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December 7 2023 12.30pm


January 18 2017
Farawayeagle Still has faith. We will prevail. 8.57am
May 19 2015
Farawayeagle Hoping for much in the next 12 months. 12.29am
January 04 2015
Farawayeagle wishing a great year to everyone and a nice mid table finish for the team. 12.02am
July 09 2014
Farawayeagle Another day and still alive 3.41am
August 21 2013
Farawayeagle Enjoying the knowledge I can see Palace on TV regularly. 2.39am
Farawayeagle Enjoying the knowledge I can see palace on TV regularly. 2.39am
July 11 2013
Farawayeagle Can't wait for the season to start! 12.39am
May 28 2013
Farawayeagle Taking it in. Enjoying it slowly. 1.06am
May 27 2013
Farawayeagle is holding his breath! 11.13am
May 14 2013
Farawayeagle Well chuffed 7.02am
Farawayeagle Well cuffe 7.01am
May 11 2013
Farawayeagle Is happy with 0-0 at half time. We are creating some chances and the"form" team didn't beat us . 6.14am
May 05 2013
Farawayeagle glowing all over! 3.04am
April 28 2013
Farawayeagle not enjoying squeaky bum time. 6.19am
April 25 2013
Farawayeagle Hoping for a win against Blackburn to banish the naysayers. 6.09am
March 26 2013
Farawayeagle Waiting for another "live" TV game to keep me up all night 10.01pm
February 01 2013
Farawayeagle happy with the window. We did the best we could without getting ripped off. 2.36am
January 19 2013
Farawayeagle Looking for Bolton to have a bad day at the office! 4.32am
January 07 2013
Farawayeagle Thinks Palace should look at Aussie player Rogic 9.32pm
December 24 2012
Farawayeagle Feeling comfortably numb! Merry Christmas to all. 8.36pm
Farawayeagle Feeling comfortably numb! 8.36pm
Farawayeagle Pleasantly sizzled! 8.35pm
December 19 2012
Farawayeagle sipping a Happy Christmas 6.19am
August 26 2012
Farawayeagle waiting for a win! 3.33am
June 15 2012
Farawayeagle looking forward to the Olympics. 3.45am
June 03 2012
Farawayeagle should change my comment more often 9.49am
April 26 2012
Farawayeagle Hoping Poppa wil stay at Palace 2.01pm
April 05 2012
Farawayeagle looking forward to a few days off. 1.05pm
January 15 2012
Farawayeagle Thinking about Ross. 9.40pm
January 06 2012
Farawayeagle looking forward to bit of cup action 12.20pm
Farawayeagle looking forward to bait of cup action 12.20pm
November 02 2011
Farawayeagle thinking we might miss the relegation dogfight! 11.06am
October 24 2011
Farawayeagle looking down from the lofty height of 3rd spot. 6.06am
October 10 2011
Farawayeagle getting his garden shipshape. Doc says it's good exercise. 8.49am
October 03 2011
Farawayeagle enjoying some down time in the sun. 5.50am
September 25 2011
Farawayeagle has faith we will turn things around, 11.16pm
Farawayeagle H 11.15pm
September 22 2011
Farawayeagle Looking forward to another win 11.54pm
September 12 2011
Farawayeagle liking the way the season is shaping up. 7.23am
Farawayeagle liking the way the season is shaping. 7.23am
September 07 2011
Farawayeagle Heard Nicky Carle has scored 5 goals in preseason! 5.24am
August 17 2011
Farawayeagle sees we are in the play off spots!! 9.44pm
August 14 2011
Farawayeagle sees we are one point off the play off spots!! 5.09am
August 11 2011
Farawayeagle needs some TLC 1.17pm
May 21 2011
Farawayeagle waiting for the new season..... 5.28am
May 03 2011
Farawayeagle has no trouble handling the booze. It's drinking it that causes problems. 10.32am
April 26 2011
Farawayeagle feeling good but the ghost of Oldham looms. 12.58pm
April 01 2011
Farawayeagle had the car written off yesterday by my son. 12.05pm
March 27 2011
