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November 30 2021 5.30pm


May 19 2015
cb1969 . 7.25pm
May 07 2015
cb1969 Off to Corfu to help the Greek bar economy out. Doing my bit. 8.27am
May 06 2015
cb1969 Felicitations Fuzz 8.37pm
April 20 2015
cb1969 staffie RIP 2.00pm
February 07 2015
cb1969 Back on the piss! 5.32pm
January 31 2015
cb1969 So we lost today, I'm not down, this is Palace, on we go. I shall drink to that.... 5.37pm
January 25 2015
cb1969 And I shall remain drunk for as long as this fine run goes on Mr Fuzz.. 10.22am
January 11 2015
cb1969 I confess I got rather drunk yesterday after the match 8.50am
December 26 2014
cb1969 Just realised my last status was out of date. does a Vespa have pillion fuzz? 10.46pm
cb1969 Just realised my last status was out of date. does a Vesta have pillion fuzz? 10.46pm
December 06 2014
cb1969 Great performance today lads 6.46pm
November 23 2014
cb1969 I'm still smiling, what a match! 10.53pm
November 14 2014
cb1969 Ah shaddap you face... 8.35pm
November 13 2014
cb1969 Vienna here I come! 1.40pm
August 28 2014
cb1969 Send me your CV fuzz, I will make you head of Retro :-) 6.11pm
June 22 2014
cb1969 Brought a Tandoor oven for more healthy eating. Put my back out lifting the thing. Argghh! 10.35am
May 19 2014
cb1969 Is nucking fackered 4.12pm
May 02 2014
cb1969 Off to the Carolinas and Georgia! 8.46am
April 17 2014
cb1969 It was a good luck charm fuzz, we won every 6 pointer in the 68 days that was up! 7.42pm
February 08 2014
cb1969 Proper 6 pointer today 6.26am
January 15 2014
cb1969 Try Janet Kay Eternally Grateful Fuzz 8.17pm
December 23 2013
cb1969 is in Boston 8.02am
December 13 2013
cb1969 is working from home 9.27am
November 26 2013
cb1969 I wish I had fuzz, bunch of lily livered toss pots 11.20pm
cb1969 Is off to the House of Commons! 8.52am
August 22 2013
cb1969 Beer is dear in Denmark but what a great country 9.48pm
July 22 2013
cb1969 I dont talk to Fuzz on facebook because he's always playing Crime Scene 10.07am
July 06 2013
cb1969 I hope you ain't sitting next to me Funty 11.57am
June 26 2013
cb1969 . 5.03pm
June 24 2013
cb1969 Was in the new Tapas bar in Sutton last night. Sure I saw Cucking soliciting on the corner outside. 12.25pm
June 10 2013
cb1969 was it me? 4.37pm
June 06 2013
cb1969 I reckon you should red card them all Mr Funt... 1.01pm
cb1969 I reckon you should red card them all Mr Funy... 1.01pm
May 24 2013
cb1969 You know what fuzz, that thought had crossed my mind. How sad of me! 1.59pm
cb1969 Just realised I'm too fat for any of my Palace tops, and I've got 40 8.00am
May 16 2013
cb1969 Got my Play off Tickets, love it!! 9.51am
cb1969 Got my Play off Tiokets, love it!! 9.51am
May 13 2013
cb1969 Fuzz is folically bullying me again. 11.53am
cb1969 Fuzz is folically bulying me again. 10.05am
May 10 2013
cb1969 matt Lawrence goes to the same barbers as Apollofuzz 8.40pm
May 07 2013
cb1969 Just cycled up Boxhill, lovely day but rather knackered now.... 11.28am
cb1969 I did wish you a goodun Fuzz, check fun talk! 7.36am
April 08 2013
cb1969 RIP The Iron Lady. Some posters on here are appalling. 4.21pm
cb1969 RIP The Iron Lady. Some poster on here are appalling. 4.21pm
April 05 2013
cb1969 Off for a decadent weekend in the smoke, whatto! 10.17am
March 30 2013
cb1969 Have never mowed the lawn in the poxy snow! 5.31pm
March 22 2013
cb1969 Toyota GT86 makes going to work fun..... 8.39am
March 04 2013
cb1969 might take you up on that Mr Fuzz, at least I know the choons will be good! 8.10am
March 01 2013
cb1969 Never take a week off and leave consultants in charge.. wakners 5.54pm
February 24 2013
cb1969 Shared a flight with Alvin Stardust today, fking surreal! 10.50pm
February 14 2013
cb1969 There's some right cunce on the Jamie Bulger thread 11.30am
February 05 2013
cb1969 . 10.35am
