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April 16 2021 11.16am

Keep Roy

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Originally posted by Putitout

We can pick on individuals, and do. But the bottom line is our mid-field is just not good enough when pressed in the way it was. And that was going to apply no matter who we put out there. Even with changes in the second half we could have shipped several goals. Its really not a matter of playing anyone out of position. You are either a top class mid-fielder or you are not, if the opposition set you a problem you solve it, The team yesterday was unchanged , and was set up to contain , but get at Chelsea, when the opportunity arose .
None of it mattered because the bottom line was no matter the line up we were not anywhere near good enough. And not for the first time in these circumstances.
I think if you listen to Hodgsons comments prior and after the game
he is only to well aware things have never been totally satisfactory regarding the ability of this squad, and that the situation is becoming worse. His comments seem to be those of a very nice man , trying to say ,they aint,t F-ing good enough.

Agree with this only I think the problem when we're pressed is as much about the lack of craft and youth in our defence as well. Every time we play a side that is youthful and energetic the opposing manager has identified our deficiencies and killed the game early but Saturday was the hardest watch of the season IMO. At one point I honestly thought they might get ten.

Roy is quite old fashioned in that he doesn't change things much if we've had decent run as we had going into the Chelsea game. I think Luka and Riedewald are immobile and the latter particularly poor out of possession. We also don't have the benefit of Roy's most trusted in MacArthur who at 33 is still quicker around the pitch than both.

I think people are too hung up on formations although my preference would be 433 and I would use Townsend or Schlupp in a 442 rather than Ayew. Roy rightly received praise early in the season for getting more out of Zaha in a 442 after being shackled in a 433 last season.

Ongoing I think the club are putting themselves in a corner. Whatever peoples' opinion is of Freedman he hasn't been given much to spend and SP appears to control everything. I would doubt the likes of Dyche would be as gentlemanly in the media about the status quo.

The fact that the club are looking elsewhere wont have been lost on Roy and if he were offered another year I don't think it's certain he would accept it.


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