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September 27 2023 3.40am


March 01 2020
Bromley Eagle is now Divorced 3.34pm
Bromley Eagle has updated his occupation 3.34pm
August 30 2018
Bromley Eagle 10.33pm
June 04 2018
Bromley Eagle Go Luka! Russia 2018 6.29pm
April 14 2018
Bromley Eagle Brighton game T minus 32 minutes. 2.28pm
March 20 2018
Bromley Eagle LFC TICKET SORTED! 8.33pm
March 19 2018
Bromley Eagle Need a ticket for Liverpool game..can anyone help? 2.16pm
October 16 2017
Bromley Eagle Keep it going Roy and the boys. 3.11pm
Bromley Eagle is now Separated 2.59pm
April 26 2016
Bromley Eagle What would staffie have thought, his boys making a 2nd Cup Final?... 7.33pm
April 23 2015
Bromley Eagle staffie RIP Sir. 7.07am
Bromley Eagle has added a new gallery called "WBA 18/4/15 0-2 :(" 6.55am
April 20 2014
Bromley Eagle Premier League is no longer a 1 season novelty! 7.42pm
January 08 2014
Bromley Eagle Happy New Year Eagles fans! 7.33am
December 12 2013
Bromley Eagle hope springs eternal...and then we play Chelsea! 8.37pm
November 16 2013
Bromley Eagle Down already....but lets take some scalps in the next 6 months! 6.52am
June 05 2013
Bromley Eagle Slowly sinking in...we..are..Premier...League..again! 11.43pm
May 20 2013
Bromley Eagle Wembley again! OMG! 8.15pm
May 12 2013
Bromley Eagle 3/1 Palace to win at the AMEX? Sounds about right... 8.49pm
April 30 2013
Bromley Eagle Don't blow it Palace...need a shot at the playoffs 9.01pm
January 14 2013
Bromley Eagle Keep it going boys....keep chasing Cardiff 7.55pm
November 06 2012
Bromley Eagle Top! Yes I said Top! Kinell! 11.03pm
Bromley Eagle Top! Yes I said Top! 11.03pm
October 24 2012
Bromley Eagle Gutted about Dougie's departure......gutted. 12.12pm
August 30 2012
Bromley Eagle off delivering for Tesco in 30 mins.... 6.56am
July 13 2012
Bromley Eagle saw Caley Thistle play Clach in a pre-season...3-0 to Caley 9.46pm
Bromley Eagle saw Caley T 9.46pm
May 19 2012
Bromley Eagle ready for the Euros to get underway..... 9.00pm
April 29 2012
Bromley Eagle 75 days ago I said we'd do no better than mid-table. Told you so! 3.53am
February 13 2012
Bromley Eagle mid table in 2011/12. Can see much better I'm afraid 12.38pm
January 31 2012
Bromley Eagle That's Zaha gone. Take the £7M Palace. 3.03pm
Bromley Eagle That's Zaha gone. Take the £7M Palace. 3.03pm
January 25 2012
Bromley Eagle Ah well. Concentrate on the League.... 3.38pm
December 21 2011
Bromley Eagle really rate our chances of getting to Wembley! Come on! 8.43pm
December 01 2011
Bromley Eagle you boys are legends! Well done! 8.57am
Bromley Eagle you boys 8.57am
November 30 2011
Bromley Eagle sadly, not confident about tonight. Could be painful...prove me wrong boys! 8.43am
November 28 2011
Bromley Eagle God bless you Gary Speed. My thought are with your family 8.31pm
August 17 2011
Bromley Eagle check out Le Mans 2011: The Road Trip on youtube...all my own work! 9.20am
June 28 2011
Bromley Eagle editing the Le Mans 2011 road trip! 3.01pm
June 07 2011
Bromley Eagle preparing for Le Mans 2011 trip! 10.42am
April 25 2011
Bromley Eagle staying up! Well done Dougie! 8.36pm
April 18 2011
Bromley Eagle The Kingdom was SUPERB! (Only took me 4 years to see it!) 9.10pm
April 15 2011
Bromley Eagle wife's out - will be watching The Kingdom later. 7.07pm
March 01 2011
Bromley Eagle off on a 7-11 shift at Tescos shortly 3.50pm
February 23 2011
Bromley Eagle day off 10.09am
February 14 2011
Bromley Eagle is babysitting the kids (half term) 2.22pm
February 12 2011
Bromley Eagle off to work for Tescos.... 7.39am
January 25 2011
Bromley Eagle supervising homework - oh what joy(!) 3.34pm
January 20 2011
Bromley Eagle has changed his favourite player to Darren Ambrose 10.41am
Bromley Eagle has updated his profile photo 10.41am
Bromley Eagle has updated his occupation 10.41am
Bromley Eagle has updated his location to Inverness 10.41am
Bromley Eagle awaiting - with baited breath - today's Press Conference 10.31am
December 29 2010
