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September 23 2020 9.45pm


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General Info

Marital Status:Married
Birthday:August 11 1968
Location:Carshalton England (England)
Interests:The Palace , football , football and a bit of football
Occupation:Railway engineer


January 24 2016
Eeechan has updated his profile photo 6.45pm
August 24 2012
Eeechan has just got married on a little island off of Kos. I never knew I was such a romantic.. 8.52pm
Eeechan is now Married 8.50pm
May 17 2012
Eeechan Who's Rush ????? 12.00am
April 28 2012
Eeechan Is still traumatised from seeing that bloke in a skirt on the pitch at half time 3.39pm
April 10 2012
Eeechan Is in Lowestoft today - first shop I see is a Chinese buffet called welcome to Crystal Palace - bizarre 2.41pm
March 20 2012
Eeechan Is eagerly awaiting kick off 7.56pm
February 25 2012
Eeechan Is off to Doncaster for the week for work 10.32am
January 29 2012
Eeechan Bored at another party got work in 4.55pm
January 14 2012
Eeechan Is still at work but off in time for the game today 10.37am
January 13 2012
Eeechan Is f@£&!d after 2 months away from goals . Last night I struggled 11.09am
January 12 2012
Eeechan Had a similar dream to Teejay but in the Arthur but if it was a dream why do my legs ache so much ?? 2.53am
January 02 2012
Eeechan Won't be going today too many jäger bombs have rendered him incapable !!! 11.38am
December 11 2011
Eeechan Is out crimbo shopping again !!! 11.23am

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Member Since:February 25 2009

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