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October 27 2021 1.13pm

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Marital Status:Married
Birthday:March 3 1971
Location:In the sewer pipe... England (England)


January 09 2018
Moose has to agree with Pikester. HOL is an absolute shambles these days. 8.19am
June 29 2016
Moose has escaped from HOL Towers 6.22pm
January 01 2016
Moose Can you hear the Brighton choke? 5.21pm
May 17 2015
Moose CPFC - pissing on Liverpool's chips since 1990 3.56pm
April 20 2015
Moose See you later staffie. 7.13pm
Moose See you later Staffie. 7.08pm
January 02 2015
Moose is back from Christmas and New Year festivities. Anything happen while I was away? 10.22pm
August 29 2014
Moose is back from hols. Anything happen while I was away? 9.45pm
August 18 2014
Moose feels it might be a good time to be going on holiday. 1.23am
August 14 2014
Moose - only Palace. 10.24pm
August 11 2014
Moose can't wait for the weekend 2.00pm
July 22 2014
Moose wonders if Jamie's hammer slipped 2.13pm
July 07 2014
Moose supposes we'll all have to buy some chocolate spread now 9.43am
June 16 2014
Moose is doling out some much-needed justice. 9.34pm

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Season Ticket:Holmesdale Stand Upper - Block P Row 10 Seat 94

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Member Since:October 10 2002

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