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November 27 2022 3.52pm

Mitchell to World Cup

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Originally posted by Nicholas91

Yep good post.

Whether it be confidence, focus, drive or something else he looks far less 'sharp' these days.

I often think it may have been the hype, you know, a youth player coming through who doesn't look awful and whilst still very young us all getting overexcited however I'm not sold on that. He got forward well against Southampton and has shown flashes this season however his 90 min game seems to have dropped.

I don't want to see him in the England setup any more than I do any other Palace player however just for consideration - that stage and the quality of players around him might raise his game somewhat. Merely a thought however not an assertion plus I am doubtful of his chances of going in any circumstance. Would only be by default at this stage and even then I am sure there are other options.

i think it's fair to say he is not the best footballer in the world but is a competent LB who improved massively last season.

When on the ball he kept it simple, he improved his positional play and particularly impressed when he was up against a direct winger - Mahrez v Man City springs to mind.

I suspect his England call up came a little early, but there was some logic as England had big injury issues in that position at the time. He didn't disgrace himself and performed competently.

This season his positional play seems very suspect - drifts inside too often , although Ward is the worst for this, so i wonder if he is following instructions??

When up against a 1 to 1 the crosses are coming in a bit too often for my liking.

Maybe it is a confidence issue, maybe he just outperformed last season.

Hopefully the mid season break will do him wonders.

I hope he doesn't go to the WC and can't see it IMHO.


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