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August 9 2020 12.02pm

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eagle in cornwall
eagle in cornwall

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is looking forward to next season
Updated 3740 days ago

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May 13 2010
JWolf is looking forward to next season 5.53pm
January 26 2010
JWolf cant believe we are in administration..... :( 4.38pm
December 18 2009
JWolf thinks your a t*** !! 9.17am
December 17 2009
JWolf someone stole my advent calender chocolates.... im not fuking happy 12.57pm
December 16 2009
JWolf SNOW !!! fuk yeah !! 6.52pm
December 15 2009
JWolf 5.58pm
December 11 2009
JWolf has a dead right arm and a sore toe... and a house to pack !! 9.27am
December 09 2009
JWolf is really proud of palace... good job team !! 7.45pm
December 08 2009
JWolf has a serious headache....... :( 5.46pm
JWolf is hoping for 3 points :) 1.02pm
December 03 2009
JWolf just lost £5000 :( 11.43am
JWolf just lost £5000 :( 11.42am
December 01 2009
JWolf wants to apologise to her friends on here that i didnt inform you of the name change before the funniest thread ever was made... 5.46pm
JWolf HA HA you guys make me laugh......dont cry about it .... 2.13pm

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