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November 30 2021 6.08pm


November 20 2016
danincyp Is coming through! 6.47pm
November 17 2016
danincyp That seems to have escalated quickly . 2.48am
November 04 2016
danincyp Its all gone the way of the pear. 6.09pm
danincyp has updated his location to Old Bexley 6.08pm
October 03 2016
danincyp I don't think so? 4.35pm
September 25 2016
danincyp I'm not the wrong person , just an idiot. 8.02pm
September 07 2016
danincyp isn't it strange how princesses and kings? 10.30pm
August 31 2016
danincyp All that glisters is not gold 7.46pm
danincyp Just be my friend plesse. 2.04pm
August 13 2016
danincyp Its all too much at the moment. 6.35pm
August 12 2016
danincyp Blackpool , you couldn't write it. 9.49pm
August 09 2016
danincyp It was jel 9.57pm
August 07 2016
danincyp Don't say i didnt warn you! 9.55pm
August 06 2016
danincyp Holding out! 9.36pm
August 05 2016
danincyp Discombobulation.......yes! 8.33pm
danincyp Discombobulation 8.33pm
danincyp Miscombobulation 7.44pm
August 04 2016
danincyp Would rather drape his wet bollocks over an electric fence 5.44pm
danincyp Would rather drape his wet bollocks over an electruc fence 5.44pm
danincyp No one ever said it was gonna be easy. 3.29pm
August 02 2016
danincyp Sitting here in limbo 4.32pm
July 27 2016
danincyp has joined the Holmesdale Online 6.47pm
danincyp has added a profile photo 6.47pm
danincyp has updated his email address 5.07pm
July 11 2016
danincyp Is going to get smashed! 10.30pm
danincyp has updated his profile photo 9.46pm
danincyp Our time has come 7.23pm
April 20 2016
danincyp I don't run with scissors 9.07pm
January 08 2016
danincyp Might see some of the hol tomorrow 9.34pm
January 03 2016
danincyp too many missing today. 5.56pm
December 26 2015
danincyp Palace 5th 7.50pm
December 11 2015
danincyp Evening all! 7.19pm
April 20 2015
danincyp RIP staffie 1.54pm
November 23 2014
danincyp never ever doubt the resilience of this side 8.44pm
October 25 2014
danincyp colin ..leave the ref alone!!!! 5.11pm
October 04 2014
danincyp thinks becky doesn't believe 9.04pm
October 02 2014
danincyp f*** off is forest younger than me 8.49pm
September 11 2014
danincyp post deleted.....again! 3.41pm
danincyp OJ pistorius 1.26pm
September 01 2014
danincyp w***er day on the hol 9.00pm
August 29 2014
danincyp tremendous!!! 12.43pm
August 16 2014
danincyp this is what happens with internet in the loony bin 11.29am
December 31 2013
danincyp 2014 . this time we stay. 7.15pm
December 02 2013
danincyp max romeo Dermot 4.04pm
November 16 2013
danincyp they'll be gutted when they find out it's me 8.33pm
August 28 2013
danincyp who are these people? 10.26am
August 25 2013
danincyp PT................f***ing hell. 9.39pm
August 17 2013
danincyp spurs aren't as good as they think 6.40pm
August 03 2013
danincyp good side Yeovil 8.17pm
July 18 2013
danincyp sde should do it violence gets the point across 8.15pm
June 03 2013
danincyp fair weather fans. change the record. 8.54pm
May 13 2013
danincyp we can see you holding hands 6.54pm
April 08 2013
danincyp had a double with the pope and the bookie won't give me a 'non runner' 8.40pm
March 14 2013
danincyp s***e hawks on Sunday 7.49pm
January 26 2013
danincyp thankyou very much for the fifteen million.thankyou very much thankyou very, very, verymuch 10.37am
danincyp thankyou very much for th fifteen million.thankyou very much thankyou very, very, verymuch 10.37am
January 19 2013
danincyp Holloway 4.53pm
December 31 2012
danincyp Xronia polla holers 7.17pm
December 16 2012
danincyp forty years a Palace fan today 7.14pm
December 08 2012
danincyp we don't always win. 7.28pm
November 30 2012
danincyp we'll win four 10.23pm
November 02 2012
danincyp come on Ollie you cacker 6.53pm
October 20 2012
danincyp clowns lost bumboys lost we moved closer to the top . 9.18pm
October 12 2012
danincyp surely it's spags bol? 2.30pm
September 15 2012
danincyp good win at the big top 9.01am
September 09 2012
danincyp I feel like I've been dry bummed. 7.13pm
September 04 2012
danincyp Sponsor me dear Hol friends. 7.35pm
September 01 2012
danincyp has updated his profile photo 8.57pm
August 17 2012
danincyp grammar:The difference between knowing you're s*** and knowing your s***. 1.21pm
July 24 2012
danincyp fh has the breaking strain of a kit kat 7.22pm
July 22 2012
danincyp massive bandit! 8.36pm
June 22 2012
danincyp cracked ribs?.....avoid sneezing at all costs! 9.01pm
June 16 2012
danincyp hopes seth enjoyed trooping the colour 6.57pm
June 13 2012
danincyp nearly managed to kill himself today 7.54pm
May 21 2012
danincyp has updated his profile photo 8.59pm
May 13 2012
danincyp Don't show me your teeth , that fake little smile won't work 8.49pm
April 26 2012
danincyp danny's been out pointing at the sky again 8.51pm
danincyp danny,s been out pointing at the sky again 8.51pm
April 19 2012
danincyp woe betide the little tit. 9.46pm
March 28 2012
danincyp good luck nick and dan 8.21pm
February 25 2012
danincyp grooving out on life 10.50am
danincyp has updated his profile photo 10.49am
danincyp has updated his interests 10.49am
danincyp has updated his location to HOLbury 10.49am
February 09 2012
danincyp nick wouldn't have the balls to give me a yellow 9.01pm
January 31 2012
danincyp good side brighton but if you can get in behind them they're easily penetrated 7.08pm
January 07 2012
danincyp oh well, there goes the treble! 6.10pm
January 05 2012
danincyp full circle puts you back where you started.dumb honky 7.14pm
December 31 2011
danincyp HNY my holers 9.04pm
December 29 2011
danincyp nice on CRE you 'll be good as a gramps 8.39pm
December 11 2011
danincyp truth and right 9.30pm
November 24 2011
danincyp just listen for someone repeatedly shouting "c***" teejay. 8.18am
November 20 2011
danincyp bollicks 8.14pm
September 30 2011
danincyp has updated his profile photo 6.35am
September 29 2011
danincyp Br1 -3hton 8.51pm
September 24 2011
danincyp You'll find it remarkably similar becky. 11.07am
September 21 2011
danincyp Is Lily Savage doing the commentary 7.57pm
September 16 2011
danincyp For two pins! 7.58pm
September 12 2011
danincyp Politicians and nappies should be changed frequently and all for the same reason. 8.32pm
September 09 2011
danincyp has updated his profile photo 10.30pm
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