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February 29 2024 2.17pm


October 24 2020
Leecpfc is now Separated 2.36pm
Leecpfc has updated his occupation 2.36pm
Leecpfc has updated his occupation 2.35pm
August 21 2017
Leecpfc Welcome back Dougie! 7.36pm
February 19 2017
Leecpfc Parish might be a Brighton agent considering how much he bums Bright 3.42pm
January 21 2017
Leecpfc Sammy Lee looks like a dirty little rodent. 8.43pm
September 17 2016
Leecpfc has updated his occupation 9.57am
July 31 2016
Leecpfc looks like another piss poor transfer window for PISS POOR PARDEW 8.12pm
Leecpfc looks like another piss poor transfer window for PISS POOR PARDEW 8.12pm
March 11 2016
Leecpfc I honestly believe that "Super Al" is in fact pretty clueless and living on a goal he scored for us years ago. He's a knob. Pardew OUT. 1.38pm
Leecpfc I honestly believe that "Super Al" is in fact pretty clueless and living on a goal he scored for us years ago. He'e a knob. Pardew OUT. 1.38pm
September 22 2014
Leecpfc is loving the 4-5-1 defensive crappy Warnock hoofball... 9.56am
August 21 2014
Leecpfc wonders if Pulis and Moody ever attended the same orgy. 8.32pm
August 15 2014
Leecpfc never trust an old man in a baseball cap - usually a nonce. 8.02am
May 13 2013
Leecpfc OH MY GOD! 9.52pm
Leecpfc feeling very nervous. 6.10pm
May 11 2013
Leecpfc very pleased for Ben Watson! 7.08pm
May 06 2013
Leecpfc managed to get a home ticket for Friday 1.40pm
April 30 2013
Leecpfc has returned. 6.50pm
April 07 2013
Leecpfc I'm taking a break from this place. Too many kids talking utter sh*te. Even though DRT talked drivel at times, at least it was entertaining. 8.06pm
April 01 2013
Leecpfc what is going on? Holloway out? Is Palace Talk just a massive April Fools? 7.04pm
Leecpfc f*** IT 4.48pm
March 25 2013
Leecpfc why have a lot of the PT morons invaded GT. Seesh. 3.06pm
Leecpfc who made Jel flounce? 2.51pm
March 19 2013
Leecpfc is starting an anti Serial Thriller CAMPaign. 6.51pm
March 17 2013
Leecpfc at least Watford lost (status still applies) 8.14pm
March 09 2013
Leecpfc at least Watford lost. 5.37pm
February 23 2013
Leecpfc HOL. Too many c***s. Not enough dicks. 11.20am
February 07 2013
Leecpfc Watford Anne for newcomer of the year? 4.01pm
January 30 2013
Leecpfc George Boyd he's Palace fan! 10.22am
December 30 2012
Leecpfc feeling really ill. Off to work in a bit. 6.51am
December 22 2012
Leecpfc who the f*** are all these new people and why are they 12? 11.04am
November 30 2012
Leecpfc can't wait for tomorrow! 12.29pm
November 03 2012
Leecpfc LOVED today! 9.04pm
October 29 2012
Leecpfc has been secretly browsing since forgetting my password. Have you missed me? 2.16pm
August 18 2012
Leecpfc this season is going to be a struggle. 11.04am
August 13 2012
Leecpfc wants a massage from Serial Thriller. 3.56pm
August 09 2012
Leecpfc calls him Hambot 11.39am
July 31 2012
Leecpfc isn't convinced that Freedman is the right man for the job. Come on Dougie, prove me wrong! 11.38am
July 23 2012
Leecpfc sexy Alexis 10.54am
July 13 2012
Leecpfc I can't believe that Ambrose has gone. Gutted. 6.47pm
July 04 2012
Leecpfc I suppose we had to sign a new donkey as we released Calvin. 11.06am
June 25 2012
Leecpfc may well be going on a last minute break in a couple of weeks time. Result! 4.11pm
June 23 2012
Leecpfc Freedman is starting to get on my tits and the season hasn't even started! 6.01pm
Leecpfc So I see that Sean has gone... Well done Dougie, you useless C*NT. 11.57am
June 15 2012
Leecpfc is apparently a pillock/c*nt. I think I might get a certificate made. 2.50pm
June 14 2012
Leecpfc is feeling very glad he didn't put a bet on The Netherlands to win Euro 2012......... :( 7.58am
June 13 2012
