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March 29 2023 8.41am

Life After Zaha

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Originally posted by taylors lovechild

He doesn't beat players like he used to, he doesn't have the same explosive pace, and he gives the ball away a bit too much...but...he is still explosive around the 18-yard box and is a potential match winner. There are surprisingly few players like him in the PL. I know we haven't scored in the two games he's been back, but he is the only one who has looked likely to with the offside and a couple of close attempts out of nothing. One thing is for certain, it is clear we don't have a readymade replacement right now if he leaves.

Agree with all this.

Problem with Wilf is what he used to do, better than anyone beyond possibly Messi and anyone in that cohort I'd suggest, is beat players at will. He seems to have and be regressing from that identity.

I still think it is easy to underestimate just how good Wilf was and how great he has been for us. We were extremely lucky. He's added finishing to his game and a bit more 'intelligence' despite losing what he once had so whilst he may still be a good player for us I am unsure just to what extent a 'top' side would find him useful? If he'd had the composure he occasionally shows now years ago, there's no way we'd of kept him at the Palace.

Whatever happens we do need to replace him with a winger and one quite different from Olise I'd suggest. I'd like a direct and pacy winger back in there personally with Olise being the technical 'wizard'. Someone to drive us forward and provide an outlet up the pitch. Both Wilf and Olise turn back/cut in too much for me and it slows attacks down massively hence the outcome and statistics we're seeing, there's nor real dynamism.

I am struggling to see WIlf leaving despite the expected speculation and contract situation. I think a combination of a lot of the points raise in posts on this thread will factor into play and no clear destination may lead to him resigning.

Personally, I don't think it would be the worst thing in the world at this stage - we'd have to find a Wilf-less identity which seems terrifying however might drive us forward.


Now Zaha's got a bit of green grass ahead of him here... and finds Ambrose... not a bad effort!!!!

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Originally posted by sydtheeagle

To be honest, the thread is titled "life after Zaha", not "do you think Wilf is a great player or past his best?".

Personally, I'm fed up with the endless new contract saga. It's been a distraction for eighteen months now. He's had a new deal on the table and, as is his right, he hasn't signed it. His openness to offers clearly hasn't helped him find a new club (at least thus far) and it hasn't helped us to plan for the future either. Drawing this out for so long has been a lose-lose for all parties.

Whatever I think of Wilf, he either needs to sign the contract we've offered him or confirm that he has no intention of doing so, in either case as soon as possible. We might be better off with him than without him next season but we don't hold the cards and the future should be our focus.

If he goes, the show will go on. Yes, I want Wilf to stay but I'm damned if I'm going to lose any more sleep about it. Either way, we'll be fine.


I agree, although I think he has already decided to go, told Steve P, but it's not been communicated to us mere mortals yet.


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