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September 27 2023 3.31am


August 21 2017
steph_eagle Dougie is home :D 1.48pm
February 25 2017
steph_eagle Thank f*** for that 4.55pm
July 21 2016
steph_eagle has changed her country to England 11.03am
June 13 2016
steph_eagle has changed her country to Turkey 12.51pm
August 05 2015
steph_eagle Looking forward to the football season starting on Saturday 7.58am
January 18 2015
steph_eagle what a day :) 12.59am
November 29 2014
steph_eagle was at Wimbledon v Cambridge today. Appiah and Kaikai both had a good game with Appiah scoring 6.35pm
November 23 2014
steph_eagle hahahahahahahahahahaha what more is there to say 4.39pm
November 07 2014
steph_eagle meant to be training a guy today, hes turned up in a Charlton jumper. f*** that 8.08am
October 14 2014
steph_eagle f*** football, life means so much more RIP xx 10.03pm
October 11 2014
steph_eagle cant believe what i saw tonight 12.05am
October 10 2014
steph_eagle some need to realise when others are joking 4.35am
September 28 2014
steph_eagle feels like crap and its not even a hangover 8.55am
September 27 2014
steph_eagle 8th and above liverpool and everton paul :-) 9.27pm
steph_eagle match day :) 10.27am
steph_eagle has spent the past few hours in the middle of a domestic. Not a great night. Should have stayed in da heath 2.35am
September 17 2014
steph_eagle hopes things go the right way tomorrow 10.04pm
September 12 2014
steph_eagle home time :-) shower, change then pub. Loving my new shift 12.10pm
steph_eagle its friday :-) 3.46am
September 06 2014
steph_eagle has had a great night 1.13am
September 01 2014
steph_eagle probably not quite yet Jamie 8.50pm
August 31 2014
steph_eagle no more weekend working :-) 1.09pm
August 28 2014
steph_eagle is feeling very rough 1.05pm
steph_eagle will be invoicing Steve Parish for the beer money ive spent since 13:05 today 12.29am
August 27 2014
steph_eagle doesnt know what to say regarding colin coming back 1.17pm
August 17 2014
steph_eagle is in a good mood 1.03pm
July 31 2014
steph_eagle seems the london air gets me drunk 12.15am
July 29 2014
steph_eagle back to reality 7.23pm
steph_eagle is going to see a friend in Heruiet days 7.23pm
July 25 2014
steph_eagle is going to see a friend in Herne Bay for a few quiet days 12.56pm
July 23 2014
steph_eagle has had a mad few days :-) 6.46am
July 21 2014
steph_eagle its my party and il cry if i want to 12.53pm
July 14 2014
steph_eagle not surevwhat to do today, thinking shopping 10.48am
July 13 2014
steph_eagle should not have to start work at 5am on a sunday 7.09am
July 11 2014
steph_eagle is happy 10.03am
July 05 2014
steph_eagle bored 9.38am
July 04 2014
steph_eagle is a little tipsy but has to be up at 3:30 10.31pm
steph_eagle is tipsy and has to be up at 3:30 10.30pm
June 11 2014
steph_eagle has joined the Holmesdale Online 7.06pm
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