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June 10 2023 8.01am


January 07 2016
SpikeyMatt hiya! 7.40pm
August 14 2014
SpikeyMatt what a quim of an evening 10.41pm
March 24 2014
SpikeyMatt Spruce Bringsteen 9.04pm
December 19 2013
SpikeyMatt ...Crystal of the Week. Barf. 5.23pm
October 27 2013
SpikeyMatt is once more on the internet 10.03pm
October 15 2013
SpikeyMatt debating putting up a picture of me in some skimpy clothes and holding pom poms in the hope of being CRYSTAL OF THE WEEK. 6.58pm
October 13 2013
SpikeyMatt ...Crystal of the Week? Cringe cringe cringe. 7.57pm
August 28 2013
SpikeyMatt is on the internet. 8.40pm
SpikeyMatt part of that lost generation 6.55pm
SpikeyMatt v*****l discharge 6.55pm
July 20 2013
SpikeyMatt Will be in Sydney in a week :) 8.36am
June 18 2013
SpikeyMatt Gillingham away first game. 6.02pm
June 01 2013
SpikeyMatt thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Wembley Stadium for the nPower sponsored event and being able to sing along to Florence + The Machine post-game on Monday. This message was brought to you by Budweiser. 6.29pm
May 23 2013
SpikeyMatt ...probably not going to be great at politics. 7.02pm
May 17 2013
SpikeyMatt has got 178 Playoff Final tickets for sale. Collection from Uranus only. 9.51pm
May 05 2013
SpikeyMatt ...the Crystals. Why? Discuss. 9.37pm
April 28 2013
SpikeyMatt on Tuesday, win on Saturday, win on Friday, win on Monday. Win in 4 weeks. Premier League - f*ck yeah! 10.12pm
April 11 2013
SpikeyMatt ...short of strikers? Bring back Arthur Scargill for satire's sake! 12.02am
April 09 2013
April 07 2013
SpikeyMatt glad to see the quality of opinion on Palace Talk is as high as ever. 7.10pm
April 02 2013
SpikeyMatt up to my guts in cashew nuts 12.54pm
March 12 2013
SpikeyMatt ...thinking of starting a thread about immigration and Muslims. 5.15pm
January 22 2013
SpikeyMatt ...hello. 7.22pm
January 02 2013
SpikeyMatt has flame grilled Fred Dineage's armpit hair. Offers welcome. 7.59pm
December 06 2012
SpikeyMatt burning my bra and throwing it round the back of Dixons. 6.18pm
December 02 2012
SpikeyMatt is on the internet. 8.00pm
November 24 2012
SpikeyMatt Ian Holloway loves salami! 3.23pm
November 20 2012
SpikeyMatt got the lurgy 10.38am
November 17 2012
SpikeyMatt can't make the pilgrimage today :( 9.39am
November 11 2012
SpikeyMatt WILF! 8.32pm
November 01 2012
SpikeyMatt Ollie Ollie Ollie 11.06pm
SpikeyMatt ...Dougie can suck my modestly sized p****. 9.06pm
SpikeyMatt just seen Nick Knowles in Sainsbury's car park. 5.37pm
October 30 2012
SpikeyMatt sexually abused on my Savile row. 6.03pm
October 23 2012
SpikeyMatt f*ck off Freedman. 8.10pm
October 22 2012
SpikeyMatt bollocks to it all. 7.45pm
October 07 2012
SpikeyMatt we score when we want... 12.29pm
October 02 2012
SpikeyMatt ...erm, didn't expect that. Utterly butterly brilliant. 10.12pm
SpikeyMatt minge 6.49pm
September 22 2012
SpikeyMatt ...utterly brilliant afternoon in S-E-TwentyFive 7.48pm
September 20 2012
SpikeyMatt is on the internet 8.11pm
September 19 2012
SpikeyMatt buoyed 7.57pm
September 12 2012
SpikeyMatt SHANDY MURRAY 10.19pm
September 09 2012
SpikeyMatt just popping out to emulate Rory McIlroy. FORE! 11.42am
September 06 2012
SpikeyMatt is playing the NQT card 6.44pm
September 01 2012
SpikeyMatt play higher up the pitch and give Murray service. Who knew? 5.30pm
August 31 2012
SpikeyMatt would like Dougie to invest in a tactics book today. 11.26am
August 28 2012
SpikeyMatt ...hate to say I told you so. 9.30pm
