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March 8 2021 9.49pm


July 09 2015
johnburgess888 is far to excited about the prospect of Palace signing Cabaye. 11.40pm
April 21 2015
johnburgess888 still can't believe the news about staffie. R.I.P. Such a good man. 6.41pm
johnburgess888 still can't believe the news about staffie. R.I.P. good man. 6.40pm
January 11 2015
johnburgess888 is a Maverick! 11.00am
January 08 2015
johnburgess888 Don't think so dannyh as it would be nearly empty! 7.57am
January 03 2015
johnburgess888 This announcement was long over-Pardew. 1.47pm
December 02 2014
johnburgess888 Frazier Shambles... 10.24pm
November 05 2014
johnburgess888 Not been on here in a while. Start reading 1 thread and I now remember why... 2.38pm
September 10 2014
johnburgess888 Who the hell is this raceycasey person... Ha ha :-) 10.44am
September 02 2014
johnburgess888 letting Murray go to bring in Doyle is great business... Said no one ever. 11.12am
August 27 2014
johnburgess888 is pleased that Warnock is back! 3.25pm
August 14 2014
johnburgess888 is feeling disgusted. 9.15pm
August 02 2014
johnburgess888 is so bored of reading threads which trail of to a certain someone trying to pick a fight with Gusset... Really tedious and a reason that I use this site less and less. 6.29pm
July 12 2014
johnburgess888 A going out with friends and family for dinner to celebrate my engagement! 6.12pm
May 23 2014
johnburgess888 Thank you Smirnoff! Much love to you!!! 9.20am
April 10 2014
johnburgess888 Awwwww congrats to staffie. Here's to the next 10 years. 8.29am
April 02 2014
johnburgess888 staffie has me intrigued... 5.37pm
December 17 2013
johnburgess888 What has been seen, cannot be unseen... 3.26pm
December 05 2013
johnburgess888 Oooooh where smirnoff? 11.28pm
November 21 2013
johnburgess888 better late than never smirnoff! 3.53pm
October 14 2013
johnburgess888 I like the Crystals but I agree with SpikeyMatt 5.22pm
September 11 2013
johnburgess888 Congrats to SDE!!!!! 4.57pm
September 10 2013
johnburgess888 I've just started playing triangle in a Reggae band. I just stand there and ting... 6.24pm
September 02 2013
johnburgess888 can't believe we were so close to signing AJ and he was cruelly ripped away from us. 11.58pm
johnburgess888 Is pleased that eagleman13 has improved his hiding skills! 8.59am
August 30 2013
johnburgess888 Bloody hell, there are a lot of grim people on these boards of late! 1.22pm
August 24 2013
johnburgess888 Performance in the transfer market is very important for us if we want to stand a chance of staying up. 6.43pm
August 21 2013
johnburgess888 Crystal Brother is never coming back. Mwhahahaha 1.23pm
August 19 2013
johnburgess888 has changed his favourite player to Mile Jedinak 10.37am
August 17 2013
johnburgess888 I didn't realise spurs had spent so much this summer. 9.57pm
August 16 2013
johnburgess888 Thank God HOL is back. I do not like the other place. 3.58pm
August 12 2013
johnburgess888 Ooh, what have you done Smirnoff? 6.00pm
August 07 2013
johnburgess888 Wonders if Smirnoff will help me with my bills? 4.31pm
August 04 2013
johnburgess888 Abso-bloody-exactly 5.16pm
August 03 2013
johnburgess888 Cook Pass Babtridge 9.27am
johnburgess888 Cook Pass Partridge 9.15am
johnburgess888 Cook Pass 9.15am
August 01 2013
johnburgess888 Also feeling sleepy. 8.01am
July 25 2013
johnburgess888 Omelette backdraft 12.15am
July 18 2013
johnburgess888 They see me rollin'. They hatin'. 5.43pm
July 11 2013
johnburgess888 Glad to hear it! :-) 4.24pm
johnburgess888 What's up smirnoff? 1.22pm
July 10 2013
johnburgess888 Awwwww really pleased for you Smirnoff!!!! :-) 1.41pm
July 07 2013
johnburgess888 Llama park... Sweet... 5.00pm
July 03 2013
johnburgess888 Actually feeling worse today. Brilliant :-( 10.44am
July 02 2013
johnburgess888 feels like sh1te today :-( 8.51am
June 30 2013
johnburgess888 Hope you're ok smirnoff... 6.07pm
June 20 2013
johnburgess888 I'm undecided yet Smirnoff but if I do go, you will be welcome to join. 3.57pm
June 18 2013
johnburgess888 Smirnoff wants some sugar? 10.27pm
June 15 2013
