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June 4 2023 4.36am

U21s Premier League International Cup Final Tue.23

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Banks seemed to rove a bit - yet left mid seemed his position then second half midway moved to right mid

He has good body strength, good confidence on ball, held of players well & would not be afraid to press rather than always look back.
Sweet left foot - likely used it more often than not - yet still ran a few opponents around.

I would certainly have him on for 15 mins on Sunday.

Rak Saki - looked tired , likely busy season - yet the opposition mid & defenders kept him silent.
He needs to built up as the big players would nudge him & was enough to unbalance him.Plus it will do him well to muscle back in on challenges.


Forever Palace Proud

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View MrRobbo's Profile MrRobbo Flag Purley 24 May 23 9.06am Send a Private Message to MrRobbo Add MrRobbo as a friend

Originally posted by Goal Machine

Just got back from the match….

Firstly, cracking atmosphere. Great stuff from the HF leading it all. Would have been a wonderful experience for the youngsters to play in front of that.

Ultimately PSV were more clinical and scored when they were on top and we didn’t. That said, we had a stone wall penalty not given in the 89th minute.

For me, best player was Tayo at LB, had serious pace and was a constant attacking threat in the second half. Banks looked useful and scored a beauty. Was disappointed with Rak Saki who was taken off early in the second half.

My honest opinion was that none of them were good enough to be near the first team yet.

Id agree with this.

I think the lads will be gutted they didnt win it, I think we were the better team throughout.

Tayo was good, Banks was a threat, Phillips looked composed, and Mooney looked like he could make something happen.

Was expecting big things from JRS but showed very little, Ozoh failed to impress too. such a big physically looking lad, but just didnt really get out of first gear.

Overall, it was a good outing against a good team that play men's football, week in week out. But lets be honest, its 2nd tier Dutch men's football.

IMO if any of this lot were ready for the first team, they would have shone last night. Nobody was bad, but at present, 2nd tier Dutch league is about the right level.


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View Pete53's Profile Pete53 Flag Hassocks 24 May 23 10.59am Send a Private Message to Pete53 Add Pete53 as a friend

In the end PSV were the better team. A bit more savvy and technically good. Our passing, particularly on long balls, just wasn't good enough.

One or two people I spoke to did question whether it was a good move bringing back the 4 loanees and putting them straight into the line-up. Certainly Banks did very well, but Street didn't really impress nor sadly did Jes Rak-Sakyi. Phillips was so-so.

Tayo and Banks were for me the best performers for Palace, whilst Mooney looked good when he cam on.

It was pleasing that over 5,000 turned up for the game and the HF didn't stop singing throughout the match.

Incidentally, I was sitting near the director's box and Chris Richards, Reidewald and Ebs were all present, which was good to see.


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View TheBigToePunt's Profile TheBigToePunt Flag 24 May 23 1.22pm Send a Private Message to TheBigToePunt Add TheBigToePunt as a friend

Originally posted by Lanzo-Ad

I would like to ask those who watched the game, where did Banks play, and do you think that he is ready for the bench.

Palace played a 4231 system, with advanced fullbacks, two holding midfielders, a target man up top (Street) and Phillips in a no10 position. Both Rak-Sakhi and Banks are left-footed. The former played on the right of the attacking three and Banks started on the left, dropping off and/or coming infield, leaving the pacey (but clumsy) Adaramola to offer width and power when overlapping.

In the second half, Rak-Sakhi came off and Banks moved to the right of the attacking three.

In terms of qualities, Banks seemed to have a super first touch, lovely feet and balance, and good awareness of others around him. He did not seem to have an abundance of pace, and is far more of a clever, jinky inside forward than a flying winger.

In the academy and on loan at Chalrton Rak-Sakyi has (I believe) always played inside right, cutting in on his favored left foot. I didn't see anything last night to suggest he would be suited to the left wing.

Banks, on the other hand, was effective from either side of the pitch. That may increase his chances of a game in the first team, especially post-Wilf.

To assist in visualizing Banks, think of some of the clever little left-footed inside-forwards Man City have had recently, like David Silva and now Bernado Silva. I am sure Banks bases his game on that type of player, ones who do not possess huge pace and power, who do better if they have good movement and pace around them, but who can take the ball in tight spaces and take good care of it.

Banks certainly seems to have quality, enough to stand out last night. Whether that's enough for the premier league is another matter, but whereas I expect half of his teammates from last night will not be professional footballers by the time they get to 24, Banks could at least have a career. He played about 20 games (some as a sub) for League Two Bradford, scoring four goals. That's nothing like as impressive as Rak-Sakyi at League One Charlton, but Banks looked like a player you might not weigh and value on goals alone, he seemed a good all-round player.

I would be interested in whether anyone has seen any feedback from Bradford fans.


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View Maccachappers's Profile Maccachappers Flag Hastings 24 May 23 4.08pm Send a Private Message to Maccachappers Add Maccachappers as a friend


Mixed opinions from Bradford but Mainly good feedback.


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View Palace Old Geezer's Profile Palace Old Geezer Flag Midhurst 24 May 23 4.18pm Send a Private Message to Palace Old Geezer Add Palace Old Geezer as a friend

I've only seen the highlights on the club site, so no real impression of the overall performance, but, although we lost the match, I think we can be very pleased that our boys made it to the final and gave a pretty good account of themselves.

Well done and a big congratulations from me.


Dad and I watched games standing on the muddy slope of the Holmesdale Road end. He cheered and I rattled.

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