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Marital Status:Single
Location:Kingston-Upon-Thames England (England)
Interests:Cycling, fitness, Palace
Occupation:Croupier in London


April 13 2012
Caitlin has updated her email address 3.07pm
April 12 2012
Caitlin Caitlin is an appallingly bad judge of character:( 12.30pm
April 11 2012
Caitlin Was asked if I was brazillian yesterday, that's a first 9.24am
April 05 2012
Caitlin I am gonna sleep for a week! 4.38pm
April 04 2012
Caitlin Holiday's the 19th. Horay! 3.18pm
April 03 2012
Caitlin Tit for tat, very childish. Shame:( 7.59am
April 01 2012
Caitlin On my bike;) 9.47am
March 31 2012
Caitlin Why? 10.01am
March 30 2012
Caitlin In a foul mood 4.06pm
March 29 2012
Caitlin Going out:-) 5.26pm
March 28 2012
Caitlin Sitting in the beautiful is this weather:) 5.31pm
March 22 2012
Caitlin Well deserved HOL 7.51pm
Caitlin Tried to add something up without a calculator and got it wrong 3 times! 11.20am
Caitlin I must be thick;-) 10.53am

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