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February 7 2023 5.32pm


May 15 2013
December 02 2011
Anita D has updated her location to Lincoln 4.00pm
Anita D It has been literally a year since I've been on here - SHAME ON ME!! 3.49pm
October 16 2010
Anita D We'll rally (as we always do) at Christmas! 11.06pm
June 01 2010
Anita D is remaining positive, until there's no reason to! 1.57pm
February 06 2010
Anita D is still waiting for her Villa ticket! 4.38pm
February 04 2010
Anita D is going to the Villa match - just waiting for the ticket to drop through the letterbox.... 10.10am
February 02 2010
Anita D had a lovely birthday! 10.56am
January 28 2010
Anita D Palace 'til I die! 10.05am
January 27 2010
Anita D 100% behind the lads and lasses of Palace! 10.21am
January 26 2010
Anita D has changed her favourite player to Julian Speroni 6.51pm
Anita D has updated her profile photo 6.37pm
Anita D is sobbing into her chardonnay.. 6.09pm
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