February 02 2013
cb1969 Unfortunately Fuzz the Mod Scene is heavily reliant on the style of the hair which excludes me 10.50am
February 01 2013
cb1969 Well, it cant be that hard being a professional Mod? 3.01pm
January 30 2013
cb1969 Is walking to meet Fuzz at Box Hill 8.44am
December 30 2012
cb1969 Is walking into Sunshine 9.55am
December 29 2012
cb1969 Wants to beat fuzz up 4.40pm
December 25 2012
cb1969 Cobblers Fuzz :) 9.55pm
December 23 2012
cb1969 Fuzz, your management of status updates is a disappointment for me and no doubt an embarrassment for you .... ;-) 10.08am
December 14 2012
cb1969 Is Nucking Fackered 4.10pm
December 02 2012
cb1969 Cheers Fuzz send it to. Air Cooled Lodge, Powervalve Lane, Two Stroke Town, Oilshire.... 9.36pm
cb1969 Is silent because I might get a card..... 9.03am
November 24 2012
cb1969 Will be good Fuzz, now all I have to do is assemble a complete motorbike by springtime! 5.24pm
November 23 2012
cb1969 Maybe we should ride in pairs fuzz, there's bound to be loads of breakdowns! 8.19pm
November 21 2012
cb1969 Kicked the missus out because there not enough room for her and the RD 10.42am
cb1969 Kicked the missus out because there not eniugh room for her and the RD 10.10am
November 17 2012
cb1969 .I've told you not to call me darling on here Fuzz 3.29pm
October 25 2012
cb1969 . 7.35am
September 27 2012
cb1969 Caister.......Incoming!! 6.17pm
September 18 2012
cb1969 Funny that Fuzz I was going to ask you for a loan! 11.12am
September 17 2012
cb1969 Get it Fuzz! 2.09pm
September 02 2012
cb1969 Devon Bound.... 4.13pm
August 15 2012
cb1969 Off to Germany Achtung! 9.34am
August 14 2012
cb1969 Has realised that time can be saved on this site by stopping reading a thread when SW2 is in it. 10.28am
July 24 2012
cb1969 I got the sun in my eyes and the music on my mind, my baby by my side. 11.16am
July 04 2012
cb1969 You ain't wrong Fuzz, bleedin weather! :-) 8.46am
June 23 2012
cb1969 Off to Ronnie Scotts Tonight :-) 11.25am
June 07 2012
cb1969 2 more days of rain then off to Corfu for 11 days :-) 9.25am
May 29 2012
cb1969 A red wine in Box Hill methinks 11.59am
May 25 2012
cb1969 Mods on scooters going to work, walk you lazy sods and get yer hair cut! 11.51pm
May 21 2012
cb1969 Cycling to work and back! Ohh get me! 12.41pm
May 10 2012
cb1969 Algarve here I come....! 10.46am
May 08 2012
cb1969 Actually might make it into work tomorrow 8.34pm
May 04 2012
cb1969 Has a daytime hangover.....Best get back on it then 5.31pm
cb1969 Caister here I come..... 9.30am
May 02 2012
cb1969 Spill the beans then Fuzz, inbox me the info pleeaaaasseeee! :-) 5.25pm
April 28 2012
cb1969 Cabtech sell them Fuzz they are 11 grand each. I will put one aside for you, you can pick it up Monday :-) 10.32pm
April 12 2012
cb1969 see ya down Box Hill on the Scooter Fuzz, they had old skool Fords down there Sunday. Jizzed meself i did ;-) 10.19pm
April 05 2012
cb1969 No chance Fuzz I was in the town centre today with me roll of Lino breaking to the beat in my Tachinni top :-) 8.00pm
March 25 2012
cb1969 The recent price per unit of alcohol changes render cider less value than it was..... 10.11am
March 24 2012
cb1969 Cheers Fuzz, meet up for that beer soon? 6.29pm
cb1969 Moving day today, countryside here I come! 9.39am
March 15 2012
cb1969 off to Br*ghton for the day. Palace shirt on! 8.36am
February 27 2012
cb1969 Reckon's the mods should set up a "t***s talk" forum for the arseholes on here 8.57am
February 26 2012
cb1969 I just "luurrrve" to Barry White Fuzz :-) 12.41pm
February 24 2012
cb1969 Moving to Leatherhead! 3.16pm
February 17 2012
cb1969 Washington it is then.... 3.59pm
January 29 2012
cb1969 Tennis then pints..... 9.37am
January 24 2012
cb1969 "LOL" Funty 4.51pm
January 16 2012
cb1969 . 8.48am
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