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October 22 2021 4.15pm

Culture War

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Originally posted by cryrst

Go to Afghanistan and be a 'gay bloke'.
Being clean shaven is a major crime punishable by a beating.
Yes maine understanding and tolerance in abundance.
Behind closed doors these attitudes within the Muslim community are very normal I would think. What with you being a white straight guy how would you know. I feel sorry for people being tarred with the same brush but proof of tolerance needs to come from its own. For some reason when whites have an opinion it's wrong and racist. Silence is golden you think!

When whites have a racist opinion, it is indeed just that, racist. Same for brown people, itís simple really.

Iím not sure if the culture war Stirley is talking about is a fight between England and what goes on thousands of miles away in Afghanistan? Those cultures are quite different. It is rude for moderate afghans to not invite a complete stranger into their home, to stay the night, should a weary traveler present on their doorstep. The same cannot be said in Stevenage.

Yet there are many barbaric and archaic customs in that part of the world.

I also would agree that I donít think you can speak intelligently about what goes on behind the closed doors of moderate followers of Islam, so I will take your sentiments with a pinch of salt, there.


Trump lost. Badly. Hahahahahahaha.

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