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February 28 2021 12.24pm

Championship a good thing

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Championship football is more evenly matched and less predictable, so I get the appeal.

At the same time, I can't believe anyone would seriously debate the idea that relegation would benefit the club overall.

Some numbers:

42 of the 49 teams to have played in the Premier league have been relegated at some stage.

Of those 42 clubs, a whopping 22 ended up playing League One football or lower.

Although 16 of the 42 relegated clubs came straight back up for at least one more top flight season, 13 of them got relegated again in the end, with only Man City, Leicester and Newcastle remaining in the top flight at present. Also, being a yo-yo club doesn't work. Whilst 16 clubs have bounced back in one year, only four have managed to do it twice.

Relegated clubs mostly end up staying out of the league, and even if they pop back in again for a season or two, that's almost always just a temporary reprieve.

The only relegated clubs to now be noticeably stronger than when they got relegated are Man City, Wolves, Leicester, and perhaps West Ham (this season anyway?). The common denominator is clear - the first three were taken over by very rich investors, and the fourth got a 60,000 stadium for next to nothing. There isn't a single example of a club being made stronger by relegation itself.

Overall, this is like being a mountaineer.

Following an epic struggle I've made it halfway up this mountain, it's been incredibly difficult, and will only get harder from here as the air gets thinner, the weather gets colder, and the terrain becomes steeper. Even staying here is difficult, and I really don't know how I'll climb any higher.

I know, I'll fall down to the bottom and start again. At base camp I could regain my strength and pack some better equipment. All I need to do is survive the fall. From this great height. Onto the rocks below...

It just doesn't work.


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