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April 8 2020 11.49am

What was it about Palace that first got you hooked

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A damp cold misty afternoon February 1964 and my first visit to Selhurst. A 0-0 draw against Colchester United. Not an auspicious start and that could have been the end of it.

However, back then youngsters weren't exposed to the big glamorous teams as they are today by way of the media and endless matches on TV - apart from the cup final there were was hardly any live football on the box, and MotD didn't start till the beginning of 64-65 season and then only on BBC2 which hardly anyone had.

So, Selhurst with 15,000 people inside was as good as it gets/got for the 10 year old me. Within a couple of games I had a Palace scarf, Palace rosette (remember those?), a picture of the team on my bedroom wall and, although I didn't know it then, an addiction that I am still afflicted with.


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a teacher whose mood on a monday would swing according to the palace result. so first we follow the score. then think what's this all about then so head to selhurst. it didn't help that palace then got promoted that season.


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View gerry theagle's Profile gerry theagle Flag newbury 13 Feb 13 11.59pm Send a Private Message to gerry theagle Add gerry theagle as a friend

My Dad took me to see Palace v Bishop Auckland (who) in an FA Cup Match way back in 1953( I think) got me in under the turnstiles at the Holmsdale Road end,then aged 7. Palace lost 3-4 which even for those days was a "cup upset", didn't upset me as have followed the Club ever since.


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stripey_nigel Flag 15 Feb 13 7.40pm

The 227 bus from bromley run near the bottom of my road,so it seemed easy to get too


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View wollongongeagle's Profile wollongongeagle Flag wollongong 16 Feb 13 9.55pm Send a Private Message to wollongongeagle Add wollongongeagle as a friend

1968 - against Derby County. I wasn’t hooked there and then. I spent most of the game running up and down the grassy bank the Whitehorse end, with the other boys from Buller Rd that went along with me.

I kept going to the home games over the next few months, and we were on a roll. Winners are grinners, so I quickly got hooked on Palace. Jacko was my hero.

It’s all a blur - my next clear memory is of playing Middlesborough on a freezing cold Good Friday 1969. I can remember getting some odd looks from the older blokes standing around me when I yelled out ‘Crucify them’ as we attacked the Holmesdale End goal. My religious zeal was all to no avail. Unlike yesterday, the 1969 home game against Boro was a gritty/dour 0-0 draw.

Then a couple of weeks later, it was the glory of running on the pitch after beating Fulham 3-2, and singing our hearts out, as our new found heros stood like gladiators in the Old Stand Director’s Box, and waved triumphantly back to us. I felt sure that Jacko caught my eye, and gave me a nod, as if to acknowledge ‘we couldn’t have done it without your support, son.’


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Before I was 19, I had absolutely no interest in football whatsoever. I had lived in Herne Hill all my life up to that time, and this was a town where loyalties were split between Palace and Mllwall. Although my first Palace game was an away one, at Tottenham in the 89/90 season I think it was (Eddie McGoldrick's header...never forget that)I was more of a Chelsea follower at that time (sorry fans-but then they weren't that big then AND they were in the old 2nd Div), I got the Palace bug on that season Arsenal got us relegated by He Who Shall Not Be Named.

I am SO glad I changed allegiences.


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View Morpeth Eagle's Profile Morpeth Eagle 21 Feb 13 11.52pm Send a Private Message to Morpeth Eagle Add Morpeth Eagle as a friend

As my signature implies,but to clarify.
Me dad used to go to Selhurst from the 1930`s with a neighbour now and again ,who he grew up with (who I called uncle Sid,weren`t my real uncle,but out of respect,we had to call him uncle).Anyway over Chrimbo 1964 my dad and uncle Sid were talking about going to the game on Boxing Day,and me being a persistant little brat wanted to go.After him trying with no success to talk me out of it,he relented.
So Boxing Day morning arrives,I`m ready,he(dad) tried again,to no luck,my mum also joined my dad in persuading me against,again no luck.
Now during those days nothing moved anywhere on the roads on Boxing Day,even the blokes with the red warning flags highlighting cars on the road!So off we walk!!! from the Old Pollards Hill estate where we resided at the time and walked to Selhurst,I do remember it being bloody cold.If I also recall my dad & uncle Sid stopped at a pub en-route where their liquid refreshment was partaken,most probably shoved me a lemonade and crisps........
Now at Selhurst,eventually I was taken into the ground (Holmesdale as it was then)and left on my own with two dozen other little brats.Fathers went up on the terraces and left kids them days to collect laters.
As for the game Palace played Pompey and won 4-1/2? I dunno as I have no recollection.Nor do I have any recollection of who played/scored or anything else,other than I found two dozen new found friends in being able to bang the boards that surrounded the ground.
For weeks after that I badgered dad into taking me to Palace,I weren`t always so sucessful,but when so it happened ,same old thing,left down the front with my friends banging away at advertising boards,and of course `Glad all over` came out and that was history in the making.
Games away never happened then(FAIRWEATHERS),costs,austerity of the early 60`s,hard-up etc etc so when Palace played away we went to see the mighty Tooting & Mitcham at Sandy Lane,but on our way home,after my dad had a swift pint or two,we get the`Evening News Classified`for ALL the Saturday results,as all teams played on Saturday,oh how times change...
Eventually I became more street wise and transport a bit more available and easy so went with mates/friends or whoever.....
Anyway as stated,my signature says it all...