August 27 2012
SpikeyMatt ...yes, but does he put in a long expletive afterwards?! 10.49pm
SpikeyMatt ...that 10.49pm
SpikeyMatt f*ck off Pikester you *************************** 9.29pm
August 21 2012
SpikeyMatt can't be arsed to debate it but we're woefully short of anything. 10.13pm
SpikeyMatt's only the second game but tonight's a six pointer! (I agree, brauny...) 6.20pm
SpikeyMatt's only the second game but tonight's a six pointer! 6.07pm
August 20 2012
SpikeyMatt shimmy 9.45am
August 19 2012
SpikeyMatt we're crap with the ball, we're crap with the ball, we won't win 'til Christmas, we're crap with the ball 10.07am
SpikeyMatt how the heck can anyone defend that? Load the chamber.... 12.37am
August 16 2012
SpikeyMatt ...thank christ the "Negativity" thread has gone. Utterly ridiculous. 2.22pm
SpikeyMatt ...good lord. 1.48pm
August 15 2012
SpikeyMatt ...WR. 8.03pm
SpikeyMatt ...looking forward to seeing Wayne Routledge in a Palace shirt again. 8.02pm
August 14 2012
SpikeyMatt BRING BACK TOM SOARES 10.13am
August 13 2012
SpikeyMatt . 2.34pm
August 12 2012
SpikeyMatt ...will Dougie still be here at Christmas? 12.08pm
August 10 2012
SpikeyMatt farcical. 3.45pm
August 09 2012
SpikeyMatt is off to the beach to see Usain Bolt win the 200m 2.57pm
SpikeyMatt is off to the beach to see Usain Bolt win the 200m down at the beach 2.57pm
SpikeyMatt ...the loan market. What a bloody great whopping turd of disappointment. 11.59am
SpikeyMatt ...the loan market. What a bloody great whopping great turd of disappointment. 11.59am
SpikeyMatt just sharted a post and it ended up in Palace Talk. 10.24am
August 08 2012
SpikeyMatt nice work, Fraz - any pics? :o) 8.15pm
August 07 2012
SpikeyMatt ...the HOL Radio thread - where everyone's a football economics expert. 4.38pm
August 02 2012
SpikeyMatt Paul Taylor from Peterborough. You heard it here first. 8.21pm
SpikeyMatt more Twitter news on the thread. 12.58pm
July 24 2012
SpikeyMatt ...latest Palace transfer news from Twitter in transfer talk. 4.01pm
July 23 2012
SpikeyMatt ...shin splits. 7.35pm
July 22 2012
SpikeyMatt ...ah, the old pace/acceleration debate. My favourite. 9.00pm
July 21 2012
SpikeyMatt Wiggo + Cav 4EVAAAAA! 5.52pm
July 16 2012
SpikeyMatt ...WE R SELLIN ZAHA 2 WEST HAM 4 500K!!!!! 3.04pm
July 15 2012
SpikeyMatt got my Johnson out. 10.25pm
July 14 2012
SpikeyMatt ...transitions. 12.36pm
July 12 2012
SpikeyMatt ...I think we've ballsed this one up. Big-game players aren't ten-a-penny. 10.15pm
SpikeyMatt has put on his leggings for the lads 1.34pm
July 11 2012
SpikeyMatt ................................ 2.47pm
July 09 2012
SpikeyMatt SO CALL ME MAYBE 9.11pm
July 05 2012
SpikeyMatt HERE'S MY NUMBER 10.21am
July 02 2012
SpikeyMatt AND THIS IS CRAZY 4.04pm
June 29 2012
SpikeyMatt HEY I JUST MET YOU! 7.01pm
June 27 2012
SpikeyMatt has got a lovely pair of coconuts 7.45pm
SpikeyMatt is an easy lover 3.59pm
June 25 2012
SpikeyMatt Venus the p**** out of Wimbledon! 8.42pm
June 21 2012
SpikeyMatt aerating one's legs. 11.29pm
June 12 2012
SpikeyMatt dancing to Olly Murs. Because I can. 10.37pm
June 11 2012
SpikeyMatt got my canoe out for the lads 2.12pm
June 10 2012
SpikeyMatt waiting for the Jubilee celebrations to start 1.37pm
June 08 2012
SpikeyMatt got my bunting out ready for the Jubilee 2.16pm
June 06 2012
SpikeyMatt ...Simon Jordan. Looks like Ronseal but doesn't do remotely anything near what it says on the tin. 4.15pm
June 03 2012
SpikeyMatt minge. 11.11pm
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