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December 6 2022 6.37pm

Tyson vs Joshua

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Originally posted by The Dolphin

AJ doesn't appear to want to fight someone like Fury as he is a streetfighter and AJ doesn't like them.
AJ is a fearsome boxer but maybe not right up there any longer.
Maybe he should retire and go into the media - he is a very likeable man
Maybe he is looking for them all to retire and then he can waltz in and take all of the belts?
If you want to fight then get on with it - if you don't then walk away.
Scary business boxing - you have to be very brave to step into a ring!

Respectfully disagree with two points there Dolph.

I think AJ's size has clouded the fact he's a very average boxer, one who got to the top of quite an unspectacular heavyweight division avoiding any serious contenders before a relatively unknown beat him.

I also think in the age of 'diversity' he was media friendly up until the point he opened his mouth and revealed just how thick and muggy he was. I felt particularly let down on both those fronts, I really thought he'd push on to become a good if not great champion and play that respectable 'role model' character in doing so. He did neither.

Fury would dance all over AJ and I can see Hearn and co. weighing up the balance between one last big pay day off Joshua's back and ruining any name he might once of had. His continued efforts to make very ignorant statements to highlight the fact he is 'black' and has no other facets to his character that are worthy of attention show just what an uninteresting and ignorant half-wit he is. As with many footballers who have blistering pace without much else - were he not such a big fella, his boxing would not have got him anywhere.


Now Zaha's got a bit of green grass ahead of him here... and finds Ambrose... not a bad effort!!!!

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