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May 28 2022 11.54pm


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Marital Status:Married
Birthday:January 21 1978
Location:Sutton England (England)
Interests:Football, Video games, dwarf catching
Occupation:Sound Technician


April 20 2015
paulose17 Still can't believe the news RIP staffie. What are we going to do without him 10.32am
April 01 2015
paulose17 Wow, there are some gullible tools on this site 12.04pm
paulose17 Wow, there is some gullible tools on this site 12.03pm
December 16 2014
paulose17 10.20am
November 20 2014
paulose17 Can everyone stop engaging with this Chelski t*** in the away section please 12.44pm
August 30 2014
paulose17 Heart still hasnt returned to normal! 7.29pm
August 27 2014
paulose17 Feel let down and deflated 2.48pm
July 24 2014
paulose17 has changed his favourite player to Jonny Williams 11.08am
May 08 2014
paulose17 Nice one Rams! 11.28pm
April 17 2014
paulose17 Disgustingly safe already..who knew? 12.28am
April 12 2014
paulose17 This is the big one! 2.53am
April 05 2014
paulose17 WOW Puncheon you beauty!! 5.04pm
paulose17 Let's do this!!!!!!! 1.05pm
April 03 2014
paulose17 Renewed season ticket....the adventure continues 6.14pm

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Season Ticket:Holmesdale Stand Lower - Block G Row 9 Seat 136

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Member Since:April 18 2008

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