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March 8 2021 6.10am


October 21 2017
dannyb1 well that was s*** 5.31pm
August 08 2017
dannyb1 .. 1.12pm
January 25 2017
dannyb1 . 11.28am
January 08 2017
dannyb1 Good god reading some of the threads you'd think beachy head would have seen mass influxes. 3.08pm
December 27 2016
dannyb1 Thank you KD hope you and your's had a wonderful christmas 2.15pm
December 20 2016
dannyb1 My birthday Sunday :) 1.50pm
dannyb1 mY BIRTHDAY sUNDAY :) 1.50pm
November 03 2016
dannyb1 Hello KDOTW 2.06pm
November 02 2016
dannyb1 Time to update my meh so MEEEEEH 6.12pm
June 09 2016
dannyb1 MEH 9.27am
December 29 2015
dannyb1 Well glad to say I'm still alive after crashing the car yesterday 5.31pm
December 14 2015
dannyb1 We had a brilliant day saturday, me and the little one both got a new away shirt and he see his first win at selhurst. 9.39am
December 03 2015
dannyb1 Got tickets for the saints game. watch out arthur wait I'm back in town... 2.04pm
March 21 2015
dannyb1 has changed his favourite player to Joel Ward 2.07pm
dannyb1 is now Engaged 2.07pm
dannyb1 has updated his occupation 2.07pm
dannyb1 has updated his location to Chichester 2.07pm
January 31 2015
dannyb1 Off to selhurst soon, I canny wait 9.48am
January 28 2015
dannyb1 papa don't preach 11.50am
January 21 2015
dannyb1 Taking the little one to his 1st ever palace match vs everton 4.02pm
January 19 2015
dannyb1 Hello 2.23pm
November 13 2014
dannyb1 I'm a lurking. 5.00pm
October 30 2014
dannyb1 Sending This direct from my ps4 5.51pm
September 30 2014
dannyb1 Hope to be moving house next week 9.09am
August 30 2014
dannyb1 . 8.49am
dannyb1 . 8.48am
August 05 2014
dannyb1 God please stop wetting yourelves for a Zaha return he ain't worth it now. 9.52am
July 03 2014
dannyb1 Thank god for the rain tomorrow 2.42pm
June 14 2014
dannyb1 Lets watch England get batterd 9.25am
June 03 2014
dannyb1 Happy Birthday staffie. 7.59am
April 25 2014
dannyb1 . 9.49am
April 16 2014
dannyb1 KingD I'm making a list..... 8.10am
April 15 2014
dannyb1 digging out a patio and I feel fooked 12.20pm
April 12 2014
dannyb1 Cooking curry to KingD. 5.38pm
April 11 2014
dannyb1 Come on Palace beat villa and it's almost certain survival. 9.20am
February 22 2014
dannyb1 Just watched the new Robocop, was ok 4.36pm
February 08 2014
dannyb1 Love it love it love it. And the misses is in for a treat tonight 5.15pm
dannyb1 COYP 2.16pm
January 19 2014
dannyb1 I like the flowers, I like the daffodils 2.41pm
January 18 2014
dannyb1 staffies EEaaaaaaaaaaaggggggllllllleeeeessssss went off the page 3.00pm
January 06 2014
dannyb1 I drove past a SELHURSTPARK ROAD earlier and have been for a while but never realised the name... 12.27pm
January 03 2014
dannyb1 ..... 10.16am
December 23 2013
dannyb1 Can't get too excited but may have the best news ever if results come back 10.10am
December 22 2013
dannyb1 3 days til me birthday. ohhh I feel old 9.12am
December 21 2013
dannyb1 I think I can take solace in the bummers not winning today 5.30pm
December 09 2013
dannyb1 Happy birthday Dboi 7.40am
December 07 2013
dannyb1 Looking like the same spirited Palace 5.00pm
December 05 2013
dannyb1 All the best hoof. 1.58pm
November 25 2013
dannyb1 It was 17 days ago that I last updated my status so I will update it, there I did it 9.09am
November 07 2013
dannyb1 . 4.19pm
dannyb1 Where did bubbs "russain dating site" thread go, I was having fun with that 4.16pm
November 02 2013
dannyb1 Fireworks yay 9.23pm
November 01 2013
dannyb1 Thanks to the little one for waking me up so early 7.08am
dannyb1 undefined 7.08am
October 31 2013
dannyb1 HAPPY HALLOWEEN staffie 3.29pm
October 24 2013
dannyb1 Downloaded Escape plan (new sly and arnie film) and hope to watch it later 4.42pm