Leecpfc thinks that CrystalAlice bird is a bit unstable. 7.59pm
May 02 2012
Leecpfc evening all. 8.15pm
April 17 2012
Leecpfc not gonna lie, I hope Pompey win. 6.16pm
April 16 2012
Leecpfc fancies Hambo. Don't tell him. 2.43pm
Leecpfc thinks he has struck gold with Red, Blue and Gay! 1.50pm
April 09 2012
Leecpfc Palace are so dull under DF. Dullgie Dullman. 6.42pm
April 04 2012
Leecpfc Hillbilly moving from his sexy neighbour?!?! Sad times. 11.11am
March 18 2012
Leecpfc deserves a nomination in the HOL awards... 5.47pm
March 08 2012
Leecpfc officially knackered and pissed off. Not the best combination. 5.47pm
March 05 2012
Leecpfc #whostolehambosyoghurt 3.09pm
March 02 2012
Leecpfc hopes Pompey don't go bust. 8.39am
February 26 2012
Leecpfc is just copying random quotes from whatever the dull programme is on BBC HD. 7.29pm
Leecpfc is not ego-driven. 7.28pm
Leecpfc would like to tart up the family chapel. 7.26pm
February 22 2012
Leecpfc is back. Forgot my password and have been feeling a bit down so thought it was a sign that I shouldn't post. 3.16pm
February 06 2012
Leecpfc easily easy but hardly hard. 3.47pm
February 03 2012
Leecpfc loose talk is the enemy of laughter. 6.58pm
February 01 2012
Leecpfc is freezing! 3.44pm
January 31 2012
Leecpfc is sexy..... and I know it. 4.25pm
January 30 2012
Leecpfc not going to the Britghon game tomorrow. Gutted. 5.10pm
January 27 2012
Leecpfc is a creative genius. 3.07pm
January 25 2012
Leecpfc hasn't checked Palace Talk for a while... 11.51am
January 24 2012
Leecpfc wishes he was on his way to Cardiff. 3.19pm
Leecpfc just wants to LOL at Mr Funt! 12.12pm
Leecpfc excited! 9.39am
January 16 2012
Leecpfc is currently thinking "what a load of c*nts" 7.25pm
Leecpfc welcome to 1998, 4.08pm
January 15 2012
Leecpfc is wondering just how many badge options we'll have to choose from? My bet is 26. 5.05pm
Leecpfc is wondering just hopw many badge options we'll have to choose from? My bet is 26. 5.05pm
January 13 2012
Leecpfc worried about PalaceGuard. 3.22pm
January 10 2012
Leecpfc isn't so sure about Nick hosting Countdown. 3.33pm
January 08 2012
Leecpfc hahaha! F*ck you Warnock! 7.19pm
January 05 2012
Leecpfc thinks we need a goalkeeper who can score. 9.54am
January 02 2012
Leecpfc Happy New Year! 4.58pm
December 24 2011
Leecpfc is full of Christmas spirit! 5.17pm
December 22 2011
Leecpfc is wearing socks that should really go in the wash. 6.51pm
December 19 2011
Leecpfc very relieved to have solved my short-term money woes. 8.56pm
Leecpfc I don't suppose anyone could lend me some money until next week? 3.45pm
December 03 2011
Leecpfc Pancake day! Isn't today! Boo! 7.20am
December 01 2011
Leecpfc amazing result last night :D 10.04am
November 29 2011
Leecpfc this has been the worst year of my life. Hurry up 2012 11.46am
November 28 2011
Leecpfc not sure how much more I can take. 5.35pm
Leecpfc too many Man Utd threads *yawn* 9.07am
November 25 2011
Leecpfc constantly ignored. 4.35pm
Leecpfc morning all! 7.54am
November 24 2011
Leecpfc ooooooh a sucking thread! What F5 was made for! :D 4.54pm
Leecpfc loves and hates Serial Thriller in equal amounts. So why when I type his name do I get a bulge in my pants? 9.58am
November 23 2011
Leecpfc isn't it about time we all acted like adults and let DRT come back? 1.16pm
November 22 2011
Leecpfc ... 10k extra? You're mad! 10.20am
November 16 2011
Leecpfc is watching you. 10.31am
November 04 2011
Leecpfc I LOVE SKY TV. That is all. 5.46pm
November 01 2011
Leecpfc supports not being gay to the queers. 12.39pm
October 20 2011
Leecpfc watched Shrek Forever After last night - what a great film! Only £1 to rent the blu-ray from Blockbuster :) 10.12am
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