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May 23 2019 2.15am

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is in beni for the summer
Updated 6 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Married
Birthday:September 10 1901
Location:Beni = summer,Caribbean = winter Spain (Spain)
Interests:Away games
Occupation:Very happily retired


May 16 2019
aquickgame2 is in beni for the summer 9.11am
April 30 2019
aquickgame2 is back for a cheeky 2 9.01am
April 17 2019
aquickgame2 off to Spain today gonna miss the next two games 12.38pm
April 02 2019
aquickgame2 is coming back to london & gonna see the next 3 games 6.41am
March 17 2019
aquickgame2 back in Beni for the summer 7.41pm
January 16 2019
aquickgame2 is in the Caribbean for 6 weeks 3.42am
January 02 2019
aquickgame2 is of to Wolves 8.18am
November 06 2018
aquickgame2 had enough,going off to Dom Rom for a cheeky month 10.22am
October 31 2018
aquickgame2 off to Boro,24 hour day,getting ready for Europe 7.37am
October 07 2018
aquickgame2 is pleased he didnt fly home for that drivel 8.00am
September 26 2018
aquickgame2 CPFC known as the choir boys ,cos we have a singing section 11.12pm
August 08 2018
aquickgame2 coming back to the uk today..been along time 5.30am
June 18 2018
aquickgame2 took CASH to see Mr and Mrs Eagleman, and paid my 30 squid 9.42am
June 10 2018
aquickgame2 is going to BRING CASH to see the famous Mr & Mrs Eagleman in sunny Spain and celebrate his birthday..hope he BRINGS CASH to the soiree 9.14am

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Season Ticket:Holmesdale Stand Lower - Block F Row 36 Seat 107

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Member Since:August 11 2008

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