October 19 2013
dannyb1 results gone our way 4.59pm
October 09 2013
dannyb1 . 6.31pm
October 06 2013
dannyb1 Why do we bitch so much FFS 12.00pm
September 25 2013
dannyb1 Lets get another 3 points on the board saturday please palace 7.34am
September 13 2013
dannyb1 Cmon palace do us proud tomorrow 7.20am
September 08 2013
dannyb1 Our littlest is back from holiday after his grandparents took him on a cruise. I'm telling you he is more travelled for a nearly 3 year old then AQG2 2.46pm
dannyb1 Our littlest is back from holiday after his grandparents took him on a cruise. I'm telling you he is more tracelled for a nearly 3 year old then AQG2 2.46pm
September 06 2013
dannyb1 would have staffie but see the track list and thought I have those on other downloads lol 3.34pm
September 04 2013
dannyb1 Christmas stuff in the shops already.....horray 4.58pm
September 01 2013
dannyb1 hello hello dannyb's back dannyb's back hello hello 7.17pm
August 12 2013
dannyb1 Nope here for another day 9.06am
dannyb1 Hopefully I will be able to go home today 8.15am
August 11 2013
dannyb1 Cheers for the messages staffie and king d 3.35pm
August 10 2013
dannyb1 In hospital at the moment after finding out I am diabetic 6.23pm
July 21 2013
dannyb1 Time to wield the manifold back together take 2 11.36am
July 17 2013
dannyb1 f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** 8.12am
July 11 2013
dannyb1 that's what I love about the CPFC family they all chip in and help there own 8.55am
July 06 2013
dannyb1 made a nice swimming pool for the kids with tractor tyres and tarpaulin 2.30pm
July 04 2013
dannyb1 sorry to hear about that king d, too right about croydon that's why I moved away it's a s***hole. 6.10pm
dannyb1 staffie do you have the ramm takeover on the arcadia stage ? 8.11am
July 02 2013
dannyb1 we need some signings sorted 10.27am
June 29 2013
dannyb1 just downloaded and listened to the bob marley remix album....meh 5.37pm
June 26 2013
dannyb1 found them 5.42pm
dannyb1 well staffie I have had to install a copy of win7 on a sony vaio and am now trying to find the correct audio drivers without getting another BSOD . Beat that 5.28pm
dannyb1 No palace sites open yesterday so had to go and piss off the natives on NSC 7.43am
June 25 2013
dannyb1 Bit more than an hour to me staffie 6.26pm
dannyb1 wonders what games I may be able to attend. any would be nice 9.54am
dannyb1 wonders what games I may be able to attend. any would be niee 9.54am
June 14 2013
dannyb1 Roll on august I need some football fix. 9.44am
June 12 2013
dannyb1 Just cooked myself a banging chicken masala 7.01pm
June 10 2013
dannyb1 throw some of the rub my way guys 6.53pm
June 09 2013
dannyb1 Hope king dowie ain't complaining about having curry again, That would be my idea of heaven 7.52pm
June 05 2013
dannyb1 might throw the car off beachy head. 7.38am
May 29 2013
dannyb1 still feels like a dream. 11.36am
May 27 2013
dannyb1 what a day finishing it all off with a curry a couple of joints then fl show for the highlights 9.46pm
May 24 2013
dannyb1 Might quickly pop in the WH on sunday and show me face 3.58pm
dannyb1 Another HOL member I managed to sort a pair of tickets out for. 7.14am
May 22 2013
dannyb1 counting down the days 4.13pm
May 21 2013
dannyb1 well done eagleman 6.25pm
May 19 2013
dannyb1 1 more week to go, it's gonna bloody drag isn't it. 5.14pm
May 18 2013
dannyb1 ticket through the door bloody happy 8.54am
May 17 2013
dannyb1 conformation email recieved tickets through my door in 2-3 days 2.21pm
May 16 2013
dannyb1 hope eagleman gets the message soon 4.20pm
dannyb1 well done staffie thought you'd get there 3.58pm
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