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April 10 2021 8.18pm

Stuart Lubbock

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Originally posted by Forest Hillbilly

And yet the psychology of "grassing" is what i find a tad interesting.
The police exhausted the forensic avenue early-doors. There was no opportunity to construct ground-breaking 'back-dated' forensic evidence.

Was it the BBC ? did that excellent documentary to mark 20 years and bring this case back under the spotlight. Remarkable investigative journalism.

So grassing about a bit of stolen gear puts the informant to shame. And yet for murder (and this one in particular) there was going to be no other way to get the information needed to bring this to trial.

There must have been a severe breakdown in relationships between those who witnessed/committed something at the party, for someone to finally come forward.
Whatever the motivation (and this will be highlighted by any defence team) I hope the truth comes out.

I would have all the party attendees lined-up naked and go through all of their buttocks with a jack-hammer. I am quite liberal when it comes to the crime and punishment.

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Do we lubricate the chisel bit first as it slides in easier.


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