Farawayeagle thinks it's about time the s***ty Labour party in NSW got booted. Job done. 2.11am
March 25 2011
Farawayeagle has got an eLection in NSW. 8.25pm
March 15 2011
Farawayeagle just watched the Lemmy movie. Awesome stuff. 6.28am
March 11 2011
Farawayeagle thinks QPR are due for a defeat. 8.14am
February 23 2011
Farawayeagle thinks all the players need to turn up for games 5.34am
February 19 2011
Farawayeagle saw a snake today 3.15am
February 14 2011
Farawayeagle patiently waiting for some away form 10.19am
February 06 2011
Farawayeagle hot and happy 5.16am
February 02 2011
Farawayeagle sweltering in the heat. 10.34pm
Farawayeagle sweltering inthe heat. 10.34pm
January 19 2011
Farawayeagle taking a break to the Hunter wine region. 12.23am
January 17 2011
Farawayeagle fearing the worst. 11.09am
January 15 2011
Farawayeagle hoping for the best. 7.33am
January 12 2011
Farawayeagle Will support Dougie. But I'm a bit disappointed 1.51am
Farawayeagle thinks I wasted the last few hours of my l 1.49am
Farawayeagle thinks I wasted the last few hours of my lifeI 1.49am
January 11 2011
Farawayeagle thinks I wasted the last few hours of my life 12.51pm
Farawayeagle thinks Eddie is on his way to us! 11.57am
January 08 2011
Farawayeagle hoping for some good news 7.30pm
January 06 2011
Farawayeagle thinks a nice litttle cup run would do wonders for the morale. 7.55pm
January 02 2011
Farawayeagle thinks the sacking was inevitable but hopes we get the next choice right. 9.34am
January 01 2011
Farawayeagle hopes CPFC 2010 have a plan. The transfer window is here with no Manager. 9.25pm
November 01 2010
Farawayeagle isn't ready to panic yet. 4.25am
October 25 2010
Farawayeagle watching the grass grow! 9.13pm
October 20 2010
Farawayeagle nice way to start the day today. 12.32am
October 02 2010
Farawayeagle watching the rain and wondering where is summer? 5.39am
August 26 2010
Farawayeagle needs a rest. 10.44am
July 26 2010
Farawayeagle counting the days to kick off. 10.08pm
July 12 2010
Farawayeagle can now get some serious sleep. 1.26am
June 26 2010
Farawayeagle is stuffed from getting up to watch games at 4:30. 8.32am
June 07 2010
Farawayeagle thanks Martin, Stephen, Steve and Jeremy for keeping us alive. 10.02pm
June 04 2010
Farawayeagle watching the rain and waiting to have my roof fixed. 2.32am
June 01 2010
Farawayeagle is quietly confident things will be resolved. 12.54am
May 27 2010
Farawayeagle is patiently waiting for the takeover. 11.45am
May 25 2010
Farawayeagle thinks Pim Verbeek is a class A idiot. 12.30pm
Farawayeagle thinks Pim Verbeek is a class A Dick. 12.29pm
May 21 2010
Farawayeagle needs some musical therapy. 11.32am
May 02 2010
Farawayeagle is looking forward with optimism. 3.18pm
May 01 2010
Farawayeagle believes! But I'll have a prayer today anyway. 9.52pm
April 24 2010
Farawayeagle believes! 5.27am
April 06 2010
Farawayeagle sees a bloody big splash of light at the end of the tunnel. 11.07am
March 29 2010
Farawayeagle sees a chink of light. 11.05pm
February 03 2010
Farawayeagle just another roller coaster ride! 4.28am
January 21 2010
Farawayeagle just another roller coaster ride!S 9.31pm
December 06 2009
Farawayeagle just another roller coaster ride! 3.43am
November 28 2009
Farawayeagle happy with 3. 8.48pm
November 22 2009
Farawayeagle not another draw! 6.55am
November 09 2009
Farawayeagle wouldn't mind a few goals. 5.28am
October 29 2009
Farawayeagle i know nothing! 9.50pm
October 17 2009
Farawayeagle hoping for a win. 4.59am
October 11 2009
Farawayeagle chillin" 12.46am
October 09 2009
Farawayeagle beginning to doubt NW 1.39am
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