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July 19 2024 7.53am

Your Shout

Give us a bell!

The Holmesdale Online is giving you a unique opportunity to voice your views after each Palace game.

What we would like you to do, is to phone the number below after every Palace game, regardless of whether you went to the match or not, and leave a message giving your reaction to the game.

The number to call is: -

07092 362 125

We want to know your views of the game. How bad was the ref? Who had a stinker? Who played well? Did the manager get it right? Who would you replace in the team?

Store the number in your mobile phone.

Your message will then be checked, and uploaded to the site ASAP, for everyone to listen to as an mp3 file.

Please read this before calling

  • When calling, please do not swear - your message will not be uploaded if you swear
  • Please keep your messages to a maximum length of 60 seconds. Anything excessively over this, will not be uploaded to the site.
  • If you do not own the phone line you are calling from, please check with the person who does before calling. Cost of calling is detailed below.
  • The quality of the mp3 files created isn't brilliant, so please speak clearly and loudly
  • If you wish to say what your username on the site is, and where you are calling from, then please do so - its nice to put a voice to a name!
  • The call will be cheap rate off-peak, seeing as the game will be on a Saturday or evening time, and you won't need to spend longer than a minute on the phone.

From a landline phone

People calling the Holmesdale Online Hotline Number from a standard BT home or business phone are charged at the BT rate of:-

37.5p/minute - peak times
25p/minute - evenings
12.5p/minute weekends

Where the callers use an alternative operator to make the call to a YAC Number the call will be charged at that operator's rate for calls to personal numbering services.

From a mobile phone

The cost of calling the Holmesdale Online Hotline Number from a mobile phone depends on the rates of your mobile phone company.

In most cases, it is comparable to calling another mobile phone outside of your own network. Contact your mobile phone company to find out the exact price of calling a YAC Number (YAC Numbers are those with the prefix 07092). Mobile operators are obliged to make their call charges readily available to their customers.

You are here: Home > Audio > Your Shout