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View North Wales Exile's Profile North Wales Exile Flag 6 miles from Sarfend,living on a B... 03 Mar 13 7.44pm Send a Private Message to North Wales Exile Add North Wales Exile as a friend

Not born to Palace at all, ball sports hating father. Moved to Hayes/Bromley border in 1968, was not until 1st year at hayes comp in 69, that I heard the name 'Crystal Palace.' A mate supported them & gave me the background; sadly, he moved to oz before we could go to a game.

My first trip to SP was in March 70 against Southampton, we won 2-0. I went by buses from Bromley, got off in Norwood, no idea where the ground was, so just followed everyone else(I was still only 12) & that is basically that, hooked for life.

I moved to North Wales in 84 & didn't return to SP until the Watford play off semi(0-3) in the noughties. I went to many away games oop norff.

Have a ST in the main stand.


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View Northbrook's Profile Northbrook Flag Carshalton 05 Mar 13 1.04pm Send a Private Message to Northbrook Add Northbrook as a friend

quite simply cos they're my local team. as a young boy I had (bought for me) a Spurs boot bag and my first shirt was an Arsenal JVC one. but even at a young age I couldn't see the point in supporting a team that were miles away and not in the local media/news/papers etc. Always Palace for me. Always was, always will be.


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View Kingvagabond's Profile Kingvagabond Flag London 08 Mar 13 1.58pm Send a Private Message to Kingvagabond Add Kingvagabond as a friend

My parents were born in Carlisle and because of that my Dad has always been a huge fan of Carlisle United. He moved to London in the mid 70s and by 1984 had started a computer software company called Integra which supplied sports systems to people like West Ham, the LTA and the Football Association. Because of this association with the FA he was taken by the then Finance Director (or whatever that title was) to the FA Cup final in 1990. Everyone he was with were supporting Man united. The rebel in him chose to cheer on palace.

Fast forward 2 more years and my Dad took me to my very first football game. Gillingham vs Carlisle United. It was a terrible game to my then virgin eyes and Carlisle lost 3-1. I turned to him and said 'Dad, can we go watch a real football game some time.' I think back now and even though he laughed and still jokes about it all the time I could tell it hurt him a little.

Flash forward another two years, I'm no longer interested in football in the slightest and then I meet a kid from wales who joins my class at school. He's a mad keen Man United fan and so I decided I was a mad keen United fan as well. My Dad very begrudgingly bought be a shirt and was at least excited to see me back into football even though it was Man united. he refused to take me to any games other than Carlisle United ones though. I went and enjoyed them but it was nothign major.

Eventually he agreed that he would take me to a Man United game, by this point it was now 97-98 season (premiership). I put on my Man United shirt and started to walk out the door for the game. My Dad quietly said 'You'll have to take that off Steve' I was furious, why couldn't I wear the shirt 'Because we're in the home end'. I went to the game, a little excited because by now at secondary school I knew of Palace and my bestfriend there was a fan. We watched the game and something strange happened to team was Man united and we won 3-0 and yet... I found the atmosphere great in the Palace end and found that I really didn't care much for Man United...I'd been bitten by the Palace bug and loved it.

Dad, was delighted when I kept bugging him over and over again 'Dad can we go back to palace, I really want to see Palace play'. A year later I was astonished and absolutely delighted when I received a season ticket for my birthday alongside my bestfriend Craig's ticket (with his Dad and his Dad's bestfriend). Since then I've never looked back and in my short 15 years supporting the Eagles I've never been more in love.