Bromley Eagle wrapping up to see Caley Thistle play Kilmarnoch tonight 5.53pm
November 27 2010
Bromley Eagle great home win - and Caley got a draw at Celtic! 11.35pm
November 21 2010
Bromley Eagle that was PAINFUL watching the last 25 mins vs Sheff Utd. ;( 11.28pm
Bromley Eagle that was PAINFUL watching the last 25 mins vs Sheff Utd. ;( 11.28pm
November 14 2010
Bromley Eagle Palace won, Caley Thistle won and England SMASHED Australia in the rugby! Happy Days! 10.12pm
November 06 2010
Bromley Eagle oh dear. And Caley Thistle lost at home...again! 7.42pm
October 31 2010
Bromley Eagle not looking good. 12.24pm
October 19 2010
Bromley Eagle belter of a result! Made my night! 10.30pm
Bromley Eagle got a so**ing cold...sniff..cough.. 8.15am
October 01 2010
Bromley Eagle waiting for my beers to cool in the freezer! 8.00pm
September 11 2010
Bromley Eagle raining on my deliveries.... 7.30am
August 20 2010
Bromley Eagle Davids an Eagle? Dream time in SE25 (hopefully not shades of the Lombardo/Goldberg era?) 9.40pm
August 12 2010
Bromley Eagle Palace Pompy eh? The battle of the administrators! Has this ever happened before? 10.06pm
August 08 2010
Bromley Eagle just back from Belladrum. Zzzzzzzz. 1.52pm
August 04 2010
Bromley Eagle off to bed. zzzzzzzzz 12.22am
August 02 2010
Bromley Eagle just done first day back at Tesco...and it was OK ;) 7.24pm
July 30 2010
Bromley Eagle waiting for 1am pick up bus to airport (Palma) 11.22pm
Bromley Eagle ht word - in Majorca! 11.21pm
July 25 2010
Bromley Eagle chilling - if that's the right word - in Majorca! 8.27pm
July 10 2010
Bromley Eagle off to work for DotCom in 10 minutes 7.45am
July 04 2010
Bromley Eagle hoping my newly planted bedding plants won't blow away overnight =0 6.15pm
June 27 2010
Bromley Eagle come on England - 1/4 finals HERE WE COME! 10.03am
June 20 2010
Bromley Eagle England are going home on Thursday. Sorry, but what have you seen that would tell you otherwise? 8.55am
June 06 2010
Bromley Eagle saw the Proclaimers in Inverness last night - cracking show! 9.36am
May 31 2010
Bromley Eagle Oh to be a Palace fan. And we thought it couldn't get any worse.... 8.28pm
May 24 2010
Bromley Eagle 10.42pm
April 27 2010
Bromley Eagle gonna lose some weight watching on TV on Sunday. (It's on BBC, right?) 10.42am
April 25 2010
Bromley Eagle praying for 3 points vs the Baggies! 11.16pm
April 18 2010
Bromley Eagle just realised our season will rest on the last game of the season vs Sheff Wed 8.47am
April 14 2010
Bromley Eagle sha&&ed having just put the kids to bed (oh, and a full day delivering for Tesco) 8.34pm
April 13 2010
Bromley Eagle just had a coffee and a Cream Egg...mmmm! 8.10pm
March 30 2010
Bromley Eagle snow? AGAIN?! 9.03am
March 27 2010
Bromley Eagle fearing the drop after today's showing 7.29pm
March 19 2010
Bromley Eagle we love you Diddy! 8.12am
March 15 2010
Bromley Eagle just back (yesterday) from Murrayfield 1.37pm
March 01 2010
Bromley Eagle planning for trip to see Scotland play Czech Republic on Wednesday night 3.37pm
February 26 2010
Bromley Eagle has updated his location to Overlooking Inverness's stadium and the Black Isle 10.07am
Bromley Eagle hoping for points (3 please) vs Donny 10.04am
February 24 2010
Bromley Eagle shattered after delivering for Tescos in and around Inverness. Waiting for tonight's game on 7.27pm
February 23 2010
Bromley Eagle wishes he could buy Kenny L a drink in the Cherry Trees one day.... 2.17pm
February 19 2010
Bromley Eagle overjoyed that the Villa replay will be on! FREE (I think) 9.20am
February 14 2010
Bromley Eagle gutted! 8.24pm
February 13 2010
Bromley Eagle getting twitchy ahead of tomorrow's game..already! 8.31pm
February 09 2010
Bromley Eagle enjoying pork and beans for lunch...a regular cowboy! 1.10pm
February 05 2010
Bromley Eagle watching Danny's hat-trick on youtube! 8.43pm
January 31 2010
Bromley Eagle still mouring Andy's defeat this morning. 9.20pm
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