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December 6 2021 6.21pm


January 06 2018
nickgusset Grrr hate no palace at the weekend 9.25pm
nickgusset More threads deleted. Like Stalinist Russia here. 1.02pm
December 31 2017
nickgusset Well 8.32pm
December 29 2017
nickgusset Happy Betwixtmas 11.29pm
December 26 2017
nickgusset Season's greetings 11.43pm
December 18 2017
nickgusset I despair 9.30pm
November 25 2017
nickgusset shawcross you doughnut 10.51pm
November 07 2017
nickgusset Bum 8.58pm
October 29 2017
nickgusset Last 2.10pm
October 24 2017
nickgusset That went well then 9.41pm
October 21 2017
nickgusset Get out 10.18pm
October 14 2017
nickgusset Get In 5.01pm
September 14 2017
nickgusset This is Hardcore 7.16pm
September 10 2017
nickgusset Poor Frank 5.15pm
September 09 2017
nickgusset Sun machine is coming down... 8.33pm
nickgusset Netball dad. 12.21am
September 03 2017
nickgusset Bah. Summer hols is over. Hooray! I can start earning again. 11.40pm
August 27 2017
nickgusset I smell changes afoot. 9.52pm
August 13 2017
nickgusset poor 9.18pm
August 08 2017
nickgusset Getting excited now, nay optimistic. 1.20am
August 01 2017
nickgusset Maybe not then 4.15pm
July 31 2017
nickgusset It is Voltaire 3.21pm
July 27 2017
nickgusset Hurry up football season. 12.40pm
July 20 2017
nickgusset Bah. 6 weeks unpaid.. 8.18pm
July 05 2017
nickgusset Hurry up Harry 12.44am
June 09 2017
nickgusset vindicated 4.34pm
nickgusset vidicated 4.34pm
June 08 2017
nickgusset !!!!! 10.11pm
June 05 2017
nickgusset not half term anymore 7.23pm
May 28 2017
nickgusset half term 3.37pm
May 26 2017
nickgusset Bus wonker 7.50am
May 23 2017
nickgusset Big palace news coming? 4.49pm
May 12 2017
nickgusset Too much f***ing perspective 9.16pm
May 11 2017
nickgusset Is the ground on the moon called earth? 4.51pm
April 29 2017
nickgusset Back to business as usual... 8.38pm
April 27 2017
nickgusset culture clubs drummer is a knob 12.42pm
April 23 2017
nickgusset Bring on the Spuds 8.51pm
April 21 2017
nickgusset all the best Michaela 4.19pm
April 14 2017
nickgusset Market forces innit. Fans are secondary. 12.56am
April 11 2017
nickgusset Well 8.35pm
April 07 2017
nickgusset Chicken licken 7.30pm
April 02 2017
nickgusset on from 8pm 7.08pm
March 03 2017
nickgusset Day off 10.11am
March 02 2017
nickgusset Wonder if holers would like it if their girlfriend or mum was featured in the would you thread. 10.25pm
February 25 2017
nickgusset we did a win 8.20pm
February 04 2017
nickgusset s***e deadfence! 9.54pm
January 31 2017
nickgusset Smash that transfer window. 6.59pm
January 22 2017
nickgusset another day another dollar 11.01pm
nickgusset i'll be in the chat room during holradio from 8pm tonight 7.11pm
January 20 2017
nickgusset has just had to wipe his profile pic 9.04pm
January 19 2017
nickgusset . 6.48pm
nickgusset As Churchill said, "I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits." 6.43pm
nickgusset As Churchill said, "I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.” 6.42pm
nickgusset As Churchill said, “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.” 6.42pm
January 17 2017
nickgusset Well stone me! 9.57pm
January 02 2017
nickgusset new year same s***e 12.50am
December 27 2016
nickgusset Happy betwixtmas 5.20pm
December 25 2016
nickgusset Happy Christmas ya basts 12.21am
December 21 2016
nickgusset done. 11.54am
December 14 2016
nickgusset Solidarity! 12.27am
December 08 2016
nickgusset No! 3.23pm
November 27 2016
nickgusset it's an outrage. 9.29pm
nickgusset Be an interesting holradio at 8 tonight. I'll be in the chatroom if you want to get your views across. 6.22pm
October 23 2016
nickgusset It's a bloody outrage! 10.01pm
nickgusset i'll be in from 8. 7.29pm
October 13 2016
nickgusset peeps getting nasty on here 7.52pm
October 02 2016
nickgusset southgate why no zaha 9.05pm
nickgusset on right now 8.01pm
September 16 2016
nickgusset Moist 8.50pm
September 13 2016
nickgusset Scorchio 8.00am
September 08 2016
nickgusset bum 10.13am
September 07 2016
nickgusset On FanTV tonight!!! 4.22pm
August 13 2016
nickgusset Normal service resumed 7.10pm
August 11 2016
nickgusset . 12.01am
August 07 2016
nickgusset holradio from 8. I'll be in chatroom 7.55pm
July 14 2016
nickgusset has changed his country to England 6.05pm
July 06 2016
nickgusset everybody down tools 5.05pm
June 27 2016
nickgusset A country that invests in football infrastructure (and jails bankers) beat one where big business runs the game ...eff 10.02pm
nickgusset Not all of them Danny 6.35pm
nickgusset When's the sky going to fall down? 11.22am
June 24 2016
nickgusset Bit childish Hoof. 7.17am
June 20 2016
nickgusset we never win on ITV 9.55pm
nickgusset not long now 12.26am
June 19 2016
nickgusset can't believe someone is saying an mp was murdered to enhance the remain campaign 1.38pm
nickgusset can't believe some are saying an mp was murdered to enhance the remain campaign 1.37pm
June 11 2016
nickgusset Ooh I've got me own thread 6.26pm
nickgusset Ooh I've got me own tgreae 6.25pm
June 10 2016
nickgusset If I hear a politician say 'our kids and grandkids' one more time... 9.28am
June 09 2016
nickgusset has changed his country to Russia 8.54am
June 02 2016
nickgusset Here 11.45am
May 30 2016
nickgusset There 12.46pm
May 29 2016
nickgusset That Dougie interview tonight 7pm. 11.52am
May 26 2016
nickgusset That Dougie interview is very good 10.23pm
May 20 2016
nickgusset Getting excited now... 9.33am
May 14 2016
nickgusset holradio 7pm sunday with Phil Barber interview 10.42pm
April 25 2016
nickgusset Huzzah 1.38pm
April 10 2016
nickgusset not by the pool anymore 5.37pm
April 01 2016
nickgusset By the pool... 2.36pm
March 31 2016
nickgusset Holiday time... 2.22pm
March 25 2016
nickgusset conference time... 8.39am
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