money through performances and better league standing).

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Is that all 😄

Edited by Midlands Eagle (14 Jan 2020 1.22pm)


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Whats your opinion on Luke Wolfenden at Ipswich for the right back position? Have seen him a few times (can also play centrally) and was impressed. Sheffield United apparently interested so might need to move quickly. Would not be significant cost and has the obvious attributes of a young, up and coming defender.


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Originally posted by slubglurge

Is that all

Please don't quote all the post. Just say what you wish to say. I am happy to discuss with you, but not scrolling 1 hour.

I respectfully ask the moderators to delete the long copies


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Think we should try and sell Wickham (£60k), Dann (£60k free this summer) Meyer and Benteke (£120k) a week we need them off our wage bill. If we cannot sell them, then we should just let them go free next summer. Or loan them out and pay half their wages worst comes to worst. Even Zaha, I think it is time in the summer to sell him. He was unhappy not to leave this summer. I feel if we get a bid close to £60m let him go. Or offer him to UTD for £45M. Lingard is struggling there and he will be a huge upgrade to Dan James. Selling him for £45m is the same as a club buying for £60m because 25 percent fee goes to UTD. I think they will definitely take him if they could get him for £45M. They need better wingers.

We should also promote youngsters Mitchell (LB), Pierrick (Winger) and send Kirby on loan and get another CB in the first team to get some minutes (Woods or Tavares

I would buy mostly players on the free this summer

Nathan Ferguson (West Brom), Cedric Soares (Southampton), Jemerson (Monaco or Ayala (Boro), Mendy (Leicester City), Bowen (Hull City), Vadillo (Granada), Andersson (Union Berlin)

Definitely need another full back, younger CM/DM, two wingers and a striker.

Bowen would be a steal so would Andersson he is a decent striker.

And maybe bid for Eze of (QPR) WINGER

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Well Matteo that is quite some list and perhaps just illustrates the problems that clubs have in selecting players to join the club. Fans of course see it more simply they see someone they like and urge the club to buy them irrespective of where the money comes from.
One thing is for sure we will get someone in. COYP


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Mattteo, how would you feel about putting what you consider to be the single best bargain on your list in bold? One name where you think "that guy". Or just reply with that one name.


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Wow. That is quite a post. Not sure I agree with some of your comments. Reidewald for example is surely a keep after recent performances.

I canít really comment too much on the suggestions as I havenít heard of most of them


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Originally posted by Ginger Pubic Wig

Mattteo, how would you feel about putting what you consider to be the single best bargain on your list in bold? One name where you think "that guy". Or just reply with that one name.

You see my first choices in the "Compilation of my threads on holmesdale"


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Apart from the silly rumours in 2018 are Juve actually wanting PVA?? I find that very hard to believe.


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Is that all your own writing or copy and paste.
Do you watch clips of all these players.
I get what GPW is asking or even as you are writing put a number say 1 best for CPFC to however high the list goes.
Then the order you write them in wont matter.
Good work however it's done.


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Originally posted by mattteo

Please don't quote all the post. Just say what you wish to say. I am happy to discuss with you, but not scrolling 1 hour.

I respectfully ask the moderators to delete the long copies

The problem is, your post is too long.


Vive le Roy!

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