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June 23 2024 9.23pm

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December 04 2009
canditab ... 1.23am
canditab still hasn't had her account deleted :-( 12.59am
December 02 2009
canditab . 1.33am
November 24 2009
canditab says rip to the little guy, whose just lost his life xoxoxo 12.54am
canditab r.i.p little man 12.50am
November 23 2009
canditab would love a yellow right about now! 10.09pm
canditab .. 6.36pm
canditab has just got an early x-mas gift; YAYAYAYAY! 6.21pm
November 21 2009
canditab has just heard about Daul Kim, RIP Daul xx 12.13am
November 19 2009
canditab is eating a bag of Rainbow Drops, Mmm retro sweet heaven 11.28pm
canditab hates ps3 updates, boo.... got cod mw2 today, yay 7.39pm
canditab damns the foxes & their crazy sex parties to hell.. 12.26am
November 17 2009
canditab has to go buy a new PS3 soley for COD! Poo. 7.08pm
canditab is waiting for COD MW2 to be delivered.. £34 off ebay! 5.40pm

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