I guess it's all because of the rollercoaster that is Palace. In only that short space of time I've gone through two administrations, 2 relegations, the Sunderlands playoff semis and the final in cardiff, two seasons in the premiership, countless goals, around 15(?) managerial changes and what I suspect is just over a thousand goals.

its never dull down Selhurst.

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He was right!!!...and we killed him!!... poor Orpinton Eagles........

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View blanksight's Profile blanksight Flag Thornton heath 15 Mar 13 8.40pm Send a Private Message to blanksight Add blanksight as a friend

I have always lived within shouting distance of SP and so it is strange the route that I came to support this club.
My dad has little interest in football, along with all that side of my family. If you were to ask him he'd say he doesn't follow any team but Wimbledon were his local team as a lad. My mother's side are all Wolves supporters, and at an uncle's wedding when I was about 6 one of them asked me 'who do you support?' I gave the generic answer of any child with little exposure to football at the time 'United' (I remember kids in the playground at school all used to turn up their collar and pretend to be Cantona. Shocking to think about it now.) I was told in no uncertain terms 'You are a Wolves fan now' and that's how it stayed. I went to a handful of Wolves games (mostly at Selhurst, when they played Palace or Wimbledon) and bought Steve Bull figurines and got very excited when they went up via the Playoffs.
In 2005/6 2 of my mates (who are brothers) got season tickets in the lower Holmesdale, though one was Spurs (after his dad)and I sometimes went to games if one of them couldn't, or there was a special offer. I had followed closely Palace's run to the playoff final the year before, and was kept up to date with how many AJ was scoring. It was a bad season for Wolves in the top flight (beating UTD apart) and it was much more enjoyable to hear about things at Palace. It went on like this for a few years, Attending the odd game, until 2009.
I was unemployed from the summer of 2009 until late April 2010, coinciding with a period where 1 of the brothers (the Spurs fan) was unable to make any games for nearly all the season. I went to all the home games on his ST and naturally got very wrapped up in what was going on. Moses, the cup run, Admin, Hillsborough.... lots of things combined to make this so much more enthralling than following Wolves (now back in the PL and doing a bit better) from distance. I still called myself a Wolves fan, even when we travelled up to Molineux for the first leg of the 3rd round of the cup. At that game I was very confused about who I was supporting, it was a bit of a crisis for me, and the 2-2 draw seemed to reflect my torn loyalties. Wolves, my childhood club, Palace, my local club. The replay soon after soon changed things for me. In 7 glorious minutes Danny Butterfield Cemented me as a Palace fan. I couldn't help but jump around and cheer.
I still have a look at who Wolves are playing, still swear when they lose and grumble at how well WBA are doing, but there is only room for one club in my heart and that is Palace.

Edit: The Spurs fan is back attending games and now a complete convert to the red an blue, just like me

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View blind eagle's Profile blind eagle Flag Covington.Tennessee 23 Apr 13 10.13pm Send a Private Message to blind eagle Add blind eagle as a friend

Well it all started in 1906 when my Dad was born in Howard Road ,Norwood and he became a Palace fan by the time he could walk.When I came to being in 1934 at 262 Portland Road, Norwood, my Dad was playing for Croydon Wanderers because his Mum would not let him play professional football for Crystal Palace who wanted to sign him. It was on Boxing Day 1945 that my Dad took me to Selhurst Park for the first time.The Second World War had ended a few months earlier and Palace still had a lot of guest players turning out for them including Jackie Stamps who later played for England. That particular morning was bright but cold and before the match started they announced that Dick Graham and Bert Kurz had signed for the Palace.Palace played in their white shirts with black shorts and Aldershot in blue and red. Palace demolished them 6 - 0 and I was hooked for the next sixty-eight years. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly at Selhurst Park but the atmosphere has always been great. When I was a nipper me and my mates from Norwood would go to Selhurst every week even when the reserves played. We were always first in the ground and had a Penny on The Ball but we never ever won the match ball.We never had enough money for a programme and the bus home so we would get a butchers of somebodys programme. I have heard the english football results as well as Palace commentaries all over the world and when Palace won my day was made.A few years ago I told my mates,those who are left,that I wanted to be cremated and my ashes sprinkled in the center circle at Selhurst but I was told that every close season they dug the pitch up so I would not last long there. I don't know where I will go now but as long as I can get the football results and the Palace commentaries I will be happy.Just hope they get promotion this season because I'm getting real old and wobbly but there will always be a Palace in my world.


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