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May 29 2020 7.02pm

Why is it always the gooners???

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ChrisGC Flag Wantage 03 Jul 19 5.56pm

Originally posted by mileend

it's not them anymore because it doesn't look like they have the money to buy success anymore - they can only afford 8m a year for 5 years to buy Zaha who is worth 80m. Embarrassing. Spurs just splashed 50m on an unproven French kid.
The goobers have a big stadium with massive ticket prices and no cash. So dodgy. Spurs have a billion pound stadium and are splashing cash. I guess CL money has gone to their head.
Gooners are gone.
Had a look through their squad list and after the first 11 didn't see one that would improve our first team squad.
They have gone from the top four and next they will be gone from the top six. Europa Cup will be their new dreamland.
Their best players only have a couple of years left and will leave on a free and the next best are hanging in there for the final payday.
The kids aren't the best and the board just desperately hope someone will take them on loan.
The fans are depressed. The players are hoping no one notices they are a bit sh!te
They are on a long painful descent and they'll be battling us for the places above 18h spot before long.

What a post. Spot on
Slow descent to mediocrity continued.


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You are here: Home > Message Board > Palace Talk > Why is it always the gooners???