johnburgess888 Transfer Talk, sponsored by - the home of Cobblers across the UK. 12.02am
June 13 2013
johnburgess888 Ha ha. Wet Spam think they can get Zaha on loan. 8.08am
May 28 2013
johnburgess888 Met staffie yesterday. What a chap! 10.52am
May 21 2013
johnburgess888 OMFG, Xbox One looks amazing! 7.28pm
May 20 2013
johnburgess888 Big up, block 125! 8.30pm
March 03 2013
johnburgess888 Thinking of Smirnoff. Chin up love. You'll be ok! 2.51am
February 16 2013
johnburgess888 staffie - what a chap! 9.16pm
johnburgess888 Really hopes staffie has a link to download the match. Missed it as was at Uncle's funeral. 5.45pm
January 31 2013
johnburgess888 I daren't even look in Palace Talk. 7.53am
January 25 2013
johnburgess888 Cheers Mongo. I have found the abuse of the owners more disappointing than Zaha being sold. 9.38pm
johnburgess888 Be careful everyone, there are idiots amongst us. 5.23pm
January 18 2013
johnburgess888 just has a feeling that tomorrow's game will not go ahead. 7.21am
January 16 2013
johnburgess888 Not sure danny but his hair is certainly wrong direction. 6.57pm
January 12 2013
johnburgess888 Still can't believe that we are looking at selling Wilf before the end of the season even with a loan-back 11.01pm
January 06 2013
johnburgess888 Yay! Earphones were in my trackies and not the wash wish my jeans!!! 7.27pm
johnburgess888 think I just put my earphones in the washing. Huff! 3.32pm
January 03 2013
johnburgess888 Yes, kudos to Kerms. That was the best line on the thread. 2.10pm
johnburgess888 I think 289Mandy fancied me. My 'bit ruff' line is a winner. Ha ha! 1.57pm
johnburgess888 Booooo! Who removed the 289Mandy thread???? 11.24am
December 31 2012
johnburgess888 Already fed up with the transfer window. 12.14pm
December 29 2012
johnburgess888 We will not go up this season 5.24pm
johnburgess888 We will not go up 5.24pm
johnburgess888 We will not go 5.24pm
December 18 2012
johnburgess888 One pound fish. One pound fish. Six for five pound. One pound each. 1.19pm
December 13 2012
johnburgess888 Lol PDS. 6.28pm
johnburgess888 Bow chicka wow wow! 3.07pm
johnburgess888 Time waits for no man, Pikester! 10.32am
December 12 2012
johnburgess888 Thanks for the heads up, Funty. 8.56pm
December 03 2012
johnburgess888 watching the Brighton game again. 8.28pm
November 27 2012
johnburgess888 another restraining order dboi? Lol 8.01am
November 26 2012
johnburgess888 What is this 'yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss' thing all about? Sounds stupid. 6.52pm
johnburgess888 What is this 'yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss' thing all 6.52pm
November 16 2012
johnburgess888 Which thread is that on, Albert? 12.26pm
November 12 2012
johnburgess888 Congrats Albert! 2.43pm
johnburgess888 Why was crystalalice1 red carded? Just curious. 12.10am
November 05 2012
johnburgess888 Wow. Some people. Can't even talk about the holy HF without a moron slagging you off. 5.28pm
November 04 2012
johnburgess888 - Hambo in mirror viewing errors. 12.37pm
johnburgess888 - Hbo 12.37pm
November 03 2012
johnburgess888 What a performance. Speechless. 5.47pm
johnburgess888 It's good news peeps. Get to the game for a significant day in our future. 10.47am
November 02 2012
johnburgess888 Where has this 6pm rumour started. Not true from what I've heard. 4.25pm
johnburgess888 Shame SDE, I will miss your posts. I do agree though, long gone are the glory days on HOL. 11.47am
johnburgess888 Come on SDE, you're not going to flounce over that are you? You're better than that. 7.50am
November 01 2012
johnburgess888 Don't panic if this doesn't happen tomorrow. 9.48pm
johnburgess888 Looking like a t*** to our chairman. Brilliant. 8.59pm
johnburgess888 Looking like a test to 8.58pm
October 27 2012
johnburgess888 Dare I mention the 'P' word??? 6.29pm
October 23 2012
johnburgess888 Errors from all sides = a very sad JB 6.08pm
October 22 2012
johnburgess888 Gutted. Just gutted. 10.11pm
October 21 2012
johnburgess888 Let's offer Dougie a long-term contract and end all this speculation. 6.57pm
October 16 2012
johnburgess888 I don't hate you Steph! 11.25pm
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