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November 29 2021 11.17pm


August 13 2010
JollyStef The premiership and Sky are the death of football 2.04pm
August 11 2010
JollyStef wants to relax 1.57pm
August 04 2010
JollyStef is feeling ill .. not good news for Saturday 2.37pm
July 27 2010
JollyStef will be there for the Leicester game, a drink before the game ? 4.31pm
June 01 2010
JollyStef thinks he's gonna have a drink tonight 5.24pm
March 28 2010
JollyStef has updated his location to Antwerp 4.35pm
JollyStef has changed his country to Belgium 4.35pm
April 15 2009
JollyStef is "slamming" players , "rubbishing" reports and "snubbing" teams .. oh what a joy ! 12.35pm
April 14 2009
JollyStef is "slamming" players and "snubbing" teams .. oh what a joy ! 10.25am
December 27 2008
JollyStef is enjoying life, you have to at my age ... 1.12pm
October 24 2008
JollyStef is not that bothered with the HOL at the moment, got more pressing things to do :) 12.02pm
October 17 2008
JollyStef back from a break from the HOL .. 9.16am
August 17 2008
JollyStef is just fine, thanks 11.23am
August 11 2008
JollyStef is not interested in the new season, what a joke performance. 12.06pm
August 02 2008
JollyStef is hoping the house is finished soon so he can start working in it and make it lush 12.42pm
July 10 2008
JollyStef is still a happy camper, life can be good !! 7.33am
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