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July 13 2024 11.13pm


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f***ing end of season -boring.
Updated 55 days ago

General Info

Marital Status:Attached
Birthday:November 16 1973
Location:Pro-Cathedral/caravan park Ireland (Ireland)
Interests:Mainly Guinness, sometimes Freemasonry, letting virus' out of labs
Occupation:Choir boy/bare knuckle fighter


May 19 2024
ASCPFC f***ing end of season -boring. 8.41pm
May 16 2024
ASCPFC I'm avoiding work by posting everywhere here 11.39am
April 15 2024
ASCPFC We are Premier League, say we are Premier League 2.14pm
January 22 2024
ASCPFC I am losing my sense of humour. 11.26am
December 28 2023
ASCPFC just pissed off 11.53am
December 24 2023
ASCPFC watching Bond then Die Hard. Already watched Battle of Britain and the Spitfire documentary. 8.56pm
ASCPFC Merry Christmas to all Palace fans. f*** off to all other fans. 2.21pm
December 22 2023
ASCPFC Christmas food shopping is great fun 3.04pm
December 16 2023
ASCPFC easy win today 2.29pm
December 06 2023
ASCPFC Bournemouth is a retirement home. Nothing more. 5.15pm
November 26 2023
ASCPFC f*** this 1.42pm
November 12 2023
ASCPFC Bin dippers do us again. 5.33pm
November 05 2023
ASCPFC Burnley are going down. 11.19am
October 04 2023
ASCPFC Winning at fantasy premier league injury predictions. 5.05pm

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Fav. Player:Joachim Andersen

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Member Since:June 17 2010

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